There is alarm, but action to save forests has been sparce.

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Forum topic by Dick, & Barb Cain posted 02-03-2008 11:42 PM 1498 views 0 times favorited 10 replies Add to Favorites Watch
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Dick, & Barb Cain

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02-03-2008 11:42 PM

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I read this article in our morning paper, & it makes a person wonder about

the future of the world.

Then I read Franks Blog today.

-- -** You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream ****************** Dick, & Barb Cain, Hibbing, MN.

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#1 posted 02-03-2008 11:49 PM

it does make you think Dick

-- BLOG -

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#2 posted 02-04-2008 01:03 AM

Well, I’ll be brief…as I’m sure there are alot of people that would like to go on and on about this…me included. (please read in a pensive…things that make you go …’hhmmmm’ ..kinda way.)

Problem=too many people.

Re: Franks blog reminded me that most people glom onto a particular thing and miss the larger picture (not directed at frank.)

Nobody can be green. We could build with concrete or steel…but what about the giant deisel trucks and equipment required to harvest the materials…the steel smelted to make that equipment…the fuel to power them…the pollution they cause? 1/3 of the known copper on earth has not been mined yet. 1/3 is in use. 1/3 is in landfills. Where are we going to get the copper to make the motors for all these wonderful electric cars, computers, iPods?

Being concerned is mandatory…but I try to remind myself that there is a much bigger picture to look at. And no I don’t have a solution…just looking for one like everyone else.

-- arborial reconfiguration specialist

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dennis mitchell

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#3 posted 02-04-2008 01:04 AM

So maybe we can talk about building with local woods. Look what a few jocks did with just a 2X4. Maybe Frank can talk me into telling everyone about my straw and mud house.

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#4 posted 02-04-2008 02:15 AM

Well….....while I can’t speak for Africa, South America or anywhere else but where I live and God knows as long as there’s trees here on my property, I’ll never live in a straw and mud house. That being said, I just replanted 75 Ac. of longleaf pines behind my house just this week. We didn’t even harvest the trees that we had to replant. . In ironic fashion, the US forestry dept. let a controlled burn get away from them, burned up 75 ac. of trees and damned near my house too. Soooo, what did we do? We replanted. No problem. And, guess what? In twenty or so years, we’ll cut em down and start over again. This is a renewable resource people. That’s the wonderful thing about trees. They grow back.

Dont’ get me wrong, I’m not advocating anything they’re doing in South America and Africa, or anywhere else that forest conservation is not being practiced. I’m just doing my part down here in my little corner of the world. God Bless.

-- Carl Rast, Pelion, SC

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#5 posted 02-04-2008 02:26 AM

Hi Dennis;
—-no I did not forget about your house of mud and straw! As a matter of fact while writing the story this morning about being ‘echo friendly’ I remembered reading your blog on the construction of your own home. See, I really do read other folks blogs around here….LOL.

So Dennis if you have some extra time, why not fill us in some more on the details….and as I remember, straw fill for walls, the wood//timber came from your own land and you made the floor out of handmade stone. Lets see now, Straw bale construction and in re-reading this story I see that you used earthen plaster for your walls. Am I right in also remembering that you hand dug your cellar or hand poured the concrete walls?

Must be time for an update here….

Thank you.

-- --frank, NH,

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#6 posted 02-04-2008 04:18 AM

I all-ways like it when someone comes up to me and ask about how I cut the trees on my land and why do I spend so much extra time cutting//slabbing much of my own lumber, when it’s so much easier to just go and buy from a lumber dealer.

One of the main questions//statements I have heard made over recent years is that trees are a renewable resource of wood and if this is indeed true, then what’s wrong with cut and just replant. What I will ask that individual is; “when is a renewable resource, non-re-new-able?”

When one examines the history of trees, the land, the air we breath and all the creatures, of which we as humans came last and then still we all have to live together….then it also needs to be understood that renewable resources can become non-renewable. What I am talking about here is not selective cutting and thinning of trees, but the kind of cutting that goes forth when large areas of land are cut of their trees. We can say that in 20-30-40 years the trees will come back, but what happens when the soil and ground cover is destroyed, which in turn changes the wildlife of plants, animals and farmland. The echo-systems of the world have evolved over long ages and periods of time, (centuries) and then we fail to remember this or understand this, since we as humans for the whole part and individuals for a shorter part, are only recently new arrivals into this earth make up.

We clear cut land for the advance of a world population that some say is out of control and therefore the problem. More construction is needed some will reply, since this will in turn provide more factories, more schools of learning, more hospitals to keep everyone alive and then now we even need maintenance places to maintain those who are living longer that we love. This type of thinking has also produced a larger mass of people, but I choose to dis-agree with those who say that people are the problem. People are not the problem….the problem is a way of thinking that keeps us inside a box with all the problems that we have manufactured within that box!

What is happening today in Africa is not about clear cutting the land for making factories, not about cutting the trees so we can sell some exotic rain forest wood, not about mining operations, but is about cutting and clearing of the forests so that the people there can have farmland to grow food. This is about people just like you and me, who due to no choosing of their own, have themselves been planted and are growing up in a world that often turns the other eye and forgets them. I do not have answers to this equation, (only opinion) but I can tell you that their problem of forest de-forestation, will not be solved by continuing to think that trees are a renewable resource of growth. When we change the forest of it’s trees, we change the nature of all animals, (and that includes you and me) and in turn we also change the climates of the world and the biospheres.

So again I ask, when is a renewable resource non-renewable? That is when we change the sources from which that blessing of resource grows. Speaking of trees and forests now, I say that when we over time, destroy the trees thinking that we can all-ways just replant, we forget that the trees are only what has come forth from the earth as good fruit. If over time and time again we continue to change the land and soil, destroy the habitats of life-form that inhabit these areas, we will in time also change the atmosphere and the air we breath along with the natural way our planet warms itself and protects itself. When that happens a renewable resource can be said to have vanished and is in a state of decline which leads to being non-renewable.

Now having said all that, I hope no-one thinks I’m picking on them or singling any-one out as that is not my intention. Remember I’m talking to myself also as I write this and I’ll be the first to admit that there was a time when I really was one who had no understanding of ‘world make-up’ and thought that none of this was of my concern….boy was I wrong. As I tell folks today and every day, I’m trying to change my thinking, which has caused me to have to learn to climb out of my box and spend some time thinking alone and then talking to other’s. I used to say; “please don’t confuse the issue with truth, since my minds made up” and that was until I saw that to continue in that thought of thinking would make me a non-renewable resource.

Thank you.

-- --frank, NH,

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#7 posted 02-04-2008 04:31 AM

Hello Dick;
—-great source of information you have posted here and thanks for the news link….

-- --frank, NH,

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#8 posted 02-04-2008 06:32 AM

I wonder how that lowland mountain gorillas feels about purple lacewood pens?.........or African Mahogany Bookcases?...............perhaps they send a text message to the “mountain Gorillas”

it is very easy to systematically mow every single tree down but as one great North American Native said

“Whatever befalls the Earth, befalls the children of the Earth”

It’s high time to have common sense win over greed.

Surely by now we’ve learned something

Maye not, maybe I should dig a 40’ trench in that snow and give my February frozen/thawed/frozen/thawed/ hard maple tree a “hug” and wipe my a@@ with a spotted owl.

I do believe in sustainable forestry but I would like those in first world nations to make that happen in their own back yard before exploiting those who dont even know where they live when you give them a globe?.............there is a definite imbalance going on out there.

Greed might win for you and me, but in the end, mother earth will still be here, with or without your grandchildren.

Cheers and Beers

-- "Good artists borrow, great artists steal”…..Picasso

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#9 posted 02-05-2008 01:26 AM

Preface: good opinions here.

A humble rebutal to Frank:

People cut down trees to make houses, people mine stuff out of the ground to make machines and such, people generally waste alot of food (letting it rot, down the drain, dumpster, etc.) that they grow using buildings and machines they built from cutting down trees and mining stuff. People are consumers of earths resources in a much more agressive way than non-humans.

I would still contend that the human population will continue to grow until earth can no longer support it’s needs. (I don’t want anybody to die, but, ‘animals’ are generally always subject to the laws of nature and their population will re-adjust based on the supplies and demands of food and shelter.)

Not only do we need to start thinking in terms of balance, sharing, symbiotic, whatever, terms with the earth…..but we need to stop having so many babies.

Even though ours goals may be the same, I guess our solutions wills be different.

And I’m all for taking care of business at home before screwing with other countries. (Lead by example?)

-- arborial reconfiguration specialist

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#10 posted 02-05-2008 03:41 AM

Hello Catspaw;
....while I, (we) could both continue on with this, I will only add that it has been very good indeed hearing your side of what you believe. The pleasure has been mine in talking with you here, and the points you make are the result of what I believe to be well thought out statements.

I also believe that it can be, that when we disagree….we can also agree to be respectful of each other’s viewpoint and opinions, which I thank you for. One point you make, which is much full of truth and can be thought upon much by anyone who has the time….and if we could find an answer or solution to this, we might be better prepared to deal with earth’s resources. You have said; ”People are consumers of earths resources in a much more aggressive way than non-humans” and to this I will add; ”at the expense of other humans and all creation.

Some folks might wonder why I am all-ways stirring the pot and setting up issues that might lead to controversy. And I will be the first to admit that I do not have all the answers….I don’t even know if I have any answers, but I have trained myself and my mind to have opinions. I often take the lesser more un-popular side of an issue, not to pick a fight or make an offense….but to get folks to think outside the box of what and where they have been. I still believe that one voice in the land can make a wrong, turn into a right! I still believe that one voice standing up for what they believe is right, can turn a nation’s pulse by causing other’s to re-think and then move for an answer that works for the all. Yes, I am a dreamer who still believes in the dreams he has and because of this I will push other’s to think upon my dreams….even at the cost of mine own sanity.

Now having said all that, at the expense of being an outcast, I will offer this last notation of a comment to all you have said above. Concerning babies and world population, I do indeed know from where you are coming from, but I will continue to disagree with you on that point. I can only say that I am thank-full that my own mom choose to have babies and no-matter what other’s may say; ”I know that I am not the problem!

Catspaw, it has been a pleasure and a blessing in talking with you on this subject of earth’s resources and if we should talk again, may I add that we shall both grow in stature.

Thank you.

-- --frank, NH,

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