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Wooden Planes #3: The Mouse

4 days ago by Mark Kornell | 10 comments »

I wanted plane #3 to be another block plane, but I wanted it to be a different kind of block. By this point, I’d done a lot of reading about planes in general and plane-making, and some of it was starting to sink in. Low angle, bevel-up planes sounded like a good thing because of the versatility, so I hit on the idea of making one from wood. The Internet is a wonderful resource for finding information on just about any conceivable topic. Usually, there is too much information, re...

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Pottery tools #1: Modeling tools - for clay blog

22 days ago by mafe | 9 comments »

Modeling toolsfor clay I have to many things going on, one of them is the clay, I love the contradiction between the clay and the wood, one need to be cut, one so soft that it needs only a touch.In the wood we have the rigid set of rules that we try to bend to give it beauty, in the clay it’s all bend and we need to try and put some rules to make it speak. On Wednesdays I do nude model clay croquis.It’s difficult, really, two times twenty minutes for each pose, no more no le...

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Japanese tools #23: Bunmawashi - Japanese beam compass

156 days ago by mafe | 26 comments »

BunmawashiJapanese marking compass I post my blog no 200 here, amazing how time is running and that so many blogs have been made from me playing with wood and trying to understand how to work it.I will like to thank you all here on LJ, for all the inspiration you have given me, good advice, friendships and kind words that kept me posting. In this blog I make a Toshio Odate inspired compass. I dedicate this blog to all my friends here at LJ and since it is my 23 blog on Japanese tools...

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Turnings on the lathe #1: Oak and cherry oven rack pullers

2476 days ago by oscorner | 5 comments »

Hello everyone! I wanted to share another item that I have been turning on my lathe. How many times have you are your significant other opened up the stove to check that roast or turkey baisting in the oven, only to be met by a burst of 475 degree heat in the face. Not fun, is it? Well, this is my solution to that problem. The top oven rack puller is what I call my commercial grade. It is longer and thicker than the other two. If you grab the rack from underneath you can support ...

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Making Sanding Ball Covers #2: Another easier method for making sanding balls

245 days ago by Jim Jakosh | 16 comments »

Poor man’s sanding ball (or cheap man’s sanding ball) Here is a simpler way of making sanding balls without having to use that inflatable mandrel. I cut the pattern that same size as when I made the cover for the Guinevere inflatable sanding mandrel, but I just hold them on with an O ring this way. In the future. I’ll cut the flutes longer on the sandpaper covers for more material to hold onto. I began by buying a rubber ball at a dime store here in town. Actually , ...

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Making Sanding Ball Covers #1: How to make replacement sanding ball covers

310 days ago by Jim Jakosh | 18 comments »

I was having a problem finding a method to easily sand out the inside business areas of wooden spoons I was making. Hand sanding was fine for the final finish but to shape sand and smooth out all the rough marks was too tedious.I saw the Guinevere Inflatable Sanding Balls on line and broke down and bought one and a set of 3 covers. The inflatable ball is $40 and the covers are 3 for $10. Man was that the answer to that spoon sanding. I did 16 of them in less than and hour !!!!!!!!I tore up on...

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Building a Tripod #1: Making the legs

679 days ago by dakremer | 8 comments »

I’m hoping this is going to be self explanatory. I will add a few comments here and there! Enjoy….. First I cut the half circles with a router. Each stick of wood is 1” X 1/2”. That way when joined together I’ll have a 1” X 1” square…. Next I cut a slot down the middle with a 1/4” straight bit on the router table…. Now to round the corners over….again using the router table….. The...

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Obelisks #2: Making an obelisk incense burner

484 days ago by Jim Jakosh | 16 comments »

Here are the steps I used to make an obelisk incense burner. I selected a 3 1/2” square by 7” long piece of pretty wood. Box elder in this case. I made a drawing to scale and then had to plan the steps in the process so I did not get ahead of my self because it would be impossible to do some of the steps out of order. Being an incense burner it need air flow to keep the cone burning. I started with the top vent holes while the block was whole. 4 -3/16 holes on a 3/4”...

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Dust Collection Issues. #2: Make your own big PVC "Y's" ... Cheap !!

586 days ago by shipwright | 21 comments »

Have you ever looked up the price of an 8” to 6” PVC “Y” fitting? These are in stock and shippable today but If you are planning an extensive DC system that involves several of them as well as 6” to 4” and 6” to 6” ones, it may be that $256 each is a little steep for your budget. I know it was for mine. When I built my “dream retirement shop” in 2004, two of the big must have items were: 1) A raised wooden floor. I’ve spe...

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Split Roubo Workbench #1: I have put this off for far too long

758 days ago by lysdexic | 127 comments »

Ok, so let me get this blog started before I get so far behind that I put it off – forever. It is undisputed that the most important tool in the woodworking shop is a proper workbench. I don’t have one. I will not rehash the nuances of workbench design but after reading Schwarz’s and Scott Landis’s books, I had my heart set on a Roubo bench. I am not alone as several LJ’s have posted wonderful roubo benches. At first I wanted to build this… I r...

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