Chat Transcript - Jul 08, 2007 - Veneering with David

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07-08-2007 11:39 PM

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MsDebbieP Hello LJ Chat Host :)
Martin Sojka joined.
MsDebbieP this is going to be GREAT :)
David Looking forward to a great chat with our fellow LumberJocks.
Martin Sojka Hello everybody!
Martin Sojka Welcome David!
MsDebbieP there were about LJ’s online when I checked a few minutes ago
MsDebbieP Hello Martin :)
David Hello everyone!
Martin Sojka Let’s wait for few more folks. I’m going to post a comment on the chatt announcement
Martin Sojka that the chat is opened now
David Sounds great. I have some refernce notes on veneering available.
Martin Sojka ok. the comment posted
MsDebbieP there will be lots of questions I am sure—there has been a real interest in it lately
Martin Sojka How is the Sunday so far? Here is already 9pm and this is very busy Sunday so far.. well deserved cake beside me is worth it lol
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MsDebbieP David.. congrats on passing your SHOP INSPECTION this year :)
WayneC Hi Guys
MsDebbieP oh cake.. I want some!! It’s been a busy day here as well…
MsDebbieP hi Wayne!!
Martin Sojka hey Wayne. welcome
David There has been a lot of interest on LJ and other forums about veneering. I think that is because it gives you a great chance to explore different species of wood and to select what wood you use.
David Hi Wayne! Thought you where out buying planes today!
WayneC Just got back
WayneC got 2
WayneC thought I hit the jackpot
WayneC but price was too high
Martin Sojka yes David.. it was great to see Mark Os doing his first veneering steps thanks to Karson’s encouragement
WayneC on another one
WayneC I will be interesting to see what O’s comes up with
David It will be fun to see what Mark makes and I was really glad to see the support that Karson offered – typical great LJ! After I did my first veneering piece, I recieved a bundle of veneers from Neil Lamens at Furnitology Productions.
MsDebbieP Question: what is the difference between veneering and laminating?
David Wayne I will be interested to see what you got . . . !
MsDebbieP that’s awesome re: Furnitolgy… NICE
WayneC I will post some photos in my blog later
Martin Sojka ok.. let’s try to stay on topic from now. I’m going to send few PM reminders till you discuss ;)
David Great question Debbie. Veneering is the application of a outer veneer of wood (or other prodcut such as copper) to a substate where as laminating is an extension of the process gluing up a number of leaves of material such as plywood. Rough definition on the fly . . .
MsDebbieP lol sounds the same to me :) lol two pieces of wood stuck together
WayneC About how much of an investment needs to be made to get started?
David Interesting question Wayne. Not much investment – just some veneer, a piece of substrate, glue and clamps with good study cauls. I started with vacuum veneering because I was fascinated with the technique and equipment.
MsDebbieP oh, there are other ways to attach the veneer?
WayneC Shhhh
WayneC Like telling someone’s wife you can make mortice and tennon joints without a Domino
MsDebbieP hahaha oh sorry lol
David Basically you just need to apply the veneer in a smooth even application. The vacuum press just takes the place of heavy weights or clamps & cauls.
WayneC ::laugh
MsDebbieP that makes sense
David She just stepped out to run errands so I am safe for now . .
WayneC Have you tried it with Clamps and cauls?
David I really got interested in this from JoeWoodworker’s website a long time ago. My interest was renewed watching Neil’s video series. I had the chance to get the equipment and try it out. Now I have all sorts of ideas on how I can apply veneering in future projects.
David Wayne – not yet. I have plans to try out all the different methods including clamps, weights and old fashioned hammer veneering.
MsDebbieP that would be a great series—demonstrating the different techniques
David I found Lee’s description of heat re-activation of glue for veneering on his demilune tables very interesting. Will for sure try that.
David Lee A. Jesberger Project – Demiline Tables – Part Two Veneer technique using heat activation
WayneC What is your next project?
David Debbie, I agree. thaere has been a lot of interest lately. You don’t need a lot of equipment or supplies. I bought some cheap veneer on sale at Rockler to give it a try.
MsDebbieP I can see that, as we dwindle our natural resource away that it will be vital to do veneering in order to “stretch” the good wood that we have
David Wayne – I just read a FWW book on furniture building where an article caught my attention about laminating MDF core substrates with hardwood veneer overlay. I am going to work on a modified version of the technique for frame and panel construction.
David Debbie – great point. You can get a lot of mileage out of a nice log of precious wood by using veneering.
WayneC Do you have a resawing setup?
David Karson, one of our most prolific contributors had a great series as well.
David Karson Prolific Contributor to LJ Blog – Veneering a table top chess table
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WayneC Hey Boots
MsDebbieP hello BTB
BlueStingrayBoots Hello freinds!
Martin Sojka Hey Blue
MsDebbieP I’m wondering how thin we can cut our wood using the bandsaw and “little ripper” to hold the logs of wood.
David Wayne – I will get into trouble even thinking about that! Not yet, but I do have plans to do so soon. I have a small bandsaw with the ability ot resaw perhaps 6 inhes (?). Will have to try it out . . .
David Welcome BSB!
BlueStingrayBoots Thanks
MsDebbieP I know that they demonstrated a thin piece of veneer
BlueStingrayBoots I’ll be cutting veneers soon, going to try and get a sander drum
BlueStingrayBoots Thats how David Marks does it
MsDebbieP of course, if I cut thick slabs, I just call it laminating, right?? :)
David John Nixon of EagleLake Woodworking also had a great entry on veneering with tape and clamps. He showed an excellent example of using the grain patterns for his project.
David John Nixon Arts and Crafts Style Pool Table Video Series #4: Veneering the feet – good looking and secretly functional
BlueStingrayBoots I certainly want to bend some ebony. Like Mr Lee
David BSB – Ah! a drum sander. Yes! That also is on my list. Could do a lot with a good resawing bandsaw and a drum sander!
MsDebbieP David.. how “nervous” were you when you first tried it?
David It would be fun to resaw and veneer some of the interesting wood that you have shown recently!
David Debbie – just a little nervous in the privacy of my garage shop! Once I got going it seemed to go very smoothly. I must have watched Neil’s series 5-10 times late at night after work . . .
David Neil Lamens Furnitology Productions Veneering & Vacuum Press Application Video Demo – Drawer Fronts for Casework Veneering Episode 6 Part 1 Veneering Episode 6 Part 2 http://fu
WayneC A new bandsaw and a performax sander are also high on my list
David It was a very calming process to do.
David Mine as well Wayne – oh what I could do with that set-up!
BlueStingrayBoots I’m not gonna vacum. but going to use clamps and place wood in a preformed wood thing????
David Just a quick plug for a great veneering resource.
David JoeWoodorker
MsDebbieP BSB? what is a preformed wood thingy technique?
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David BSB – Are you going to clamp up in a mold or frame?
MsDebbieP hi Charlie
David Welcome Charlie!
WayneC Welcome Charlie
CharlieM1958 Hi Guys!
MsDebbieP David: what was the hardest part of the process?
BlueStingrayBoots Cant remember the name but mdx plywood with grooves cut out, then just place veneers in the middle and clamp. I think its for shaping wood.
David Debbie – I think BSB is referring to using a frame or mold as part of the clamping process to hold the veneer against the substrate. Typically used for curved work.
BlueStingrayBoots There you go Debbie.
WayneC ::smile
MsDebbieP just wondering: if I put a board on the bottom, the wood/veneer in the middle, another wood on top and clamped it all down, would that work?
BlueStingrayBoots USe bansaw to cut wavy bottom board
David Actually it was very easy which is what surprised me the most. This technique has been used for thousands of years before fancy woodworking equipmement. Dates back to Egyptian times using fine wood and natural glues.
David As long as the form is sturdy and well supported for the clamping pressure it should be no problem.
BlueStingrayBoots I’m thinking Ill use a 4×4 mill a wavy cut down the middle and place bunch of veneers, glued and clamp it for some noodle legs on a table.
David John Nixon has a video on his website where he uses a curved cutoff as a clamping caul for veneering the bottom of his pool table legs.
David BSB – that would be interesting! Would like to see photos – blog entry – ? video!
WayneC Do you have a glue recommendation?
David I think sharing these techniques and processes with our LJ buddies is very important. We all learn form these experiences. In addition, we frequently get offline input that helps us get to that next level with our craft.
BlueStingrayBoots I got the veneering idea and inspiration from you guys. Definatly a next level for me.
David Wayne – I used Titebond Cold Veneer Press glue for my first attempts. I plan on trying urea formaldehye glue later. Wanted my first experience to be as simple and as safe as possible. You can also use just regular Titebond Glue and of course animal hide glue.
BlueStingrayBoots Thanks Martin, for LJ.
WayneC Charlie, any questions?
WayneC And yes, thank you Marting
David I think it is a great technique to explore wood species we might never try. Thanks to Neil (and some of my own purchases!) I have a bunch of cool and exotic wood sitting in the shop ready for a project.
CharlieM1958 No, I haven’t done any veneer work yet, so I’m just listening and learning.
David I agree – my woodworking has taken an exponential growth thanks to Martin and my LJ buddies!
David Here is another great little video intro to veneering.
David Jonathan Benson Podcast #19: Veneering: Step-by-Step from a Master Craftsman
shall1028 joined.
BlueStingrayBoots Does somebody know how to do breyded legs
David Welcome shall1028!
Martin Sojka You’re welcome guys! I’m still hoping more buddies are going to join us here ;)
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MsDebbieP hi Shall
CharlieM1958 joined.
MsDebbieP as and you shall receive, Martin :D
David BSB – what are breyded legs? Always something to learn!
MsDebbieP Question: is there some steps that are vital to take it slow and be precise?
WayneC Hi Shall
BlueStingrayBoots A wood piece that looks like a rope
WayneC I belive they are carved
MsDebbieP that’s a good question to post in the LJ forums… should get a good discussion going and maybe even some samples
David Precision is important to a degree. If you are using a sheet of veneer that covers your substrate, you can just trim to size with a veneer saw, sharp knife or chisel. Matching flitches is a bit different. You need to be precise there.
David I would not worry about precision to start – just try it out!
WayneC I’m sure Dick and some of the other carvers would have some experience making brades
MsDebbieP i know that most people get casual about taking shortcuts.. was just wondering what shouldn’t fall into this category.
shall1028 Good afternoon all. It’s amazing what you find when you clean out your RSS feeds.
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MsDebbieP lol @ Shall :)
MsDebbieP Hi Tony/Max
WayneC Hi guys
Max Hello there
David I wanted to try bookmatching on my first sample – it went very well using a straightedge and sanding block. It was very cool to see the seam disappear!
Tony Good afternoon all
WayneC So, David can you go over what is needed to start including tools
David Welcome Tony & Max!
Martin Sojka Welcome guys
CharlieM1958 left.
David My starting kit included: veneer, glue, veneer saw, veneer tape & roller (my wife’s pastry roller to start!) and masking tape. Then you need to decide how you are going to clamp – I chose vacuum pressing, but you don’t need that to veneer.
BlueStingrayBoots Theres gotta be a easier way the carving braids, its 2007. I have an idea for time travel.
MsDebbieP haha I hear you BSB .. there’s always got to be alternatives. Make sure to post this in the forums.
David I am really interested in trying the heat activation technique that Lee described, as well as, using a veneer hammer and animal hide glue. By the way, a veneer hammer is not a hammer!
David BSB – what about a Legacy Mill?
WayneC So then what is a veneer hammer?
David A veneer hammer is a tool that looks like a hammer with a long flat edge that is used for pressing veneer into the glue on the substrate.
MsDebbieP Question: are there some woods that wouldn’t work well for veneer?
Tony I only really have one question for you David – I find that the PVA glues I use dry out quite quckly (3-4 minutes), before I have a chance to get the second side of a big sheet fully veneered. It has been suggested to add some water to the PVA to increase the “OPEN” time. What are your thoughts on
David Here os a link to an image of a veneer hammer.
shall1028 Some woods to watch out for when veneering are open pore woods like oak and lacewood. If you have too much glue it can wick through the pores.
WayneC My kind of tool – Expensive
David Tony – Try Titebond Cold Veneer Press Glue. It worked great for me and I had plenty of open time. It comes out of the clamps in 2-3 hours which is another advantage.
MsDebbieP expensive.. but serves multi-purposes and that’s handy!
David Wayne – cheaper at a flea market and then you can rehab it! I chose the Lee Valley site justt for you!
WayneC lol
Max left.
Tony Not so easy for me to get it and the SHIPPING is more than the glue
David I have seen these much less expensive elsewhere. Plus you don’t need this to start!
Max joined.
shall1028 Tony – PVA glues come in wide varieties with different open times. For example a firm called Helmitin has a white glue called Helmibond 842 that have almost twice the open of their Helmibond 847 glue. Yet they have the same closed and cure times.
David Tony – I will have to do some investigating and see what resource I can come up with for you.
WayneC Perhaps there are some local alternatives
WayneC Tony is in Finland I belive
Max Question about the masking tape. Is it better to use regular masking tape or the blue painters tape?
Tony The only thing I coulkd come up with on the net was, that the bond may be a little weaker, as there is less glue used for the given square inch. It is the 8 * 4 sheets that are the biggest problem. Thanks anyway
shall1028 Max – The masking tape is only to hold the joint together until the veneer tape is applied to the other side. So it can be whatever you have.
David Tony – who are the major glue manufactors that supply your area in Finland? Shall had a great idea about selecting a PVA glue with an extended open time.
Max Thanks shall1028
Tony I have been contact with KIITTO they have supplied me with a cold press veneer glue – but the open time is only 2 6 minutes depending upont the conditions in the shop
Tony These glues are aimed at the “BIG BOYS” not the little guy like me – I just have try out and experiment
MsDebbieP I guess that’s what this is all about—just try it.
David Tony – I am not familiar with that company or glue. The Titebond Cold Veneer Press Glue that I used had a much longer open time (don’t recall the specifics right now).
Tony You would not be they only sell to Scandinavia and Nordic countries – the rest of there products are first rate – si I will try this D3 glue next week.
David Tony – What type of veneering project are you working on?
Tony I am going to start a Murphy bed on Tuesday – we cannot bye venered plywood here, so I have to do the lot myself
David Sounds like a great project and an excellent application for veneer. I just got a 4×8 piece of paper backed rift cut cherry veneer for
Tony Joe woodworker and I are not talking any more – He will not sell to Europeans or other international customers!
MsDebbieP Question: how many ways ARE there to adhere veneer?
Tony Shame he have a fantastic website full of good products and information
WayneC did he have a bad experience?
Tony Countless
David That is too bad! He is a great resource for me . . .
Tony I tried top use him upon you recomendation – but alas it was not to be!
David Debbie – That is a great question and well answered by Tony. Neil Lamens told me offline that once I started veneering it would change the way I think about woodworking and open up a whole new world of possibilities. I would agree with that statement.
Tony Debbie, basically you can use any adhesive, the results may vary – from gle to glue and wood to wood
David I am hoping the new interest on veneering on LJ and from this discussion that a lot of our LJ buddies will give this a try. Get some cheap veneer to practice with, some glue and a nice flat substrate and give it a try! It will make you think about adding veneering to your next project!
David Maybe one of the Fall LJ Challenges will be a veneered project!
WayneC Careful saying that in front o Martin
WayneC it might happen
MsDebbieP hahaa :)
WayneC ::cool
David LOL – Wayne you are right as always!
BlueStingrayBoots sounds like a test.
Martin Sojka Good one, Wayne ;) and maybeee you’re right.. might be great challenge
Tony Thenks guys time for beddy byes – 23:22 here, not quite dark yet, give it another week or two
David I would like to see some thin resawn mesquite from our Texas LJ Buddy BSB veneered on a nice little end table!
Martin Sojka Hey Tony.. g night. same time here
WayneC Take care Tony
David Good Night Tony! Thanks for the input.
Martin Sojka and totally dark alreayd
WayneC Not dark here
WayneC but is only 1:24
Tony left.
BlueStingrayBoots Is that inspiration or motavation ir spurs?
WayneC Or a challenge?
BlueStingrayBoots So I cant use glue for julys challenge?
MsDebbieP not for the joints
David BSB – Well my friend you may take that any way you like! You have some wonderful wood to work with. I used to live in Texas and I always like the rustic look of mesquite. It reminds me of juniper in Central Oregon.
MsDebbieP for the wood joinery category
BlueStingrayBoots I’ll try, but its is time consuming.
David Debbie – I am hoping you will clean up my spelling on the transcript! I am laughing at what I am typing!
MsDebbieP haha we’ll include a dictionary with “typo” language included lol
Martin Sojka transcript will be atuhentic.. no worries about tyops David ;)
David Funny Martin!
MsDebbieP time consuming: how long did it take you David to do your first attemp? I forget if you already stated this in your blog
WayneC Lol. You spell like a doctor David
David At least at work, the nurse just ask “What does this say?”
Max Well, I have to run. This has been very informative. I appreciate all the input…
David Thanks Max!
WayneC Take care Max
MsDebbieP ditto
BlueStingrayBoots I like making projects, but I dont make dinner unless Im hungry, I’ll see what I need.
Max left.
shall1028 David – I am trying to figure out just what that pastry roller thing is. Does it have a smooth surface (plastic, wood, etc.)?
BlueStingrayBoots You guys gonna let me win this months challenge?
David Martin – I may have to expand my series with these techniques that we have discussed. Especially a “very minimal equipment” example of veneering.
David left.
David joined.
MsDebbieP lol @ BSB
MsDebbieP David, did you get Shall’s last question?
Martin Sojka good ideam David.. approved.. like I have something to approve ;)
David I apologize – just had an unplanned ripple in my internet connection!
MsDebbieP oh such power, Martin :D
shall1028 For aplying the glue to larger surfaces, I’ve found that a short nap paint roller is excellent (not foam!). If the down time between jobs is not too long you can just roll it up inside a plastic bag to keep the PVA “moist”. You know when you have the right amount of glue when a lace pattern apppears
David I did not . . .
MsDebbieP he was asking about the surface of the pastry roller thingy
David I am filling out a triplicate form fro Martin! LOL
MsDebbieP lol Inspections like to see triplicate forms!
David Oh, the pastry roller (which I was not allowed to use, I guess) is a double ended wooden roller for small pastries – smmoth surface. Worked grate on veneer seams (and some edgebanding last summer . . . ).
BlueStingrayBoots left.
MsDebbieP (hahah so you’ve used it before.. and did the owner of the item know that it has been used before??)O
David I used a short nap paint roller for the glue application. Seemed to work well and I have seen this in other references. The pastry roller was for the seams.
BlueStingrayBoots joined.
David The owner of the pastry roller was unaware that it had been in the shop in the past. I learned that the kitchen toools are much like my shop tools – ask before using!
MsDebbieP hehe and sewing items .. do NOT touch the scissors!
David I do know NOT TO TOUCH THE SEWING SCISSORS! Learned that very early on . . .
BlueStingrayBoots SO how do you people feel about paying for wood?
shall1028 left.
David I know in our area, Rockler is having a Summer Clearance Sale. Everytime I go in to shop they have a set of rolling shelves out front with bundles of veneer on clearance. Great time to pick up some veneer and give it a try – you will become hooked once you see the seams disappear!
shall1028 joined.
David BSB – what do you mean . . . “paying for wood? . . . ?
shall1028 If feel about paying for wood like paying for food. I’ll grow it myself if I can but you have too eat too…
BlueStingrayBoots I need to buy wood to put veneers on, but I’m thinking I’ll just use milled mesquite.
Philip Edwards joined.
David I have to pay since I have no room to grow it myself in our current situation.
David Welcome Philly!
WayneC Hi Phil
MsDebbieP Hello Phil
Philip Edwards Hi Folks!
WayneC Glad to see you posting here some more
WayneC welcome back
BlueStingrayBoots But then, that doesnt go with veneering
David I will try to stay on task and topic . . . just wanted to say I love your Planes Phil!
Philip Edwards Thank you! It has been hectic the last few months but life is settling down. A little, anyway :)
Philip Edwards Thanks David
Philip Edwards So what have I missed today?
BlueStingrayBoots Hello Phil
shall1028 I’m sure we can slip dado plane and veneer in the same topic… ::biggrin
David A little discussion on veneering. Our first venture into the LJ ChatRoom.
Martin Sojka Phil you can try clicking on ‘ACTION’ and then ‘RECENT ROOM HISTORY’ = also I will be posting transcript tomorrow
Philip Edwards Thanks – I’ll catch up…....
David Phil – any tips, advice or experiences for us with veneering? I am looking at using a shooting board and a plane to joint some veneer edges. Any advice on the best plane to use for the job?
shall1028 The plane I’ve used in the past is a #7 or equivalent.
Philip Edwards When it comes to edge jointing veneer (and you will!) a shooting board is a great way to work. Stack the veneer in a pile with the edge sticking out about 1/8 of an inch, weight it down with a piece of ply or MDF and then use a plane flat on its side to joint the stack/
Philip Edwards A longer plane makes for a straighter edge, without a doubt
Philip Edwards Also, depending on the species of timber, you can use a sanding block instead of a plane. This ensures you do not get tear-out.
Philip Edwards Some pieces of veneer are just too dry or cranky to plane easily
Philip Edwards Has anyone read David Charlesworth’s books?
David I tried a sanding block which worked great. I do want to get sme experience using a plane to joint the edges.
WayneC I’ve read 1 and 3
Philip Edwards He has some great tips on this topic (amongst others!)
WayneC have not picked up #2 yet
Philip Edwards Worth getting, Wayne!
WayneC In the plan
Philip Edwards One more point on planes
WayneC I have his 3 plane videos as well
CarverRog joined.
Philip Edwards Use a plane that is slightly longer than the work
David I have looked at them in the store but haven’t purchased . . . will have to do so!
David Welcome CarverRog!
Philip Edwards So if the work is 9 inches long a #5 or even a #4 is just fine.
Philip Edwards Welcome CArver Rog
MsDebbieP Hi Rog!!
David Thanks – great advice!
Philip Edwards Wayne – his videos are great. A lot of detail, although his pace can be a bit slow for some ;)
WayneC My wife laughs at me when I watch them
WayneC he is pretty monotone
Philip Edwards LOL
Philip Edwards Does anyone use a vacuum bag to press veneer?
CarverRog Hello everyone!
David I amglad I am not the only one that gets laughed at wathing (falling asleep) watching woodworking videos! LOL
shall1028 I have used a bag. Especially useful for veneer curved objects.
Martin Sojka hey folks.. only few mins to go.. what about another 30mins bonus?
David Phil – I just got finished documenting my first experience using a vacuum press. It was a lot of fun – now I am thinking of ways to use veneering in my woodworking.
Philip Edwards Gotta go in a minute, Martin. Thanks for the invite!
David I can stay a bit longer – got some work to do and errands with the owner of the pastry roller!
WayneC I’ve fought my son off of the computer for 2 hours
Philip Edwards David, the vacuum bag is a great tool. Well worth the investment. Makes veneering fun. Well, almost….;)
WayneC lol
Martin Sojka Thanks for joining Phil
MsDebbieP lol and I have to get going as well.
Philip Edwards My pleasure!
BlueStingrayBoots So who wants some free exotic ebony and mesquite?
CarverRog Sure!
David Phil – Agreed! I really enjoyed my first attempt at veneering!
Philip Edwards I’ll be round in a minute, Boots ;)
shall1028 Phil – My all-time favourite veneer tool, though was the 4 foot by 8 foot triple screw veneer press!
Philip Edwards Do you use veneer tape to join pieces? Or just sticky tape?
David Shall – cool tool to have!
Philip Edwards Yeah, but you try rolling that up and putting it in a box :)
David Phil – I used 3-hole paper tape and blue masking tape. I know Karson also reccommends clear packing tape.
Philip Edwards I use the gummed tape – it is a pain to remove but when it dries it pulls the veneer up tight.
David Mine press rolls into a 4 1/2 foot x 6 inch PVC tube and is light enough to pick up and carry! LOL
shall1028 I once made the mistake of forgetting to remove some masking tape before pressing the lot in a veneer bag. It’s amazing how almost impossible it is to remove. So I try to ue only veneer tape.
David Phil – it is hard to remove sometimes. I used a wet sponge and a sharp cabinet scraper.
Philip Edwards Kind of mistake you only make once!
Philip Edwards David – when you wet the tape it always seems to leave stains on the veneer
David I don’t leave the masking tape on in the bag – only paper tape.
David Phil – stains can be removed with Denatured Alcohol and the cabinet scrape.
CarverRog Thanks for the offer for more min. but I’ve got to go play softball game.
Philip Edwards Ahhh…...good tip – I’ll try that!
WayneC Cya Rog
David Bye Rog!
Philip Edwards Bye!
shall1028 I’ll second the damp sponge technique. You just have to give it time to work. It’ll just peel off perfectly leaving only minimal stain. The rest can be scraped.
CarverRog Bye all!
CarverRog left.
shall1028 In short. Dampen let penetrate, dampen again, wait a bit, peel.
Philip Edwards Sounds like good advice.
David Shall – agreed, trick is to wait for the glue to soften.
Philip Edwards I notice certain timbers stain easier than others. Cherry and Oak in particuler.
Lee A. Jesberger joined.
Philip Edwards Hi Lee
David I use distilled water on cherry to minimize staining from minerals in the tap water. Some species do stain easily.
WayneC Hi Lee
David Welcome Lee!
MsDebbieP the “wood care” also sounds like a great discussion for forum topics!
Philip Edwards I’ve tried using boiled water but it doesn’t really help. Guess I better buy some distilled.
BlueStingrayBoots Hello Lee
MsDebbieP Hi Lee :)
shall1028 I suppose there must be a tannic reaction—like using rust and vinegar to ebonized oak.
WayneC I’m going to run – Take care
Philip Edwards Bye Wayne
BlueStingrayBoots Are we still rolling?
MsDebbieP toodles, Wayne
David Boiling will not remove the minerals – distilled water works great.
Philip Edwards Thanks David – settled then.
BlueStingrayBoots God bless everybody, gotta run.
David I will have to go soon as well – this has been fun!
WayneC left.
Philip Edwards Me too!
Philip Edwards Thanks for the chat.
Lee A. Jesberger left.
David Thanks everyone for a great LJ chat!
Lee A. Jesberger joined.
Philip Edwards Have a great week. Bye!
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shall1028 bye
Lee A. Jesberger Hi guys
Philip Edwards left.
David I learned a lot – always the case with LJ. Thanks Martin!
MsDebbieP A wonderful start to our Chatting feature
MsDebbieP Thanks David for hosting—you did a WONDERFUL job.
David Lee – Before we go, just a quick shout out that I like your work!
Martin Sojka Thanks everybody for great first chat!
Lee A. Jesberger Thanks, I was trying to figure out how to enter a message
David Thanks Martin and Debbie. I will forward all official documents to headquarters! LOL
Martin Sojka And special thanks to David for being excellent host!
MsDebbieP lol in triplicate I hope
David Took me a bit too – first time doing this.
MsDebbieP our next chat – we will all be pros at this.
David Always triplicate and neatly folded. Have a great day! Bye!
Lee A. Jesberger The box to typpe in was hidden on my screen
David left.
MsDebbieP Bye David.
MsDebbieP ah the “scroll down” ??
Lee A. Jesberger right
Martin Sojka Lee I’m going to post the transcript as soon as possible so you can go through it then
shall1028 I must change that handle thing so it actually shows my name. I figured it was just for the system to give everyone a unique ID
MsDebbieP Before Martin kicks us out—gotta say “i love your work Lee!!!’
Lee A. Jesberger great, sorry I missed it
Lee A. Jesberger Thank you
Martin Sojka yeah shall1028.. you can do that under your Account and provide Real Name there
shall1028 Will do thanks
shall1028 from Steven that is.
MsDebbieP that’s a good point Steven …. good promotion tool, always let the customer know who they are talking to :) even in a chat
shall1028 ::laugh
Lee A. Jesberger In keeping with good manners, I don’t want to be the last to leave so I’ll sign off
Martin Sojka ok have a great rest of Sunday
MsDebbieP yes, we’d better let Martin get to bed
Lee A. Jesberger left.
shall1028 quick everyone rush for the exit! before Lee!
Martin Sojka ha right
MsDebbieP bye everyone.
Martin Sojka Steven.. time to post some projects
shall1028 Yeah. Been following the RSS thing but nothing futher so far.
shall1028 Time to comb the hard drive for the pics.
MsDebbieP left.
shall1028 bye
Martin Sojka great. thanks for coming!
Martin Sojka bye
BlueStingrayBoots joined.
shall1028 left.
Martin Sojka hey BSB.. I’m just going to close
Martin Sojka thanks for participating!
BlueStingrayBoots By it was great!
Martin Sojka yeah. going to post the transcript asap
Martin Sojka byeee
BlueStingrayBoots left.
Martin Sojka left.

12 replies so far

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18615 posts in 4155 days

#1 posted 07-09-2007 12:04 AM

A great chat.
A big thank you and “well done” to David who hosted this chat.
It was nice to hear (again) how veneering was, even on his first try.

-- ~ Debbie, Canada (

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13754 posts in 4092 days

#2 posted 07-09-2007 12:07 AM

Lots of fun. Thanks Martin and David.

-- We must guard our enthusiasm as we would our life - James Krenov

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2213 posts in 4232 days

#3 posted 07-09-2007 12:09 AM

I just went in there and it said that chat was closed? What kind of chat room closes?

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13754 posts in 4092 days

#4 posted 07-09-2007 12:12 AM

It was scheduled from 12:00 to 2:00. I would love to have one open here all the time. Please Martin.

-- We must guard our enthusiasm as we would our life - James Krenov

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4911 posts in 4031 days

#5 posted 07-09-2007 01:27 AM

Sorry I missed it. A lake day with the kids trumped my imaginary friends.

-- You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. (Plato)

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13754 posts in 4092 days

#6 posted 07-09-2007 01:33 AM

Well at least we missed you Tom. I wondered where you were….

-- We must guard our enthusiasm as we would our life - James Krenov

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18615 posts in 4155 days

#7 posted 07-09-2007 01:53 AM

there will be more.

We have one coming up with Marc.

-- ~ Debbie, Canada (

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4563 posts in 4305 days

#8 posted 07-09-2007 02:05 AM

Thanks for posting the transcipt, this way I didn’t have to miss it. Shift workers have to sleep sometime and I’m affraid I was sleeping after a night of work. Great information discussed.

-- Jesus is Lord!

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35120 posts in 4395 days

#9 posted 07-09-2007 02:21 AM

Sorry I missed it also. I was busy in the shop working on the summer Contest. And completely forgot about it.

It seems like you had a good discussion.

-- I've been blessed with a father who liked to tinker in wood, and a wife who lets me tinker in wood. Southern Delaware soon moving to Virginia †

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101 posts in 4072 days

#10 posted 07-09-2007 04:07 AM

GReat discussion thanks for all of your insights

-- piper

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Martin Sojka

1893 posts in 4467 days

#11 posted 07-09-2007 08:43 AM

I’ve just added link to view all chat transcripts on the chat page.

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Lee A. Jesberger

6855 posts in 3974 days

#12 posted 07-11-2007 03:08 PM

Hi guys,

Sorry I missed the chat. Looked like great fun.

Just my luck, I turn my back for two minutes, and you guys have a chat!

Thanks for the transcript.


-- by Lee A. Jesberger

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