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Forum topic by kolwdwrkr posted 04-04-2009 08:41 AM 1760 views 0 times favorited 60 replies Add to Favorites Watch
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04-04-2009 08:41 AM

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I’m not sure if this is going to be a rant but just to warn you it may get that way. First off it’s obvious that we all come on here to lumberjocks, post projects, jokes, etc. We do this to be noticed, praised, or to feel like we helped someone. That’s fine. It’s very cool to be part of a community where you can share with people. This site makes sense. But what about What is that site for? So I can sit there, write a blog about everything, and then whenever someone wants information about anything in my life I can tell them to go to my blog. That way I don’t have to talk to anyone. If I do it right I could ask questions through the site as well and have them answered in comments. What about Tweeter? What are you doing? Uh, well I’m blogging and if you really want to know why don’t you go read the damn thing nosy! And what about Facebook? Really? Do people really hang out there discussing their face, or did it start that way and then become another myspace? I don’t understand the desperate need or desire to be known around the world. It doesn’t make you famous. It doesn’t make you anything. It makes you the nerd on Brad Paisleys country song. Can someone enlighten me about all this balogna?

-- ~ Inspiring those who inspire me ~

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#1 posted 04-04-2009 09:11 AM

I read it a ffew times. I’m quite sure what the question is??

-- Bob in WW ~ "some old things are lovely, warm still with life ... of the forgotten men who made them." - D.H. Lawrence

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Jack Barnhill

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#2 posted 04-04-2009 09:48 AM

Kolwdwrkr – I’m with you. I don’t get it either. But I just thought that was because I’m old.


-- Best regards, Jack -- I may not be good, but I'm slow --

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#3 posted 04-04-2009 09:52 AM

Well than I am the nerd on Brad Paisleys song. I am the one you are speaking of. Not only do I have a blog, I have 4 of them. And by god I enjoy each and everyone of them! A person does not even have to write about who they are, so I have no clue what you mean about being famous. I have a woodworking blog that got me to the point of finding out sooo much about woodworking, through it and because of it. I live in an extremely small town and blogging has opened up doors for me and taken me places I never would have known otherwise.
I also have a facebook account that I have kept to only my family and real friends. It is a great way to keep in touch with a lot of family and friends all at the same time.
I also use twitter and I love it also. For me it is just fun, but I also get breaking news updates as they happen from CNN and local news channels etc., and right now I have a son who is Indianapolis, Indiana so I am now following Indianapolis news for the time being.
I have enjoyed every single solitary second with my blogging and have never ran into any kind of problem . Matter of fact I can say the whole experience for me has been a pure joy. It also just so happens that this site right here is the one and only site where I ran into someone on the internet that was less than honest and made me ever feel violated, and I have corrosponded with hundreds of people and have been able to travel around the world in their eyes, along with tons and tons of information I learn everyday on this internet highway.
I have no desperate need or desire to be known all over the world. But by god, I have it for information, and obviously if you ever took the time to check out some blogs out there or share family on Facebook that lives all over the world, you probably would not have written this post. Millions upon millions of bloggers, twitterers and facebook users cant all be wrong!
Thank god I live in America where I can be that nerd in Brad Paisleys song.
This is only my opinion of course. I am not into fighting with anyone, never have, never will.
And like you said in your post” blogging does not make you anything,” you are sooo very wrong my friend. It makes you informed!

-- Allison, Northeastern Ca. Remember, Amateurs built the Ark. Professionals built the Titanic!

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#4 posted 04-04-2009 09:57 AM

No I can’t! Anything else I can help you with? Besides money?

-- mtnwild (Jack), It's not what you see, it's how you see it.

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#5 posted 04-04-2009 11:46 AM

Allison. The main problem with America over the last few years is the NEWS.

They seem to get and report stories straight from some of the Blogs. Rumor? Who cares. They run with it.

And there are too many “fast food’ers” out there. They want it and they want it now. They think they have a blog and they are somebody.

I run into those people all the time. It is not as you say all bad.

But how many times over the last few years has a story been wrong? When reporters start reading a screen instead of talking to those involved, it festers. Plus some blogger hears that and tries for their 15 minutes. It is a self perpetuating problem.

I know people who use it to stay in touch. I know people who use the Web to stay informed. I know way too many who believe it because they can find it on Google.

I am not being critical of what you are doing Allison. But it is getting abused by way too many.

kolwdwrkr is right, a lot of people don’t even talk anymore. There are people who don’t even look at you when you walk by. Interaction has suffered.

I like the web. I can’t say how little I spend on postage anymore. Or the info I get. But we need to be critical thinkers. Just because it is on the Web does not make it true.

But too many have stopped thinking for themselves.

-- Measure once cut twice....oh wait....ooops.

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#6 posted 04-04-2009 12:06 PM

Oh without a doubt, you betcha I agree that people don’t interact person to person. I also would believe that I am one in a few that still picks up a pen to write a letter or pick up the phone to talk. But he is talking about blogspot.blogs. Peoples little personal blogs, (or at least this was the impression I got reading his thread). Because there is not anything you said just now that I do not totally agree with. Maybe I assumed the wrong thing. I thought he was talking about a little ol’blog from a little mountain girl in northern Ca.named Allison (not literally of course) But I still stick by what I say. Like just today I announced I became the great Aunt to twin girls, and because of facebook my nephew will be able to share pictures of his daughters to all the family he choses too with the click of a mouse. There is family all over that otherwise may never get to see them. And I think being parents of twins will not leave them much time to send individual letters and picks.
As far as news goes I have never got news from a blog. So perhaps I just read (or took) the whole question/thought wrong.

-- Allison, Northeastern Ca. Remember, Amateurs built the Ark. Professionals built the Titanic!

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#7 posted 04-04-2009 03:44 PM

This is comical:

“The main problem with America over the last few years is the NEWS”

Oh man…...I don’t even know where to start there….so I’ll leave that one alone…..One problem with America my friend is ignorance (I mean that in the knowledge sense, not to be an ass) and this thread contains quite a bit.

It makes me sad whenever I hear people saying stuff like “things are moving too fast”, or “we don’t have time for interaction” or whatever. Do you realize that there are twice the number of people in America since the Kennedy administration? Can you imagine what the population will be like in 50 years?

Life changes my friend, and you either adapt with it, or become extinct. I’m not a huge fan of the blogging, Facebooking, and such, but I do use them because they help prevent ignorance. Narcissistic teens aside, kids will be kids, they are just another way to disseminate information. I read several science/medical and physics blogs that keep me abreast on a host of topics that are extremely important to humanity. Topics that I hope the next generation of doctors and scientists are well informed of.

One big problem with humans is that each generation has to begin accumulating information anew from birth. Too bad Einstein could not have passed on more than his earth-shattering papers. But for now, it will have to do….The more accessible information is, and the younger our kids learn how to access it, the better we are for it. Think about it, humans (sapiens) are unchanged for around 200,000 years. You could take a baby from that time, raise it today and it would be like any other child. That’s astonishing. So what has changed? Technology and information.

Is all of the information good? No, but like science itself, for the most part, its self correcting, just look at Wikipedia….Sure there are some mistakes, but the percentage is VERY low and the community is constantly hammering away at it. Should we have stuck with encyclopedias? It’s peer reviewed and about as accurate, but I don’t think anyone would give up Wiki for a copy of Britannica.

Don’t be so quick to dismiss; it’s true, these systems are far from perfect, but in the not to distant future, all information will be in the ‘cloud’, accessible at any time, from any device, from any location, and I can’t wait.


-- Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. -Carl Sagan

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#8 posted 04-04-2009 03:54 PM

Just throwing this out there. Do you know what a paragraph is? I made it a few lines in then the entire thing just kept blurring together. And I’m a pretty avid reader. It’s like reading some of Kathy Acker’s old stuff.

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#9 posted 04-04-2009 04:15 PM

I too have very strong feelings about “BLOGS” and the internet. There are so many out there, one can find anything about anything if they wish. If you have the time and Google you can find anything about anybody and their thoughts if it’s been written down on the net. Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, and My Space are all places where people can see there names in lights. I, myself, am a little bit more private than that.

I have tried to go the blog route, but felt as naked as can be. I’ve designed many blogs for myself and others such as the art group I was with. I have fun designing them and then they lose their appeal. I do still have a Blogger blog about our business, but it basically leads you to our web site. There isn’t really any personal information there. I don’t understand how so many can share their personal lives with the world. Add to that, my ability to put my foot in my mouth … who knows what kind of trouble I can get into. I believe I have lost more than one friend because of this ability. And for that I’m truly sorry. Just think of the damage I could do at the world level, oh say at a site like LumberJocks.

I have (to my amazement) started another blog though. I think this one is my kind of blog. It’s part of our web site. It shows the progress of a certain project, what went on at an arts and crafts show, or maybe a hint of what our thoughts are. Very little on thoughts though … that could get me into trouble again.

-- Odie, Confucius say, "He who laughs at one's self is BUTT of joke". (my funny blog)

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#10 posted 04-04-2009 06:02 PM

To march, I am sure you are referring to me and the answer is obviously “NO”! LOL!!! And that is sad. But you know what? I can go and Google paragraph writing and learn how to do it, (which I think I should, and will.) It’s been a gazillion years since I have been in school!
That is great is it not? I don’t have to find a school and wait for a class and then take it. In my case the nearest school is over a mountain pass and 27 miles away!
Nope, I can go find a “blog” on writing correctly or Google it. Perhaps do what TheCaver says and wiki it! I may even find another nerd like on Brad Paisleys country song to help me out!
Sorry, that was too good not to throw out there one last time.!

-- Allison, Northeastern Ca. Remember, Amateurs built the Ark. Professionals built the Titanic!

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#11 posted 04-04-2009 06:32 PM

I think technology is Americas problem. We rely on it for everything from talking to grandma to learning how to perform heart surgery. It also teaches us how to make equipment that will eventually perform that surgery so the doc can sit back and watch without to much involvement other then looking at a monitor and pressing a few buttons. Technology has made people lazy in my opinion. Take texting for example. I am going to admit that I’m a texter. I prefer it over talking on the phone any day. The reason being that I can write exactly what I want to say, erase if I have to, and send it knowing that I made my point without fumbling words, being interupted, etc. And that is what the internet has done. It’s allowed people to be critics on everything, even things they know nothing about. I can go and participate in a medical conversation and act like I know what they are talking about simply by looking up things on google as I go along. In reality I have no business there. In fact I don’t care about the medical industry at all, their practices, or what they know. The only thing I care about is that they are there when it’s my turn to need them.
Allison I wasn’t pounding Blogger alone, but it was more of an effort to attack all the sites that keep people from spending time with their families and friends, doing other things like making projects, or even getting in shape. What does your husbands or wifes do when you are consumed with blogging on all your fancy little sites? Your kids? Do you make time to go on walks with your spouse? Take your kids to the park? Do you go jogging? Go to the gym? Or is your spouse going to move on because you’ve let yourself go and don’t pay enough attention to them any longer? How much has the internet attributed to the Divorce rate? I’m not saying that any of the people contributing to this rant is effected in that way but I know of people who spent a lot of time on sites like myspace and facebook where they met people, started talking about personal life, and then was led into an affair.
I think the blogging, especially sharing personal thoughts, is peoples way of not being lonely. They want to be heard and noticed because they don’t feel that way at home. Caver, I’m not talking about getting on the internet to search for logical information, watching the news, or pretending to know about any of that stuff. I’m actually surprised that people get upset about the topic. Like they feel attacked. It’s hilarious. I’m not surprised that there’s a want-to-be editor watching the posts with nothing to attribute but a critic about my writing. I’m not a professional writer, and I’m sure you aren’t either. You can’t tell me that those sites, blogger, twitter, facebook, etc aren’t there for you to be heard. To reach out and express yourself. That’s why I’m on this site. To be noticed by sharing my work. To share my experience and knowledge with others. This is the site I frequent because I’m a woodworker. I’m not going to go to a blog about rocket science or anything like that just to feel like I’m a part of something. Maybe paying attention to those around you would be more beneficial in your life then trying to be something or someone you’re not, which is so very easily done over the web.
Again I’m not saying that anyone here will be negatively effected in the manners listed above. Well except marcb who may be negetively hurt and impacted by my poor writing ability. Poor little guy, someone give him a cookie. I’m simply asking what the PERSONAL benefits are besides feeling praised. Sorry if I hurt anyones feelings.

-- ~ Inspiring those who inspire me ~

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Peter Oxley

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#12 posted 04-04-2009 06:34 PM

If you have friends that you see every day or two, you talk about unimportant things. “I had a great bagel at this new place this morning – you should try it out.”

When you don’t see your friends very often because of distance or schedule, you only talk about the big events that happened since you last talked, and you lose a lot of that day-to-day personal connection.

One of the advantages of facebook and blogging is that you can get back some of that personal connection. Sure, some people write about themselves as if the whole world is fascinated with every detail of their life, but most just share little bits of their day.

It’s funny that people complain that there is so little personal contact in our world, and then slam people who are trying to make/maintain those connections through social networking sites.

-- -- --

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#13 posted 04-04-2009 07:02 PM

To make it clear, I wasn’t slamming communication. In fact it is good to communicate, especially with family and friends. So if you have 1 million friends then go for it. Otherwise you are communicating with a wall. Those people you think are your friends don’t know you from Adam. So then you are looking for a sense of comfort, and you find it only through strangers? Communicating with family and friends is completely different then posting your life story or how great you are and then waiting for praise from people who don’t care. I’m not going to lie. For me to write this is hypocrital. I met my girlfriend online and I recently started a blog on Blogger. But I was looking at it last night wondering how many people would even see it, let alone care. And that is when I thought of this topic. It wasn’t to slam anyone. It was me wondering what the hell I was doing writing a blog about how I feel about a certain topic, then wondering why anyone would care about the other blogs. With the exception of family and friends of course. I have to say this to though. My family knows I have a profile here and yet they never come here to see my work. They are dumb founded that I made and finished a new project. They also know I have a website for the business I had, but never knew what it looked like. So it makes me think that maybe family won’t go there either unless you are sending them a little reminder from time to time. Which means that you are communicating through your efforts alone, and that they probably would rather communicate in another fashion. Is grandma wondering why it’s been so long since you called her? Or is she content with keeping up with you on facebook? Does grandma even know how to use a computer? I’m just saying. My mom sure the heck don’t. She just learned how to text a month ago or so. Of course they live in a town where the gas station doesn’t have a credit card insert on the pump. Insert Paragraph Here
What is the point in all of this. It’s not to stay informed about anything. You can simply look up anything you want on Google. You say a blog is meant to stay informed. Yeah, some guy wrote a blog about yadda yadda, he must have all the correct information. Oh but wait, so and so wrote a blog and it completely contradicts the other guy. So who’s right? Maybe in reality it keeps us uninformed. We have to choose who’s correct. Basically pick sides.
I’ll continue to use the internet. Mostly this site, Woodweb, and woodcarversillustrated. I did start the blog but I’m not sure if I will continue to work on it. It’s all a bunch of rubbish nobody cares about. And to be honest I’d rather cuddle up with my girlfriend.

-- ~ Inspiring those who inspire me ~

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#14 posted 04-04-2009 07:21 PM

I am with you kolwdwkr, I think that there are too many blog sites out there. I belong to this one and a site called tagged just to stay in touch with family. The only problem is I only check this sit al the time. I love the fact that I can blog about my experiences in woodworking and someone may have a better way for me to do something. I am just not into all the other stuff.

I think it is fine for others to be into all those other sites. It’s just not me. I like a more personal touch.

Just my 2 cents

--, Rick Kruse, Grand Rapids, MI

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#15 posted 04-04-2009 07:27 PM

Allison the paragraph comment I’m very sure, is not about you, but the O.P.

The constant complaints get SO tiring, seriously. As the saying goes and I TRY to follow this advice but sometimes it just get’s to be too much, if you don’t like something, just leave it well enough alone. If you don’t like something, then just move on, because for everyone that doesn’t like blogging or facebook, there are at least 1000 that do.

If you have a blog, then you have no business putting down blogs or other people who have them. You were right, people posting stuff to get noticed. However eventually, people will realize that there’s nothing worth reading, because it’s always a rant, and people don’t like reading rants ALL THE TIME. If you’re positive that no one reads your blogs or rants, then just right them on paper or in a file and keep them in a file in your computer where no one has to se them. That way at least you got you rant off your chest.

Peter O, you’re response is SPOT ON.

-- Respect your shop tools and they will respect you - Ric

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