My Journey As A Creative Designer - Woodworking and Beyond #287: Five More Days of Prep

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Blog entry by Sheila Landry (scrollgirl) posted 03-17-2011 01:33 PM 4860 reads 0 times favorited 12 comments Add to Favorites Watch
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”Time goes by so slowly for those who wait
No time to hesitate
Those who run seem to have all the fun
I’m caught up
I don’t know what to do”

And running I am!

I have never felt such exhilaration in preparing for a trip before. (And I mean that in a good way!) I am torn between wishing it would get here fast and knowing that it will pass so quickly that I want to take my time and enjoy every bit of it.

I got to pick up my car yesterday from my mechanic. It is all inspected, freshly undercoated, oil changed and ready to roll. It felt so back to be driving again, as it has been several months and I don’t think that I have liked the car so much since the day I drove it home when I purchased it and it had 9 miles on the odometer. It’s a stupid thing, but I love that car and even though I love my winter buried in snow in the country, I think I had my fill of it for this year and I am ready for the spring thaw. The thought of road trips and the sun shining down while driving with the top down is quite enticing these days! I suppose that is what is good about having four seasons. You are always ready to go on to the next by the time it gets here.

As I drove past the gas station, I was somewhat brought back to reality when I saw that gasoline went up to $1.30 per liter at the pump. As a reference, it hovered around $1 last year and when I first came here to Canada, it was around 70 cents. (And that was when the Canadian dollar was much lower). But at times like this I always say we “pay for scenery” here and live with it. What choice do I have? Besides, there are many places that gas is much higher so who am I to complain?

Leave it to me to be the genius who is going to drive across the country in a 250+ horsepower car when gas is near an all time high! But it is one of those things that “just is” and since I am staying mostly with friends and family, the trip is costing me little besides food (which I have to eat anyway) and gas. Besides, when I met with my accountant Monday, she confirmed that all expenses like that from the trip are deductible. So there is my “pink lining” on the black cloud of life. And thanks to Paul (Big Tiny) and his financial blog, I have a great system in place where I am keeping track of every expense incurred. Hopefully, it will be a habit and I will continue with it throughout the year. I can’t see why not.

The weather looks as if it will cooperate too. I spoke to Jean yesterday and she said they are forecasting 50’s for the next week or so. I can only hope that it is true! Even though they still have snow on the ground, it should mostly be melted by then and without anymore new accumulation, the roads are fine. I am optimistic!

She also told me the painting classes are filling up – something that surprised me. Even though I had said I would teach up to twenty per class, in my mind I figured I would be happy if I had five or more students. But she said there are at least ten in each last she heard and there are several weeks left for others to sign up. That is truly exciting and a great bonus.

As for today, it is more printing and organization. I want to clean and detail the inside of the car so that it is sparkling clean to start out. It looks a little overcast today and it rained yesterday, but I think I will have a chance to bring “the monster” outside for me to work on it. I like having it showroom clean and am sure I can make it look just like new. After all, we will be living out of it for the next three weeks so I want it to be pleasant.

So with that said, I had better get to it. Five more days of prep and then I need to hit the road. It will be here before I know it!

Have a great Thursday everyone!

-- Designer/Artist/Teacher. Owner of Sheila Landry Designs ( Scroll saw, wood working and painting patterns and surfaces. "Knowledge is Power"

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Lee A. Jesberger

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#1 posted 03-17-2011 04:41 PM

Hi Sheila;

Your first paragraph reminded me of a speech I used to make to clients. My construction company would do very high end renovations, and often would be total gut and rebuilding of condos. These jobs might be as large as 7,000 square feet, and include cabinets and furniture, in addition to the construction.

And always, the people would be in a big hurry to get done. I would try to explain to them that enjoying the journey was very important. So often this need to hurry to get done would lead to dissapointment.

Design decisions were often made with “how long will it to get it done”, instead of what will look the best.
Then we would be asked to tear out what we just finished building, and redo it based on what would look the best. At extra expense, of course! And extra time.

I could never get some people to realize the bigger the hurry, the longer it will take. And that need to hurry just seemed to make everybody cranky.

If they would just try to enjoy the entire process, things would go much better, since the planning would be better.

Seemed so simple to me, but NO…


-- by Lee A. Jesberger

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Sheila Landry (scrollgirl)

9222 posts in 2886 days

#2 posted 03-17-2011 06:38 PM

I like your philosophy, Lee. We could spend all our time hurrying through life and never take the time to enjoy it. Then we will wonder “where did the time go?”

I am trying to savour this preparation as much as I will savour the trip. It is an important time in my life and I want to remember (and enjoy!) every bit of it! :)


PS – the first paragraph was from Madonna’s song ‘Hung Up”. Somehow the lyrics were just sticking in my head this morning, even though I haven’t heard it in ages. – Figured it was a ‘sign’! LOL

-- Designer/Artist/Teacher. Owner of Sheila Landry Designs ( Scroll saw, wood working and painting patterns and surfaces. "Knowledge is Power"

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#3 posted 03-17-2011 08:01 PM

It is a proven fact that certain people get personal attachments to their vehicles. I drive an antique blazer with over 400 horses under the hood, and gas here is $3.43 a gallon. Yet I can’t wait to take the top off and go for a long drive in it. I hate it when it gets to be the time of year that I have to put the top on. You see, the top on my blazer is very big and heavy. You don’t just take it off and on without help. So, last year, I stubbornely was still driving around with the top off, with two shirts and a coat on with my older kids shivering in the back seat begging me to let them help me put it back one. I kept trying to get one more week out of it though.
Sheila, isn’t it funny that when we have an event coming up such as yours, it seems to never get here, then when it’s time, it’s over way too quickly?
Now I have a favor to ask. You have referred to your mustang many times. Now you drop the bomb that you have over 300 horses, and you know I’m a gear head. I want to see photos of the car, including the engine. I also want specs on the engine, such as cubic inches and any modifications that may or may not have been done to it. I’m running a 350, bored out .030 over. Flat top pistons. Heads are ported and polished. 270 magnum cam. Scat steele internally balanced crank. Edelbrock high rise intake with Edelbrock 1406 four barrel carb. To add icing to the cake, it great sound. I have headers that open up into 2 1/2” exhaist with turnouts. This means that when I want (most of the time), I have the turnout plate off so I’m running open headers.


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Sheila Landry (scrollgirl)

9222 posts in 2886 days

#4 posted 03-17-2011 08:16 PM

Yikes to me William! As double checked on the HP of my mustang, I find that it is in reality only 260 hp. I humbly apologize. In looking at the ‘newer’ ones, apparently they are the 315 hp beasts. The “fancy” ones are much more. :/ I feel kind of stupid but I do admit I am wrong when I am wrong. :) Can I hide behind my “blond”??

I have some nice pictures of it that I am posting here, but I will update them during the trip, of course. I promised Dennis he would see the before/after packing event so he can take the trip with us. :)

Here she be . . . .

It is the GT model and everything is pretty much stock. It does have the killer Mach1000 stereo system in it, which I love. I want to keep it a long, long time and it still looks pretty darn good. Modifications haven’t been in the cards (yet!) but who knows what the future brings . . .

-- Designer/Artist/Teacher. Owner of Sheila Landry Designs ( Scroll saw, wood working and painting patterns and surfaces. "Knowledge is Power"

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#5 posted 03-17-2011 08:27 PM

Hi Sheila. (or should I call you “Speedy”?)

I can remember growing up in Toronto when we’d decide to go to Montreal for a beer on a moment’s notice. We;d throw a leg over the old Indian, kick her a couple of times, and head for the highway. Planning? Whazzat? (grin)

Oh to be that young and care free again. These days we need a week’s notice to go to a friend’s place for a card game and they live ten minutes away.

I can remember during my high school days filling my old Ford flathead from dead empty and getting change back from a five dollar bill. That sucker had a 25 gallon tank! That’s 113 liters for the other Canuck users here.

Have fun on your trip, and remember, it’s better to get there late than to get half way there in great time and then switch your car for a hearse.

Happy St. Paddy’s day to yez. May the good holy saint himself watch over yez on yer trip and may he keep yez safe in the hollow o’ his hand until yer safe at home.


the wee lad

-- The nicer the nice, the higher the price!

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#6 posted 03-17-2011 08:43 PM

Sheila that is one sweet looking car. I love to wax and detail cars, I know of a great wax called vanilla moose you can even apply it in the sun. It would look great on your car. You can order on line if your’e interested. Have a safe trip.

-- Billp

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#7 posted 03-17-2011 08:47 PM

Nice car. Somehow from your your mentions of it on your posts though, I had pictured in my mind about a ‘65 or ‘66 Mustang, either white or pale blue. I love them old mustangs. Then when you mentioned the 300 horse, I started envisioning a souped up 302, or the more rare 351 Cleveland.
We’ll let you slide on the horsepower mistake though. You probably subconsiously wished you had at least 300 horse. We can forgive you for that.
Now that I realize you have the newer model though, now I’m wondering how you’re going to fit everything in it for the trip. It would have been hard in an older classic, but the newer mustangs have even less room.


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#8 posted 03-17-2011 10:59 PM

Sheila excuse me for having a major picture fail in my mind I have to second
William on this …...... I allso had thought it was one of the old sixtymodell
since you said convertible along time ago
I´m not fammilliair with this modell so nothing against it yet .. :-)
one major positive thing I have to say about your car and that is your numberplate … thumps up :-)

nothing is like driving in a well oil´d and maintained car , nowing excactly what every sounds
mean and can tell on a splitsecond if there is a sound that hasn´t been there before
and I can understand you when you want it to shine inside out the first day of the journey :-)

just to give you a chock if you ever consider a europe trip here in Denmark the gasoline
is swinging from 2.17 Canadien to 2,32 per liter and at the moment go skyhigh like a rocket

I even had paid 1946,39 CAD for 1000 liter oil ,two weeks ago , to the centralheater….....not funny :-(
with the speed the burner use it

back to the car ….. now I´m realy curius about how you will have it all with you :-) from what William say

take care and have a great evening

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Sheila Landry (scrollgirl)

9222 posts in 2886 days

#9 posted 03-18-2011 12:50 AM

Paul – I think the Indian cycles are my absolute favorite! I don’t know why but I have always loved them. They look so COOL! Do you still have yours?

Bill – I use a wax by Mother’s and I also use their clay bar system. You use the spray solvent and a little bar of soft clay and it pulls all the particles off of the car and the finish is like glass. It is by far the best system I have ever used. These pics were from a couple of years ago, but it still looks beautiful. Unfortunately, two years ago (exactly one week before I paid it off!) I hit water on a rainy day and hydroplaned and wound up in a ditch. Sad, sad day for me! It actually spun around one and a half times and went backwards into the ditch. I was lucky it landed on all fours because it was airborne. If it would have been going slower and rolled I would have been dead or crippled I am sure. :( Over $7000 of damage! If you click on the title of the picture, it will take you to the Picasa album with the other pictures. I got it fixed and it took six weeks but they did a great job. If the air bag went off it would have been a total loss.

From Mustang Ditch Accident :(

To Bill and Dennis – you talk about ‘trunk room’? My answer is “What is that??”

It came with this killer sound system (I didn’t realize when I bought it!) and the subs and amplifier take up about half the already small trunk. I have become and “expert packer” and you will see next week how much stuff I will get into that car! Organization!!! Good thing I am not a clothes horse! LOL

As for the plate – the SCRLGRL was my USA plate. I now have SCRLLER for Nova Scotia. (My partner likes that better too! LOL)

-- Designer/Artist/Teacher. Owner of Sheila Landry Designs ( Scroll saw, wood working and painting patterns and surfaces. "Knowledge is Power"

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10880 posts in 3081 days

#10 posted 03-18-2011 08:28 PM

:-) that is another good plate to you Sheila
your trunk is still way bigger than the one I had in my Morris Mascot called a Mini
so yes I can very well understand you when you say Organization!!... :-)
and i can tell you that a 2½ meter long tree can be in a trunk …. don´t ask how
but my dear mother insissted it shuold be brought home now she had paid for it …. :-O … Jawohl Mum

take care

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#11 posted 03-19-2011 02:56 AM

Now Sheila, this has got to stop! You see what you made me do?
My trip is nowhere near the scope of yours, but I’m making a trip to Jackson, Mississippi tomorrow to meet up with fellow Lumberjocks at the Woodcarving Competition. I decided this morning that if you could clean up your vehicle and let the top down, then dang it I can too. So this morning I washed up my filthy truck. Then as soon as my older sons made it home, we took the top off. I done all this because you mentioned letting the top down on yours.
Thank you, Sheila.


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Sheila Landry (scrollgirl)

9222 posts in 2886 days

#12 posted 03-19-2011 11:32 AM

There you go, William! It always feels good to get a little ‘spring cleaning’ done! :) I hope you have a great trip with good weather. I hope you take some pictures.

Sheila :)

-- Designer/Artist/Teacher. Owner of Sheila Landry Designs ( Scroll saw, wood working and painting patterns and surfaces. "Knowledge is Power"

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