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Making a Wood Bracelet with Scrappy #4: Part #4 Finishing and Final Assembly

10-04-2011 07:21 AM by scrappy | 15 comments »

Welcome Back! We will begin be going over some safety tips. First of all it is always important to know your tools and use them safely. You will be working with very small pieces of wood so, the utmost care is needed. Always use all guards and a zero clearance blade on the table saw. Always use proper eye and ear protection. If something does not seem safe, then stop! Step #4 In this section we are going to be doing our Final Sanding, Finishing and Assembly of the bracelet. ...

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New Method Open Segment Turning Construction

10-13-2009 12:35 AM by stefang | 21 comments »

Hi folks, here is the blog I promised which describes my new method of open segment construction. Before I begin, let me just say that this project is my first normal open segmented construction. I am not an expert or even experienced with open segment construction and turning. This is more of a woodworking journey to tell about my experience than a tutorial.. I hope you will join me and enjoy yourselves. I warn you though, it’s lengthy, so I hope you have the time to stay with. Wha...

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Walnut hollow form start to finish #3: Finish time

10-06-2009 04:54 PM by jeffthewoodwacker | 10 comments »

I was able to get two coats of clear gloss wipe on poly applied to the walnut hollow form yesterday. This morning I got an early start and applied the third and final coat. I will let this dry for a couple of days and then buff it out with the Beall system. I do track the time and expense that I put into each piece. For this project the wood was free and the only expense I had was in shop supplies and electricity. A total of 4 hours was spent on the entire project which included wood pre...

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All in One Jig Part 1 #1: Diamonds and Triangles

10-02-2009 03:28 AM by dustbunny | 43 comments »

After posting the quilted lazy susan project,, many of you said you would like to see the jig for this project. I set out immediately to upgrade the jig. There were cuts I wanted to incorporate into this jig, and my original was warping and needed repair anyway. So here it is – 24” X 33” I am pretty proud of this jig, not only because I made it, but because the cuts made from this jig are right on the money. The first ...

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David's [aka Patron] double version of the jig? #3: Just kidding!

06-13-2009 01:05 PM by degoose | 8 comments »

Basic 1/4 ” plywood.. mark a line at a diagonal across the board.NB. the sharper the angle the longer the piece that can be cut.Inset two bearings on this line 19” on centre to enable the use of the 9.5” Radius template from the first jig with single curve. Fit a bolt in the righthand bearing and fit to the bearing in the base unit.. turn on bandsaw and cut the curve till you reach the line and then change pivot points to the left hand side of both the jig and the base unit ...

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"Art Box" Tutorial #4: Corner Splines

06-23-2009 08:18 PM by Andy | 26 comments »

Updated 1/15/12 We now have our box assembled and glued up. Depending on the temperature, let it dry for a couple of hours, or overnight to be safe.Take the tape off and clean up any dried glue. This is a good time to smooth up the bottom to get rid of any rocking.You can double stick sandpaper onto a very flat and firm surface and slide the bottom across that. The problem with this approach is that sheet sandpaper is way too small. You can stick down several sheets and if you go very s...

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Dehumidifier Kiln

04-20-2009 03:00 AM by bigwoodturner | 12 comments »

Most of you are not going to turn on as large a scale as I do so you are not going to need as large a facility as I use. I am going to talk about what I call a coffin kiln. By enclosing an area under a wall mounted work bench about the size of a coffin you will be able to dry several weeks worth of turning. Frame the area in or simply build a framed box of the same size. If you are building under a bench your door will drop down and if you build a free standing box have the lid open like ...

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Rss feed your projects? It's really easy.

04-02-2009 08:10 PM by Frankie Talarico Jr. | 0 comments »

I did a write-up this morning about rss feeds if anyones interested. This might be a very useful tool for you guys. Rss feeds work basically on subscribers. Once you have a following ( be 1 or be 100) they check your feed regularly. So you add new projects, say weekly, and this info gets broadcasted ,basically, to your subscribers. It’s a great avenue to get exposure on items possibly for sale. There are entire sites based off feeds, showcasing products of all sorts. If it’s of an...

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How I Make a Lazy Susan

10-01-2008 05:36 PM by WoodMosaics | 33 comments »

Now before I get started on this little demonstration of how I do it, let me caution you on a couple things. IF you try anything like this, take the plate that your saw blade comes up through and close that hole completely up with a thin piece of wood. Make sure it is even with the top, with no gaps and no lips to catch the pieces. You want it smooth. Then with a “Hollow ground plywood blade” come up from the bottom so you have no gap between the blade and the wood. You may have to do this a ...

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Not Just Any Box #2: It all hinges on these..

01-17-2008 10:15 PM by YorkshireStewart | 35 comments »

I have a love affair with wooden hinges and this challenge gave me the opportunity to go one step further with them. (It started some years ago when I came across the work of the late Tim Stead – in my opinion, a genius.) Accurately drilling the hinge pin hole in such a hinge is never easy, and those I planned for this box are 9.5” long and therefore impossible to drill. The following is an attempt to show how I overcame this bit of the challenge. The first shot shows the oak blan...

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