Chat Transcript - Jul 12, 2007 - "Selling Woodworking Items on eBay" with Dan Walters

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07-13-2007 01:38 AM

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Martin Sojka Hello
Max Good Day
Martin Sojka so you managed to get here on time, Dan ;)
Don Good morning from OZ! It’s Friday morning, 7:30am.
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DAN WALTERS yep… drove up from Kentucky
Martin Sojka lol.. it’s 11:30pm here Don. so really global chat
Martin Sojka I’m going to post quick comment to the blog announcement
Martin Sojka feel free to start discussing anything related to eBay
DAN WALTERS any questions ?
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Don Dan, how long have you been using eBay to sell your art?
DAN WALTERS been selling nearly 7 years
Don Did you have success from the beginning?
DAN WALTERS Yes, but I started as a buyer
Max Dan, I have been selling also on eBay for about 4 years now and have found that most people are looking for bargins. Not all by any means but it seems like most. I think it really depends on what you are trying to sell.
Don Well, I guess it’s easy to have success as a buyer, you just pay the money. LOL ::tongue
Max Or I guess what you are willing to take for your craft.
MsDebbieP I know that you sell to galleries etc.. .. do you use other online sales strategies?
DAN WALTERS online no, I do sell via comissions, via email etc. ebay gave me the exposure and helped find the buyers
MsDebbieP and have you had any bad experiences with the ebay experience?? Disgruntled buyers? lost $$ ?
DAN WALTERS I have had couple bad experiences. two didn’t pay. one person was upset because the tile came loose in shipping. i gave them their money back and resold the item
Don Dan, from your blog, I’d say you use an “in your face” approach to marketing. Do you have a marketing background. It’s rather unusuall to be so ‘over the top” in the wording and to show so many pictures of the object you are trying to sell – sometimes you reapeat the same picture over and over. ::bi
MsDebbieP the paying part is what I’d worry about … buyers giving money without something in their hands.. and sellers sending products without $$ in their hands
DAN WALTERS my auctions ads have evolved over the years. the lenght has grown. the pictures keep the buyers attention and hopefully interest
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Peggy Hello!
MsDebbieP your ad definitely catches one’s attention … I don’t always read things through to the end.. I kept scrolling through yours!
MsDebbieP Hi Peggy
DAN WALTERS market reaserch is what is needed to sell on ebay
Don So, how do you do market research?
Max Dan… What type of market research are you talking about and how do you go about it on eBAy?
dennis mitchell Dan, you have a great product. Very appealing. Have you tried other products, boxs, shelves, ect. and with any luck?
MsDebbieP I notice that you slip selling information (single lines) inbetween descriptions…. .. no real question there I guess….. just find that interesting.
DAN WALTERS advanced search on ebay, look for closed auctions to see what has sold, ie, coleector cabinets etc
DAN WALTERS the lines are a html command <hr>
DAN WALTERS i’ve sold other items on ebay, tables, cutting boards etc … but frame tiles have caught my interest
DAN WALTERS peggy is my wife … we are dualing laptops in the living room
MsDebbieP is there an optimal number of items to have listed at one time?
MsDebbieP I wondered who Peggy was :)
Peggy I’m the quiet one!
Don Hi, Peggy, you must be proud of your artist husband – has he exhibited artistic tendancies in other areas?
MsDebbieP quiet but mighty, I am assuming ;)
DAN WALTERS the more the better. the most i have ever run at once was 16 items. more items listed the more action
Max Why don’t you have an eBay store?
MsDebbieP We’ve talked (in LJ) about the importance of creating an image… I guess that the same would go with the items that you would have listed on ebay—everything adding to the image
Peggy We were married about 7 or 8 years before I knew He did any woodworking! then he started making the furniture in our home which I’m very proud of!
DAN WALTERS id di, but I slowed my selling a bit. we resently relocated and I’m not selling as much now. probably around $1000 a month right now. best months 4 to 5000
Don Show us the furniture, Dan! ::smoke
MsDebbieP lol Don wants to see it all—especially if it is a small box :)
DAN WALTERS ::wub peggy will pick some ….
MsDebbieP when someone doesn’t pay… I guess you are just out the money, .. nothing you can do about it.
Don Small box – did someone say “small box”? I just love small wooden boxes! ::lips
Max MsDebbieP, normally you wouldn’t ship your product until you recieve payment.
DAN WALTERS on ebay nothing ships until payment is in hand. never out money as a seller
dennis mitchell Dan what sparked your interest in the tiles?
MsDebbieP I guess PayPal keeps it pretty safe for the seller.
DAN WALTERS tiles was started by a friend in memphis who had handmade tiles in their office
Peggy We haven’t had much problem with dishonesty
Martin Sojka Dan, do you also have international buyers on eBay.. or just US ?
DAN WALTERS international buyers… yes … 10 sales to england … one to austrialia … one to afganistaan … several to canada
MsDebbieP it seems so simple to do, really, the process, I mean… hard part is getting a buyer.
Martin Sojka interesting
Martin Sojka are you preparing the listings yourself ?
DAN WALTERS I have bought many items from overseas ... alows this to happen with little apin
Max What is your pricing strategy on your product?
DAN WALTERS I make the listings myself, i use a 3rd party site they have templates and picture handling
DAN WALTERS always list for 10 day auctions …
DAN WALTERS how many hours i spend working items …sort of drives the price …
Martin Sojka vflyer – looks very interesting too – for preparing virtual product flyers that can be then listed on eBay as well as other sites
DAN WALTERS will look into that site later …
dennis mitchell Do you have any tips on shipping?
Peggy [’;
Don Dan, I’ve always wondered if sellers have associates push up the activity level on ebay by having them place bids.
Peggy My cat Lucy sent that last message!!!!! ::blush
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Martin Sojka Hey Lucy, Rob and Dick ;)
DAN WALTERS shilling or cheating is not allowed and is illeagal, i’m sure it happens but not by me
Don G’day, Dick!
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Max Why do you say always list your auctions for 10 day’s?
MsDebbieP Hi Lucy :D
DAN WALTERS 10 days is the max time for a auction listing. lets people look at it the longest
DAN WALTERS ::angry bad kitty cat
Dick Cain Hi, I’m trying to figure this out. I just got back from the grocers
dennis mitchell Hope you brought some cookies,Dick.
Peggy Lucy has left the conversation ::tongue
Dick Cain Ice cream
dennis mitchell lol
Don Dick, you ought to try it whilst eating a bowl of hot breakfast cereal. LOL
Dick Cain But I ate it. What does ebay charge for selling.
DAN WALTERS i have made many boxes … i have a box design that is sure seller if anyone is inerested to try it
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DAN WALTERS ebay charges can vary .. i have listed 3 auctions this week … better explained in blog
Martin Sojka there are some PayPal fees as well, right ?
Dick Cain Are you starting a blog about Ebay?
DAN WALTERS yes … ebay blog is started
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DAN WALTERS charges about 3 percent
Don joined.
Dick Cain I’ll have to check it out
DAN WALTERS 3 percent, but it is worth it, easy way to send money .. i even send it to my kids that way
Don I interested in the box, Dan.
Martin Sojka so how computer savvy one needs to be to prepare listings on eBay.. I guess you need to know basics of HTML without the help of Vendio mentioned above
Peggy It can get really eexiting when it gets down to the last minute, we have seen bids change dramatically in the last few seconds!
Martin Sojka and we’re back to Vegas lol
DAN WALTERS i will post photos. it is antique castle box from england that sold for $1200 .. I saved all the photos .. really cool one
MsDebbieP Martin’s on a Vegas kick today :D
Don There’s software out there that will place a last second bid for buyers to make sure that they don’t get pipped at the post.
DAN WALTERS i know html a little bit, but the sites make it easier now
Dick Cain I got a good deal on a Dewalt, 4 piece battery powered assortment, less tan half of what they have in my town.
Don $1200 – man you’ve got me drooling!
MsDebbieP I was checking out your page.. and I see the 100% satisfied… now I see why you do “buying” first.. so you can have 100% satisfied before switching to selling… people would feel good about seeing that 100% there
DAN WALTERS awesome, awesome box
Peggy The potential is there ::biggrin
DAN WALTERS will post a photo of the box in the project area
dennis mitchell Careful Don too much drooling and you will need a new computer…or at least a fresh key board.
Don Stop it Dan – you are giving me heart failure! ::wacko
Martin Sojka and from your experience – is the interest in woodworking pieces increasing on eBay ?
DAN WALTERS send me an email to and I’ll send you all the photos of the box
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DAN WALTERS yes ebay interst in increasing .. i’d sell more items if i could
DAN WALTERS need to pick the right items
Max What do you feel are the right items?
DAN WALTERS market research has told me … mission clocks, mission lamps with mica shades.. fishing lures, flutes, collector cabinets
Peggy You never know exactly what people are looking for but Dan has some frames that appeal to everyone!
DAN WALTERS if someone collects it they need a place to display it
Dick Cain Dennis has some interesting items. He could touch a broader market on Ebay
Don Dan, how about listing the box in the LJ projects?
DAN WALTERS also if sellers used nice hardwoods etc it would appeal more
dennis mitchell Take care folks…thanks Martin and a special thanks to Dan! See you all soon!
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DAN WALTERS will try the LJ …
DAN WALTERS never looked in LJ yet
Peggy There have been times they dont sell one week but sell for a great price the next week ::unsure
Dick Cain Dan,You can put all of your images on one project entry.
Don Dan, LJ = LumberJocks ::beer
Martin Sojka can you estimate your average margin on eBay?
DAN WALTERS will post them later this evening. they on my office pc upstairs
Dick Cain Sounds kind of mean
DAN WALTERS this is my first chat … still learning at 53
Peggy He’s kind of ilke that ::punk
DAN WALTERS my wife having too much funning laughing at herself
Dick Cain Dan, your just a kid yet. My sons’ are older than you.
Don Ladies & Gent’s, it’s been nice chatting with you all – I’m off to see a man about some wood for a small box.
Max Dan on your shipping do you charge for shipping supplies or do you just figure that into your price for your product?
Don left.
MsDebbieP ll have fun Don :)
DAN WALTERS max – i figure it in, but fudge the price a bit
Dick Cain I notice some items, are cheaper than the shipping.
DAN WALTERS peggy … cut that out !!
MsDebbieP yah.. the shipping can be a killer… drawback to shopping online
DAN WALTERS shipping is tough … there is golden number … I call it the size-value-postage ratio
Dick Cain I recently shipped something to my son in AR. I found that DHL was almost half the price of UPS.
DAN WALTERS i use ups because of the free boxes
Max Dan if on your one auction you have your buy in now price at $1,000.00 and you said you set your reserve at about half of that. Do you find the the lower you set your starting auction price the better. Or would you be better off setting it closer to your reserve price?
DAN WALTERS setting price is hard .. not a mastered everything yet,
DAN WALTERS i try everything … last resort I list it with low starting bid with no reserve and let it rip.
Max Have you been bitten by that as yet? Selling something below what it cost you to make and for the tile?
DAN WALTERS max – i have sold about a dozen items with the buy-it-now
Peggy It all evens out in the long run
DAN WALTERS sometimes i get bit, but it drives the activity and hopefully make it up the next time.
Dick Cain I guess you have to catch the right person,at the right time
Max I know that I haven’t found the magic pricing solution as yet!!!!!!! ::wacko
Peggy Thats how I think it works!
Dick Cain Dan, do you get many return customers?
DAN WALTERS the $1000 item on ebay now, i made 3 of them, one i sold as a comission for $640 plus postage. If I sell then last two for only $300 I will have done real well, because I batched 12 frames together at once. Because it is a hobby it still fun money. sometimes 10 bucks an hour sometimes 100
DAN WALTERS i have over 200 return customers
Dick Cain WOW
DAN WALTERS one man in lexington has bought 30 of my pieces, another in england has bought 10 frames
Peggy As far as I know he has alot of repeat customers some many times over
DAN WALTERS i sold 25 items to man in chicago for his wedding party presents … peggy helped me with that run .. made 25 frames in a weekend
Peggy I remember that one ::wink
Dick Cain Ambitious !!!
DAN WALTERS hardwork
Dick Cain That’s why I never sell anything, it’s too much like work!!
DAN WALTERS its fun money
Dick Cain I’ll never be rich, but I’m having fun.
DAN WALTERS peggy is lot of fun
Dick Cain I take it, that Peggy is you spouse.
MsDebbieP I’ll never be rich either… lol… my woodworking skills aren’t very good—yet lol
DAN WALTERS yes … peggy is sitting next to me, we are on dualing laptops
Martin Sojka would you recommend selling even bigger items (e.g. furniture) on eBay?
DAN WALTERS i wouldn’t recommend large items unless you have a good source for shipping discounts
DAN WALTERS it is hard to recover all the materials and labor
DAN WALTERS i aim for about 50 to 100 dollars a sq ft
Dick Cain Frieght charges are pretty high, with the fuel costs now.
Max 50 to 100 dollars a sq ft???
DAN WALTERS many people do have luck selling large items … morris chairs come to mind
Martin Sojka I see.. and what about the style.. “too much art” can be a problem.. it should appeal to a broader audience to drive the bids higher
DAN WALTERS i stick to the arts-and-crafts-style , but that is my interest
Martin Sojka but when you build your image and reputation this could not be a problem anymore
MsDebbieP hmm explain your calculation of shipping fees, again… I got lost
DAN WALTERS size-value-postage
DAN WALTERS size-value-postage means what people will buy for what price without making it too big so as to amke the postage too high
Martin Sojka how are you building your reputation on eBay.. there are customer reviews/feedback.. anything else ?
DAN WALTERS repeat customers with only positive feedback …
Peggy They come back for more ::up
Martin Sojka more wedding gufts.. I got it ;)
Martin Sojka gifts
Dick Cain We have a very good rating on ebay with our buying. Does that help when you start selling.
Peggy Yes it does
MsDebbieP what if your item doesn’t sell… is there still a fee?
DAN WALTERS I would never start selling without a positive rating of at least 20
Martin Sojka there you go, Dick!
DAN WALTERS i also have another account on ebay now that i use strickly for buying …space$bar is the handle
Dick Cain I have to look at my rating number
Dick Cain my handle is Chipncut
Martin Sojka as Debbie is asking.. is there some fee when your item doesn’t sell ?
DAN WALTERS yes there is fee if item doesn’t sell. you do recover that fee if it sells the 2nd time around
DAN WALTERS thats why might change my selling style then 2nd time… sort of a fire sale … trying to get a bidding war going
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MsDebbieP so then what is that fee?
Dick Cain left.
Martin Sojka how can you encourage the bidding war ?
Dick Cain joined.
DAN WALTERS bidding wars start my selling the item far below what it is worth … like starting at $14.65 for a 200 dollar item etc
Dick Cain I’m back, I got lost
Dick Cain left.
DAN WALTERS there are fee schedules on ebay. they are complicated and depend on theoptions used etc
Dick Cain joined.
Peggy You dont. really encourage the bidding wars because they can happen at any time under any circumstance, it all just depends on who’s watching and bidding
Martin Sojka so the bidding war results in more interest.. and what are drawbacks of it ?
Dick Cain nothing is showing on the page
Martin Sojka good point
Peggy no drawbacks for the seller in bidding wars!
Martin Sojka in the chat window Dick ?
Martin Sojka I mean if the starting price is too low
Martin Sojka left.
DAN WALTERS sometimes the item doesn’t make the price you want any it can be nerve racking
MsDebbieP working yet, Dick??
Martin Sojka joined.
Dick Cain It showing now, but I lost all the previous chatting
Martin Sojka Dick, just click on Action -> Recent Room History
DAN WALTERS where is that comannd ?
MsDebbieP above the list of people in the room
Martin Sojka you should see a toolbar at the top of the chat window
Dick Cain I got it but you don’t get the chat window with it
DAN WALTERS i do not have the tool bar … probably this old laptop
Max Probably don’t have the newest version of Java…
DAN WALTERS no i don’t and this is my company’s laptop and i do not have administrator rights
Dick Cain I just installed it when I came on, so I must have the newest
Max You had said that you used to put your work in a craft store. Do you find you get more money on eBay than you did in the store?
DAN WALTERS yes … sales in the store was very slow at best … alot more work too
DAN WALTERS much much bigger audience on ebay
Dick Cain I think the craft stores take a higher commision also
Martin Sojka ebay is monster
Max I have heard people say that they feel the site is too big and hard to find what you are looking for. Have you heard that?
DAN WALTERS the craft store charged a 10 percent fee plus 90 bucks amoth booth fee
Peggy The craft store charges moore an the customers are looking for a better deal usually
Max I sell to a local Arts and Crafts Furniture store here and they double what I charge them for the product and sell it….
DAN WALTERS ebay is big, yes it is hard to find stuff, sometimes thats why no one bids , i use key words so people can find my stuff
Dick Cain That’s how furniture is sold. they get 200%
DAN WALTERS ebay eliminates a middleman
Dick Cain I’ve never had trouble searching on ebay.
Max That is true.
Max I guess I am going to have to revisit how I price my stuff on eBay… Maybe have it to high…
DAN WALTERS I have never noticed your stuff on ebay … what is your handle ?
Dick Cain Fed them some crumbs for bate.
Dick Cain I meant feed
DAN WALTERS ::wub peggy sighhhhh !!
Max I have a store on eBay and do auctions
DAN WALTERS i’ve seen that … what is your handle .. i might rememeber
Max I am going to be changing the name of the store though…... My sisters used this name when they were selling toll painting also. It is craftyr4
Dick Cain It was nice chatting with you people, I’l have to say Good Bye ::rolleyes
Martin Sojka bye Dick..
Peggy goodbye
Martin Sojka by the way… we have last 10mins
Dick Cain I’ll be checking the Blog
MsDebbieP bye Dick
Dick Cain left.
DAN WALTERS martin – how did you get this site started ? are hooked into amazon’s software ?
DAN WALTERS i see the blog as easier to answer questions then a chat
Martin Sojka I had some few sites listing Amazon’s stuff but then I wanted to build something better and hopefully bigger.. with a community spirit
DAN WALTERS this one will work out. best i’ve seen yet
Martin Sojka thanks! it seems like we’re on the right track
Peggy This is a great place for people with like interests to hang out and show their projects and ideas ::biggrin
DAN WALTERS where do you make the money?
Martin Sojka just advertising and some commissions (Amazon and Apparel stores)
DAN WALTERS not getting rich yet ?
Martin Sojka lol.. nope
Martin Sojka we must be patient
DAN WALTERS you have started something here. i bet in a years time you will be happy
Martin Sojka lots of new features and events are being planned.. and Debbie is very helpful in the recent weeks so it’s lots of fun to just brainstorm new ideas and execute them
DAN WALTERS who is the programmer ?
Martin Sojka Martin
Max Thank you Dan for the chat on eBAy
Max And thank you Martin for making this happen…...
DAN WALTERS thanks to alll … bye
Martin Sojka and thanks Max for joining us
MsDebbieP oh.. thanks lol
MsDebbieP I’m too late
Max Thank you too Debbie for the mag.
MsDebbieP :) thanks.
Martin Sojka hope this will help you on eBay!
Peggy Bye ::smile
MsDebbieP It’s coming along..
MsDebbieP Bye Peggy :)
Martin Sojka bye Peggy&Lucy
MsDebbieP lol and Lucy
MsDebbieP Bye everyone.
Peggy Lucy says thank you!
Max See ya all on LJ….
MsDebbieP left.
Martin Sojka ciao lucy
Martin Sojka bye bye
Max left.

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#1 posted 07-13-2007 01:57 AM

Looks like it was a great chat. Too bad I was working.

-- We must guard our enthusiasm as we would our life - James Krenov

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#2 posted 07-13-2007 04:02 AM

Wish I could have made it too!

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#3 posted 07-13-2007 04:36 AM

Missed it, but I can say if it wasnt for Ebay, I wouldnt have most of my shop. My sales there pay all my maintenence fees and tools also. In fact, I just bought me a suit!
There fees are kinda high but like I said without them, I’d be in rags.
Summer is slow for wood sales, seems everybody is enjoying the weather annd collecting there own.
God bless freinds,
Be sure to visit,

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Bob Babcock

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#4 posted 07-13-2007 06:40 AM

I missed it too. I’ve been working all night…...:(

-- Bob

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#5 posted 07-13-2007 03:59 PM

Looks like it was a great chat. I wonder how many eBay accounts were set up because of this?

-- Bill, Turlock California,

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#6 posted 07-14-2007 04:31 PM

Great info Dan.

-- -John "Do I have to keep typing a smiley? Just assume it's a joke."

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#7 posted 07-16-2007 04:26 AM

I guess I had the calendar wrong, I thought the chat was this coming thurday, I had to work last week :(... looks like a good discussion string though, so glad these stick around for posterity.

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Lee A. Jesberger

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#8 posted 07-31-2007 12:55 PM


Thanks for doing these chats, and as important, posting for those who missed it. You’ve done a really great job in building this forum.

Best I’ve seen. And a very fine group of people you’ve managed to attract to your site.

I’m proud to be a part of it, and appreciate the warm welcome I’ve received from everyone.



-- by Lee A. Jesberger

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#9 posted 08-01-2007 12:10 PM

Please let me know when you have the next one, I’m a member of ebay, just buying so far, but it might be a place tp sell some of my stuff. mike

-- (You just have to please the man in the Mirror) Mike from Michigan -

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#10 posted 08-02-2007 03:36 PM

Max, have you set up your own eBay storefront? In my brief reading it sounds like the fees would be a bit cheaper, and you can list the items much longer if you want. I was just wondering if that would be a better solution than your auctions?

-- Bill, Turlock California,

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dennis mitchell

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#11 posted 01-28-2009 07:06 AM

Well this was fun to read again. Little bit of Lumberjocks history for all you newbies.

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#12 posted 01-28-2009 07:20 PM

Yeah, I was trying to figure out how I missed it then saw the time line.

-- Thos. Angle, Jordan Valley, Oregon

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