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Blog series by Dave updated 10-13-2013 10:09 PM 35 parts 124316 reads 768 comments total

Part 1: New band saw

09-12-2010 03:57 AM by Dave | 4 comments »

Well i read a review on a craftsman 10 inch band-saw and seeing it was my birthday my wife bought it for me. The first thing i did was attempt to square it up. I have failed miserably. I will start again after some research on tuning a band-saw.I have made a cabriolet [hpoe i speeled that wright] leg out of a treated 4 by 4 so that generated me making a table to out of ceder. I will place it at the garden for when i am tired of hoeing and my wife and I will have coffee and enjoy our hard work...

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Part 2: Messy shop

09-13-2010 01:49 AM by Dave | 3 comments »

My poor shop has blown up. After a weekend of playing with my new toy. My shop looks like a wooden hand-grenade went off. Take a look here . Its been a usual summer weekend in Mississippi, upper 90’s all day. The weekend produced 2 projects a bandsaw box and an outside garden table.

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Part 3: new bench

12-31-2010 04:57 AM by Dave | 3 comments »

I found wood.. close buy… ok now what?I bought 8 board feet of ribbon sapele to build a bench for my wife. While we were shopping that day we like to go to second hand shops. We stopped at an antique shop and i started digging around and found a 6 by 1 foot board in the back of the store. It was black walnut and very figured. I asked the old guy what he wanted for it. He scratched his head and said “20 bucks”. I said “sold”. So I got home and started to try t...

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Part 4: more bench

01-02-2011 07:07 AM by Dave | 0 comments »

Today has tested my match planning ability. As you can see the design of the legs leaves me very little 90 degree true edges to work with. Look at the figure in this black walnut board. My wife and i love the sapwood. It even has figure. i cant wait to cut some dovetails in this with my new Japanese saw.

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Part 5: joinery starts

01-04-2011 04:21 AM by Dave | 1 comment »

Today I needed to join the bench legs together. I do not own a biscuit joiner and needed a method of centering my bench legs. So I went to a big box store and bought the only dowel jig they had. It is a General dowel jig. I do no recommend this jig for it has to much play in it.I had to elongate the holes to get the legs to match up. I was not a happy camper. It still managed to work out. I have the dowels so far apart because i intend to place a bowtie in the middle, so I did not want to hav...

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Part 6: bow-ties

01-05-2011 03:21 AM by Dave | 0 comments »

I had to stop working on the dovetails because my legs had cured. I wanted to place some bow ties on the joined leg assembly. And needed to do it before I cut the pins in the sides of the leg assembly. As you have probably noticed the whole project is on a 6 in 1 theme. All the leg angles. The bow-ties. I had taken some 4/4, drew out the bow-tie, cut it out on the bandsaw. Then re-sawed the one I made so they would be identical. I didn’t want to place the bow-tie all the wa...

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Part 7: im a idiot when it comes to design

01-10-2011 02:20 AM by Dave | 2 comments »

My lid for my bench has a large knot hole with a check in it. So I had put some filler in it and have been waiting for over a week for it to dry.Its still damp.So I went to work on the joinery on the rails. I had a fellow lj make a suggestion that the layout of the tails did not give the appearance of hand cut. So I cut them off and chose a tighter layout.The new layout was almost to tight for my 1/8 chisel to get through. I still haven’t got used to the way my new saw tracks.Now I have...

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Part 8: base assembly glue up

01-11-2011 03:05 AM by Dave | 3 comments »

Ok we got iced in from a winter storm and that made me some shop time. So let the glue up commence. It is not a very big assembly but I have been working on it for a while.What do you see wrong on the leg assembly. Some moron, namely me, ran my dadoes out of the ends of my rails. Now I will need to figure out a cover up plan.So while the glue dried I had a cutoff of the lid and started playing with some finishes. I used some bright red milk-paint and laid a coat of it about a week ago. Then I...

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Part 9: fixing error's and dry fit

01-16-2011 01:28 AM by Dave | 2 comments »

First off I had to plug the hole’s the dado’s left at the end of the rails. Once that was done then I used a flush cut saw and removed the excess.The next step was to even out the top of the rails with the leg assembly. They were a little proud because my dowel jig leaves something to be desired. Now its time to predrill and dry fit the piano hinge. Not bad for a bench on a bench. You can see the live edge I left on the bottom rear of the bench seat. I had to take ...

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Part 10: Double Beveled Dovetails

04-24-2011 04:13 AM by Dave | 13 comments »

I have a fascination with dovetails as some of you might can tell. And have been in heavy research on how to layout and cut double beveled dovetails. I have had a lot of help from here and a few other sites. But I am a visual person. The big chopperoo had a neat stool- tool till on his site that was built on a compound miter. I wanted to do something like his box and put double beveled dovetails on it. He had pulled his video on the box for some time before Christmas and I emailed him to ask ...

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Part 11: Tool till jigs and glueup

05-06-2011 03:31 AM by Dave | 12 comments »

Well I have been able to steal some time in the shop and at least get a little done on my project. I thought I would show two of the jigs I have been using for the layout. Both of these jigs Chad Stanton had shown me how to make. The first one Is for the saw layout on the compound bevels. The second jig is produced by the first. You make a mockup of the pin board and then layout your dovetail angle on the inside. This jig is the key and gives you your setup on your bevel guage. Here is ...

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Part 12: Been gone a while but all is well..

11-06-2011 03:39 AM by Dave | 25 comments »

Well its been a while but I have got back in the shop. My time has been busy with my grandson and 2 senior girls. Sorry to have been away for so long. Oh I am not going to lie my motorcycle has taking a lot of my time 2. And I do mean a lot of my time. Me and the wife have toured 3 states.But I have squeezed in some shop time. More will come because the cold is coming in. So a few pics on some of the stuff I have been doing.A small benchShe is a solid 3 inches thick. And gets my joinery up...

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Part 13: Antique shoping and a new toolbox build..

11-14-2011 04:10 AM by Dave | 23 comments »

I have been wandering around again searching for old tools. I have come across a lot but most were in bad shape or the price was astronomical.I found a nice little 1 foot ruler. For $3.00. Now mabee you guys can answer this question. Who implemented the tenth scale on these old rulers? I own two of these. One side has 1/4 scale and the other side is in 1/10 th scale. And I found two nice clamps for $12.00 apiece.I have been wanting to build a small toolbox for knives, marking device...

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Part 14: A small wood gloat with a tool or two

12-01-2011 05:02 AM by Dave | 15 comments »

Well the day started with me going to work and the wife was going Christmas shopping. A text came over my phone my battery is dead. So I took off work and the day started. Now as we were shopping I was bidding on eBay. I won this nice little plane. I go that little jewel for $25.00. It has an half inch blade and the depth stop looks to be there.Now after lunch we went to sears. And seeing that Smitty has a galoot index going. I have been in need for some wood handled chisels. I want some 1...

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Part 15: Christmas 2011 - tools, tool box, and gifts...

12-27-2011 02:40 AM by Dave | 16 comments »

This is going to be a long one, it’s raining and I have had a long day pushing planes so here we go.I started about a month ago with the intention to build a small tool box to hold marking gauges and some stuff I don’t want bouncing around the shop. I choose to use a hodge podge of wood I have laying around the shop. The frame is sapele. I choose to dove tail the rails I pinned the rest of the frame with oak dowels. I picked sycamore for the panel fram...

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Part 16: Hand Inlay of a Bowtie-Dutchman

01-04-2012 03:13 PM by Dave | 25 comments »

Here is a method I use for inlaying a bow tie.You can cut any shape you want, I just grabbed my bevel gauge, set it and drew some lines on a scrap of cherry.I cut the lines out and cleaned up with a chisel.I placed the scrap on the work piece and layed out the lines.I carefully cut just inside my pencil line.I then routed out the waste material with a plane.Then glued the piece up and bashed her home.Here is a video of the process and pictures say and teach a lot more.Any questions, comments ...

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Part 17: Journey with me and Krenov.

01-30-2012 07:40 AM by Dave | 39 comments »

I am a type of guy that will get a notion to do something and just go with it. I found a plan online of a Krenov plane using Hock irons. I don’t have a hock Iron, I do have an old two inch smoother iron from Providence Tool Co. So I choose to modify the plans a bit to see if I could get the thing to work. I know the Krenov style is one of the easiest to build.This will be a two part series and I am at the glueup. First the materials. The base of the plane is good old Mississippi swee...

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Part 18: Old tools from LJ's and some small builds..

02-13-2012 12:19 AM by Dave | 14 comments »

I have been really blessed with help from fellow LJ’s on tool finds. I purchased a Tormek from KTMM, I love it. There is still a learning curve. KTMM also has sold me a Stanley 95 TypeIBoxcarMarty helped me get 2 old wonderful Ohio planes I have been shopping at a few antique stores but couldn’t find anything worthy of bringing home. But I couldn’t come home empty handed.found these There were many piles of old tools but they were overpriced or in bad co...

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Part 19: Krenov part two.

02-24-2012 06:10 PM by Dave | 24 comments »

Here is the second part of my krenov build. I had to modify the plans a bit to fit a two inch iron. I placed a good edge on my old plane iron but it was to brittle. So I had to use a new style iron and chip breaker. I used a wine stain to give it a bit of depth. Then I sanded with 120 grit to seal the pores and used an oak gel stain. The last coat of color was walnut. It was sanded again and airbrushed with waxed shellac. I used about a 3/4 pound cut. Because of the iron change the wedge is a...

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Part 20: Pole lathe

03-10-2012 02:58 AM by Dave | 50 comments »

I had seen a few Bodgers on you tube and the pole lathe looked to be an early tool that was easy to build and I thought be fun to play with. So I set out on a mission to build on and see what it was like.Here is a picture of the head and tail stock. They are adjustable. The frame is 2/4 I placed all thread in the stocks so you can fine adjust. They are fixed on both sides of the stock with nuts. the pedal is a frame with a door hinge to a base for stability. I bought some cheep t...

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Part 21: Sash Picture Frame

03-19-2012 04:34 PM by Dave | 41 comments »

The wife has been wanting me to buy some old windows for hanging pictures in and placing them on the living room wall. Most of the windows we could find were priced way to high. The ones I was able to get my hands on have been to far gone to even use as a picture frame. I have reticently acquired two old Stick and rabbet planes. So I set on the journey to teach myself sash. I have a few old windows to look at the construction. Even around the 1900’s they were using machines to cut the m...

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Part 22: The wedge for my krenov plane

03-26-2012 02:42 AM by Dave | 17 comments »

here is the final installment on the making of my krenov plane. I fought the wedge because of the iron change. I have it working now and it is a fine 2 inch wide smother. I wanted the width, she is a fat short plane and is working fine.Here is the making of the plane. Part 1Part 2Part 3I did enjoy this, I hope you did.

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Part 23: Simple Handcut Dovetails my way.

04-05-2012 08:45 PM by Dave | 60 comments »

I have been asked to show a short video on my method of cutting dovetails. So here ya go Paul. Now two things, first I am near blind and the board is just some scrap. This is just a short demonstration.I had a long list of step by step instructions and I don’t think I will post those. I will let the video do all the telling of the story. But a few things. I am a tail first kind of guy. I choose tails first for the big reason that you have the face of the board facing you. So if there ar...

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Part 24: What a great easter weekend!

04-09-2012 10:21 PM by Dave | 28 comments »

The week end started with me filling my wife’s order for four more picture frames. From scratch and 2 ten foot 2/4. I got it done. That is done and they are hanging in the living room.Then a package came from a fellow LJ, Paul David Soto.It seems he had been to Japan and had some inspiration. Another package came and a Ohio tongue and groove plane was in it. Its missing one iron but with time I should be able to find one. I needed some nails from the big orange box. I l...

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Part 25: Xylophone for my grandson

04-29-2012 01:48 AM by Dave | 33 comments »

I made a xylophone for my grandsons second birthday. I had seen a old woodwright show where Roy had shown how to make a xylophone. The frame is red oak, the bars are also red oak. The mallets are made of sapele and popular. The frame was built and held together with dowels. The bars were cut then I used sawdust to find the dead spots to place the mounting holes. I used little squares of leather to float the bars above the frame. Here are some pictures and a short video. ...

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Part 26: nautilus cam bench clamp

05-20-2012 04:18 AM by Dave | 25 comments »

I have seen cam clamps for benches of all shapes and patterns. I thought of the nautilus shell because of the golden ratio. Most cam clamps use a progressing curve. The shell is an easy to find curve on the internet. I have made 6. If they are used in a pair the need for a bit of friction is due. If used this way a piece of leather or some sandpaper should be applied to the edge of the pair. If you use the in a set of four they hold very well. I will apply sandpaper to two of them and keep th...

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Part 27: New blog site

06-22-2012 04:06 AM by Dave | 28 comments »

I want all my friends to now I am a proud Lumberjock. I have been wanting to grow a bit and have chosen to start my own web page. I will be learning to forge and needed to spread out into metalwork. I will still continue to post and blog here because lj’s is one of the biggest woodworking social forums in the world. I have made many great and wonderful friendships here. The management have been kind and thoughtful in the care of this site. So I would like for you to stop by and take a ...

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Part 28: Just an update.

09-16-2012 02:05 PM by Dave | 24 comments »

Hey guys sorry for not posting much. I have been real busy at work and the wife has had me doing some home remodeling. A lot of you have seen these, but I was asked to update them here. Stanley 71 and Veritas Block Planes.Whale Tail joint.Thanks guys. Update

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Part 29: Music Book

09-23-2012 11:35 PM by Dave | 15 comments »

I have been piddling in the shop with a box project.If you care to read a bit more visit my blog.

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Part 30: Music Book II

09-30-2012 10:43 PM by Dave | 26 comments »

I had enough of the birds-eye maple to make a second book. I wanted to make one a bit smaller. The spines of the books are tiger maple and I wanted a contrasting wood for the pages, Granadillo was handy and I think a fine contrast. I worked on the smaller book first to get the bugs and design changes out of the way before finishing the larger book. I am thinking on poping the grain with some gel stain and then a good rub down with BLO and a french polish finish. I might try an airbrush techn...

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Part 31: Winter is coming so I desided to install a stove. Now I cant wait for the cold!

11-04-2012 10:25 PM by Dave | 52 comments »

Harbor Freight sent me a coupon for $120.00 off of there $249 stove. So I jumped on the deal. I got a stove for $139.99. I brought it home and set it up. I built a fire in it to burn it in and get all the oils and smells burnt off. I need to place it in this corner. I used concrete backer board on the floor and the wall. I used some extra floor tiles I had saved just for this purpose. I lined the backer board on the wall with sheet metal. I also lined the t111 between the stud...

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Part 32: Roys Dovetail Grease box

01-19-2013 12:40 AM by Dave | 23 comments »

I had a snow day and built this little guy. It was a fun day project and I learned a few things to.Being all out of mutton tallow I filled mine with wax.It is made from Black Walnut and the dovetail key is Texas Ebony Did I mention that we got a inch of snow down here in the deep south. Well everything shuts down. But it is pretty.

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Part 33: 4 LumberJocks Meet

03-10-2013 07:19 PM by Dave | 91 comments »

Well four of the members of this site got together on a Saturday afternoon. BoxcarMarty, Eddie, William and Superdave721 meet up at Williams Shop. We had a wonderful time. We told tall tails and discussed woodworking. Gifts were exchanged and I believe the coffee pot never ran dry.Marty was coming down on a trip to the Gulf of Mexico and that gave us an chance to get together. Eddie came over from Louisiana and I from middle Mississippi. We met at Williams shop and the fun began.This site is ...

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Part 34: Top Ten Tools

07-24-2013 12:53 AM by Dave | 18 comments »

Chad Stanton asked me what my top ten tools would be. I had a hard time with this but came up with my list.Chad did one two. His is a hybrid list and mine is a traditional list.What would your top ten be?

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Part 35: Turpentine the old fashioned way.

10-13-2013 10:09 PM by Dave | 13 comments »

I have been playing with turpentine on a few projects lately.Whats in your turp?Whats in your BLO? pitch, whats in it? info at

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