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Forum topic by DKV posted 04-09-2012 03:13 AM 1775 views 0 times favorited 17 replies Add to Favorites Watch
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04-09-2012 03:13 AM

In todays age of instant information and access to each and every candidate’s platform I can’t believe there is still such a thing as a pure Democrat or Republican. When I left home I left as a democrat because my parents were democrats. After rising to the executive team at a few different companies and after owning my own I became a Republican…but not for long. I came to realize that I’m really not affiliated with either party since I vote for who I think will best fill the job. When asked I say I am independent. Do people still exist that vote the party line? I don’t even think union members “vote the party line”. They may say they do but when the curtain is pulled I’m hoping they vote intelligently. How many LJ’s out there can truthfully say they vote strictly democrat or republican? I’m hoping not many. That would be very disappointing.

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#1 posted 04-09-2012 07:16 PM

Katdaddy, just a very simple question. Are there still people out there that vote party line democrat or republican. It would surprise me if there were. Thusly, I do not understand some of the very intense and mean threads that have started here to do with politics. Katdaddy, you can continue to relax.

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#2 posted 04-09-2012 08:15 PM


It has been pleasant hasn’t it?


-- Rick Gustafson - Lost Creek Ranch - Colorado County, Texas

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#3 posted 04-09-2012 10:08 PM

I usually vote for the stupidist person out there – chances are they’re going to be voted in anyway.

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#4 posted 04-09-2012 10:36 PM

Sadly, that is what most people do. They don’t think for themselves, they just repeat whatever their favorite talk show host said. Both parties draw their share of whackos, many of whom only focus on one issue, i.e. gay marriage or abortion. Their decision is made because of some little non-important side issue, and they don’t even pay attention to what anyone else says. That is the way most political discussions end, even when it is within just one party, they still don’t talk to each other. They just scream at each other about something stupid. You can’t talk to any of them, that is why politics is so mean spirited. I enjoy the forums because I love to piss these idiots off, and listen to them squeal. I don’t even care which side they are on. I don’t take any of it seriously. It’s great entertainment, if you have a strong stomach, but it does get a little messy sometimes.

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Joe Lyddon

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#5 posted 04-09-2012 10:45 PM

I call myself a conservative Republican… BUT after what they did to Clinton, it made me SICK & I swore that the Republicans could go to hell!

Well, most Democrats weren’t any better… so I’m still a registered Republican.

The Last Democrat that I voted for was JFK... I liked him… I thought he was the Best Man for the Job.
He was doing a GREAT job… I guess TOO GOOD for The Establishment… so he was eliminated.

I did NOT vote for Obama... I did NOT get sucked into his agenda… I saw too many things that didn’t ring true.

If I am convinced, I will vote for the Best Man…

I liked Ross Perot... I think he laid out his message very well with his charts, etc. (just like a good computer man, that he was LOL ) That Giant Sucking Sound came to pass… just as he said it would… I voted for him… and would again!
If he had won, we would not be in the terrible position we are in now. We would still have companies making things Here in the USA, instead of China, Mexico, etc. etc.!

I hope people will vote with their Brains instead of their Hearts & wishful thinking ideas.

I hope people will SEE what is really happening to our country and vote Obama OUT before it gets worse!

I am convinced that if Obama gets another term, it will be the end of our Country as we liked it before... it will be a living hell for our Grandchildren…

God help us! ... We need his help bad this time around!

-- Have Fun! Joe Lyddon - Alta Loma, CA USA - Home: ... My Small Gallery:"

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#6 posted 04-09-2012 11:10 PM

I have to say I have a really hard time seeing the difference between the two parties. I agree with Randy, they keep everyone whipped into a frenzy with manufactured controversies that keep most of the electorate distracted and contributing while the sell the Country off to enrich themselves.

The Government gets bigger. The debt gets larger. Our rights get further eroded. Regardless of which Party is in the White House, or the congress, or any combination thereof. I’ve never had the privilege of voting for someone I liked, haven’t see them yet. I vote against the one I dislike the most.

I’m waiting for one that will honestly stand up and talk about the role of government, what ‘we the people’ want it to do for us, and what it will really cost to fully fund it. I don’t hear that from either side, just more vague promises and telling people what they want to hear to get elected.

-- John

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#7 posted 04-09-2012 11:26 PM

Katdaddy and Viking, I also have noticed the “calmness” of the LJ site over the last month and I don’t think it’s because of a lack of political discussions. I mean look at the two threads asking for democrat and republican cartoons. I think there’s another reason it’s been so nice around here. Anyway, I would still like to know if there are any LJs out there who vote the straight party slate. BTW Katdaddy if you know of any women woodworkers that have really sharp chisels and plane blades…look at their arms. I mean what is the ultimate test of sharpness?

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#8 posted 04-09-2012 11:44 PM

i’m a union member, and i vote straight ticket. i vote for the party whose members i feel best align with my beliefs. i don’t see anything “unintelligent” or “disappointing” in that.

i don’t like to talk politics on here, so i won’t say which party.

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#9 posted 04-10-2012 02:23 AM

I have always considered myself to be independent, but after the republicon wins in 2010 and the ensuing slate of legislation introduced in state after state trying to force ALEC written bills into law I have decided to work for the Democratic party this year. In the US we have unelected business organizations actually writing bills. That wouldn’t be in itself scary except they are not limiting them selves to business issues. In Florida state a
republicon introduced a bill without even redacting the preamble that described why ALEC wanted her to introduce it. If that doesn’t scare a democracy loving person to get involved, I would not know what would.
The other thing that is driving my new found political activism is the GOP on TV followers who believe everything Murdock’s mouth piece says. And they vote for who ever fox tells them to vote for.

-- Mel,

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#10 posted 04-11-2012 08:50 PM

Not sure Mel – why you believe that somehow the laws enacted by the democrats are somehow pure of this kind of corporate influence.
Obamacare didn’t have tort reforms becaus of the Lawyers contributions.
NOBODY went to jail for the financial crisis because Lehman and AIG etc banking organizations that fund the campaign.
The PAC’s have all their hooks into the politiciains regardless of affiliation – - they don’t legislate anything.

I vote for people not parties -
guess you can back out my approximate age here -

I voted for Reagans second term over Mondale
Voted Bush over Dukakis
Clinton over Bush
Clinton over Dole
Bush over Al Gore (but waffled a lot)
NO trouble voting Bush over Kerry
Waffled but didn’t buy into Barry’s message, so I canceled my wifes vote out

This time will vote ANYONE but Obama

People that vote party line are not unintelligent but just copping out.

I am conservative, however I don’t think that every Democrat is a hippie pothead …just as every republican isn’t gods infallible gift to politics.

I could never suport Charlie Rangell just because he has a “D” next to his name on the ballot.
Course I supported our now HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius (D) as governor in Kansas.
Lots of items I disagree with her on like George Tiller, and destroying files.

But Tim Shallenberger, and Jim Barnett were wackjobs that made Rick Santorum look like Michael Moore.

So when the choices shake out like that – - – Party line Voting is just silly.
Kansas is a VERY VERY red state – yet Sebelius won 2 terms.

-- “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Mark Twain

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#11 posted 04-12-2012 03:36 AM

I registered independent right from the beginning but tend to vote democrat though not only.
Borrowing from above
Clinton over Bush
Clinton over Dole
Bush vs. Al Gore did a write in, futile but couldn’t bring myself to vote for either.
NO trouble voting Kerry over Bush, couldn’t stand Kerry but really didn’t like where Bush was taking our civil liberties.
Went Obama over McCain, judging by how McCain has acted/voted since then I would still stick with that decision.
Current- I’d rather not vote for Obama. Although I think he is helping get this country out of this mess as fast as congress with let him he has made some really poor decisions that he shouldn’t have under any circumstances. Don’t see a better alternative. I will probably write in Paul. Futile, but the lesser of all the evils and someone who would be fun to watch in the white house.

With state offices I tend to split 60/40 with dems winning, though in one state senate race I was so disgusted by the only two options that I did a write in for Mickey Mouse.

-- --Rev. Russ in NY-- A posse ad esse

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#12 posted 04-12-2012 07:28 AM

i worked for unions for many years .20 r more years in the political realm alone . i agree a person should vote who they think is best.if you dont think there is people that don’t vote along party lines your dead wrong.there are there and nobody’s going to change their mind it is set on it and that the way it is.unions mostly have no choice but to vote towards democrats do you think they should go with the other you’ll find very little reason would find most union people do vote along party line but not all more often than not it not party lines that these lean towards but a issue and what ever issue it is thats how they vote. seen it many times as far as a party go they are all self serving but the republican party is by far the worst of the two.i am not affiliated with either party but the last republican i voted for was Nixon and regretted it .oh yes i went with Ron Paul there was hardly any other choice it was more a protest vote than anything.i know union people that voted republican be cause they think someone is going to take their guns away all i could say REALLY I thought it was in the Constitution i can get a gun when ever i want one. knew ones that thumped on their bibles and screamed about abortion and that their church goes with just republican all i could say is REALLY.I’m not for abortion either but i didn’t find one that knew that a republican nominated supreme court is the reason its legal there are many reason that people vote and the ones that are party affiliated i dont disrespect them that their choice.but republican party sucks and Democratic have no back bone.and independents i dont know them there is Lieberman he just go to who ever is winning purty much useless then there is Berry Sanders somewhere up north that guy is very sharp.i talked with him once long ago in Washington years ago and asked him what he thought was the most pressing issue and this was years and years ago he said we are becoming a debter nation and china is buying it up i left the conversation thinking to my self what kind of issue is that now i think he was a lot wiser than i gave him credit for.

-- Jesus Is Alright with me

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Mainiac Matt

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#13 posted 04-12-2012 01:33 PM

The two party system has robbed us of any real choice….

Only party hacks can get party support…. anyone with a non-conformist message is ostracized and marginalized very quickly.

Seeking your own self interest at the expense of others has become the new American “virtue”... and both Rs and Ds, Libs and Cons, labor and management, rich and poor have bought into the idea that forcing the gub’ment to fire up the printing presses to rain manna from “heaven” down on them, leaving someone else to pick up the pieces and pay the bills at an undetermined future time, is the “right thing to do”.

I realized after spending time abroad (UK, Canada & Russia), interacting with guys who work for a living, that the U.S. was a very unique place, in that their was real opportunity here, that these guys just didn’t have. That opportunity is dwindling fast, and I don’t think you’re going to see it coming back in our lifetime.

Frankly, I’ve become 99% convinced that the country is a sinking ship… and am very pessimistic about my children’s prospects for the future.

I gave 9 years of my life to defending this country from foreign enemies…. but as many of the founding fathers new, the real threat was the cancer from within. And I think the clear lesson of history is that tyranny always moves in to fill the vacuum.

Sorry to sound like such a downer…

I need to remind myself that true hope is not found with the gub’ment or the economy.

-- It’s the knowledge in your head, skill in your hands and motivation to create in you heart that makes you a woodworker. - Mainiac Matt

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#14 posted 04-12-2012 05:47 PM

well said SSNVET i put no hope in the two party system either,you don’t sound like a downer to me just someeone who sees and cares for his country.i too am a vet the founding fathers said against foreign and domestic enemies they knew of the treats then it was there then and is there now .it will always work your last statement you know who really hold the purse strings and has the power to let nations fall and rise its not them had relegious people tell me that this country isn,t even mention in the bible i tell them all the same thing you need to go and read for yourself its plenty in there .you are so right the true hope isn’t found in them gub’ment and the economy.

-- Jesus Is Alright with me

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#15 posted 04-12-2012 11:16 PM

@DrDirt, not sure why you believe that because I find the anti-labor, anti-women’s health laws espoused by the republicons so distasteful that it automatically makes me proud of every law passed by a democratic controlled legislature. But you can believe what you want. The difference between ALEC and other organizations is that they are not lobbying, they are dictating to our legislatures what they should introduce to their respective bodies. I think, and have stated before that the only way for our government to change in a way that is favorable to we the people is to get all money out of D.C. No lobbyist, no PACS no money should go from any organization to any candidate elected or running. We should not have to put money into an organization like AARP. NRA, (having trouble thinking of more, but you all can fill in the blanks) so that they can send lobbyists to D.C. to influence our government.
Our elected representatives should travel to D.C know our wishes and if they are unclear of our wants they should come back home and ask us.
I liked the short video. It should be titled,” Why everyone should own two lawyers”. I just wish they weren’t so expensive.

-- Mel,

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