setting up the new shop

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Blog series by thedude50 updated 01-24-2013 08:16 AM 20 parts 48784 reads 103 comments total

Part 1: clean out and arrange

10-01-2011 08:52 AM by thedude50 | 0 comments »

Yes the day was filled with moving as many items as i can out of the way to set the new shop up. I have half of the 2 car stall cleared out and a row of boxes stacked by the door. The table saw is in place as is the band saw chop saw and the osculating spindle sander my grinder is last on that wall. I am moving the Wood Rat to a different wall and will re mount it this weekend I have read several books on shop setup but don’t know if they helped me much i think they pointed out short Cu...

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Part 2: big day tomorrow

10-04-2011 06:18 AM by thedude50 | 0 comments »

my son just got laid off he was doing very well in his new job it looks like the company is on the brink so low man is gone . he is coming over tomorrow to help move the things the drs say i am not allowed to lift due to the fall i had in December, my career ender. I am excited and will start taking photos tomorrow of the shop layout if i had the shed built id have the last half of the third stall too but the year is winding down and so did my cash flow the good news is that the lady from the...

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Part 3: not going as fast as i would like.

10-07-2011 10:56 AM by thedude50 | 0 comments »

We worked here for two days, i changed the places for several items we dismantled the router table and salvaged a ton of parts off it. I was so tired on both days that i didn’t take any photos yet next is the planes workbench and sharpening station, as i have most of what i need to get it ready for use. there are still a few tools id like to store in a shed but i have too much cash tied up in planes and need to sell some off to build the shed its a never ending story. I have to get the ...

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Part 4: along with the shop i am moving my office

10-09-2011 08:29 AM by thedude50 | 0 comments »

Today all day i moved things out of my extra room that i used this summer for tool testing due to the high heat in the shop I have been very busy in the shop and so i had several evaluation tools in the room in the house . My office has been in the sitting room that is attached to my master suite. It has been like this since i was moved here 5 years ago. so today i moved everything except my desk to the new office and moved all the review tools to the new shop downstairs so from now on the ne...

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Part 5: at a dead stop

10-17-2011 06:02 AM by thedude50 | 0 comments »

i have felt bad all weekend and didn’t get my shop cleaned up so its in the same messy condition i left it in in the pics. for those following my progress i warned ya it could go slow. the office is now cleaned up and i need to decorate it .

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Part 6: sound abound and shelves and a pair of clamp racks

10-20-2011 04:34 AM by thedude50 | 7 comments »

Ok the last 2 days were filled with good intention.s i had a couple of planes to set up and a few things planed to get done in the shop. WE MY SON AND I and my daughter in law busted some ass in this latest heat wave we got a set of six shelves on brackets up not my first choice but i had them so they fit into the budget. we also mounted the 10 inch 3 way speakers to the wall used the 3rill to mount it it drove the screws into the wall they were a full 4 inch screw. not as much torque as the...

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Part 7: oops i forgot storage

11-02-2011 08:06 AM by thedude50 | 0 comments »

as always i forget something in my projects. this project is setting up a working full-time furniture shop. This has left me with a bunch of things that need to be stored in a shed I have decided to make a 10×12 shed its the largest the building code allows with out inspection. I will use a barn style roof and this will give me a loft in half to 3/4 of the size of the shed I will be placing things like Xmas boxes and stored household goods and all the garden tools and the bicycle collect...

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Part 8: the shed goues up

11-14-2011 05:32 AM by thedude50 | 0 comments »

the past few days we put the foundation down built the sub floor and sheeted the floor then we framed out the 4 walls next is truss construction I am anxious to start this but need to do the math so i get this right and i am off to lowes to look at the model it is the exact model i built but i made my walls higher so i can stand up strait in the shed once completed the things that take up floor space in the shop will be gone and the shop will move toward production ill post photos tomorrow

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Part 9: more time on the shed

11-25-2011 03:08 AM by thedude50 | 8 comments »

this entry is for yesterday the day before Thanks Giving I spent a few hours nailing up the truss and then cut out the gussets for them since this is a barn style roof it was hard to get the strength i wanted out of the truss . They are made from 2×4 and are cut at 22.5 degrees using 4 boards for each truss that’s three joints each with 16 nails driven in using the palm nailer then the gusets are attached using 12 penny ring shanked nails i had some trouble with the pasload ...

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12-02-2011 03:41 AM by thedude50 | 33 comments »

Ok well at 2am today we were hit by a major freak windstorm with some gusts as high as 90miles an hour the shed was going to be sheeted tomorrow and instead we are faced with a major cleanup the pics will do the talking I have no clue what i could have done to avoid this it was really bad several of the new homes being build in our neighborhood also collapsed anything that was not sided fell to the ground in a few cases the homes were 2 story homes collapsed the same as my shed I ...

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Part 11: cleaning up the remains and starting over

12-03-2011 11:44 AM by thedude50 | 5 comments »

Ok well i just had to do major keyboard surgery but it is working better now. Tomorrow we will start with the cleanup and the reconstruction. I am hoping we can get back to where we were before the storm this weekend and have it done by mid week next week. After that i need to make the door and do the trim work. which i can take my time on as i don’t need to rush any of it except the door. I feel a great deal of support from my LJ friends but they all live to far away or have previous ...

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Part 12: the clean up is well under way

12-05-2011 02:08 AM by thedude50 | 8 comments »

Well My Friends It took about 4 hours of hard work today to get the studs picked up and the bottom plates up. then removing tons of nails I cant believe how many nails were holding this thing down and it just lifted off like no body’s business. I am thankful to Matt who offered to help but i didn’t want to have him here and my son not here it didn’t seem right to ask a new friend to help with out an able bodied worker her to help. i pulled nails till my arms hurt so i called...

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Part 13: Back at it and again we have a structure The Shed Rebuilt after the Storm

12-15-2011 09:27 AM by thedude50 | 2 comments »

Well after several days of pulling and cutting off nails,The Shed started being rebuilt on Sunday. I then i worked on Monday and Tuesday and today we were back at it we stood up the other three walls today. I will be using hurricane ties tomorrow to tie the studs to the top and bottom plate. I am very excited we got this much done. It will take me a while to tie all the studs in to the plates and then i am going to tie the walls to the foundation. with long straps no more silly wind storms...

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12-16-2011 05:03 AM by thedude50 | 3 comments »

I was tieing all the huricane ties to the studs for an hour today and then . waited for the help to arrive it came from several people My son my son in law and My new friend Matt from LumberJocks and his dad Craig They came to help me raise the roof so to speak. We took the main part of the roof of the shed and lifted it into place atop the structure I will secure all the rest of the hurricane straps in the morning we are not expecting high winds tomorrow or tonight I really need to make a qu...

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Part 15: on with the show

01-05-2012 07:18 AM by thedude50 | 11 comments »

the loft is made and the final bit of siding needs to get done the gable ends need the top on them and the roof is half way done with the sheeting . I got a new drill and a new router table this is getting to the point where i can tell i am going to begin working the wood very soon here are some photos the loft is 8×10 and uses the f feet to the top of the shed to a great advantage and if the wife kkicks me out a nice place to sleep

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Part 16: the shed is water tight and is ready for shingles just in time for our first rain

01-22-2012 06:28 AM by thedude50 | 5 comments »

the siding is done the roof is sheeted and the shed is closed in. i have to make the door and put the shingles on the roof to call it done and yet i will continue to do molding work for quite a while as i will make all my own molding. I am very pleased with the loft i have it loaded with several things already and it helped clean out my office as I made room for my wife’s best friend to move in with us she is going through that d word and she is a big help around the house, I am exactly...

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Part 17: cleaning out the shop and moving things to the new shed

02-15-2012 07:02 AM by thedude50 | 7 comments »

Well my friends the last week has been filled with moving things from the shop to the new shed the shed is now water tight and the shingles will be going up any day completion photos of the shed in the next blog entry. Having the shed water tight and tested gave me the confidence to get things moved into the shed and out of the shop. so all the building tools and the rest of the automotive and gardening tools that went in the garage have been moved. the next days were filled with placing t...

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Part 18: Moved in and up and going but not finished

02-26-2012 07:32 AM by thedude50 | 6 comments »

To all my friend who have inspired me and helped me when the evil winds of change blew down my shed . i AM NOW MOVED INTO THE SHOP. i will ask you all to please visit my killer new shop. I wont say it is perfect because moving in has yielded a few disturbing things like a lack of breakers in my shop to support the power tools. as i had asked the builder to make sure there was enough to support my shop and they did put in plenty of outlets they just put them all on one 15 amp circuit. an and ...

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Part 19: The Shed is now 99 % done it is water tight

10-29-2012 06:30 AM by thedude50 | 3 comments »

Well guys a long time coming due to finances and then trouble finding a good roofer that was willing to climb on the roof of the shed to put the comp roof on. But at last I found Pedro he is a roofer who is doing the comp roofs in the development going in down the block. We quickly settled on a price and he re estimated the materials and said the other guy was trying to do it cheep and that he would not space the shingles that far apart . So in less than 2 hours the two brothers had the roof ...

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Part 20: The biggest problem I have is the shop is running but was never finished

01-24-2013 08:16 AM by thedude50 | 5 comments »

I have 5 unfinished projects in the shop today and I will have to finish these before I can get back to the job at hand . Which is setting up shop. I need a tool cabinet in the worst way and a plane till and a planer stand and so many more things I have a radial arm saw that is in the middle of a restoration and still I keep working I have two half finished workbenches in the shop and have not touched either on in over a month. And still the work keeps coming in and I cant pass it up to do wo...

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