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Blog series by rweitz updated 03-13-2011 09:05 AM 15 parts 31790 reads 25 comments total

Part 1: making room

12-24-2009 08:31 AM by rweitz | 3 comments »

this is my winter project. I need to clean out the basement of the junk and move stuff from the garage to have ‘elbow room”! no pics yet, but the garage is small so every inch counts.

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Part 2: So you want pictures....

12-29-2009 10:07 AM by rweitz | 5 comments »

Several of you requested pics so here they be! As you can see lots of “non-essential” stuff in here. Front of the workshop area Back Wall of the workshop area Mark 1 drill press Craftsman Tablesaw – 113.298.341 Delta chop saw and Ridgid folding miter saw stand – love this product.

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Part 3: The Red-Line

02-23-2010 08:01 AM by rweitz | 6 comments »

So I got the windows done in the basement and rewarded myself by installing my new fence upgrade. I got the 36” Redline fence from Dave and got it installed. A bit of tweaking and tinkering and I have a nice new fence. It’s very nice to be able to roll it up to a setting on the ruler and make cuts without all the measuring and waiting for the saw to spin up and down. I had set it up temporarily while I got used to it to finish the windows, but the first project I got done w...

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Part 4: Table Saw Router Table - I've been framed!

03-03-2010 09:56 AM by rweitz | 2 comments »

So I got going a bit more waiting for a decision from Project Manager (read wife) on what to do next. We did put together some of the basement and recycled, trashed, and donated a truck load of stuff, but there’s still more to go.Meanwhile I pulled some more scraps out of the bin and made a frame for the router table that will grace my new fence rails. Eventually I’ll pull the sheet metal extensions and put all table in there, but I don’t have big enough scraps so currently ...

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Part 5: First draft - in but not flat

03-07-2010 08:31 AM by rweitz | 0 comments »

Well I decided to go with a 1” MDF for the base and router out a rabbet and dado and to let me raise my frame a bit higher on the rails. This meant I had to match my existing frame instead of just laying a flat board on top, but it gave me more material to hold the insert plate. so now it sits more comfortably on the rail. This is my first whack at using a wobble blade to cut the dados and rabbet on the TS. Got two tops cut down ready to “get the groove on”, and got ...

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Part 6: flat, round, and mounted... router in place

03-08-2010 09:49 AM by rweitz | 0 comments »

Well I took a different approach, I did not finish mounting the router, I went back and framed the second top I had cut yesterday. It was nice and flat, I checked before I put the new frame in it. I also glued it up laying flat on a table rather than clamping to the frame and I think that helped as well. It don’t look to much different than yesterday, but the new top is a nice .012” from the bottom of the fence all the way around. This shows the mounted router. I still need...

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Part 7: Router Table Fence and Miter slot - all that dust!

03-15-2010 03:41 AM by rweitz | 2 comments »

Well, I put a slot in the router table for the miter gauge and my garage got a nice dusting of MDF. Never again – this baby is gonna have some dust control!! I read some on LJ about how people liked to finish their MDF and put some finish oil on this table top just to keep the moisture out. Left it to dry for a couple of days and still wanted a better finish so wiped on some Ebony Polyshade. Oil Finish: Then I put the miter slot from Rocker in rounded off the corners and built a b...

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Part 8: long time no see

05-19-2010 06:55 AM by rweitz | 2 comments »

Well after getting a working router table in my newly rebuilt table saw, I asked my wife what cool project to work on next. She said “paint the trim in the hallway”. WHAT!!!! so I covered up the TS with tarps and have been using it as a table to paint the doors while I do the trim. Needless to say that means no progress on the workshop and I’m dragging my feet altogether. Soon soon soon I hope to uncover the TS and get back to working the shop. Meanwhile I inherited a small ...

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Part 9: Workbench

10-16-2010 07:05 PM by rweitz | 1 comment »

I built this workbench out of scraps from other projects I had. The MDF for the top was left over from the router table extension. cupla new 2×4’s and some old ones, even made my own 1’ ply for the shelf from some old 1/2” ply that was in the treehouse we tore down this year. That wood has seen life in 4 projects now! started out as concrete forms, moved to temp decking, then the treehouse and now a workbench. I used my Kerfmaker to notch out the 2×4’s...

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Part 10: Breathing room - Ahhhhh

10-16-2010 07:38 PM by rweitz | 2 comments »

Still need to work on configuring spaces and tools and materials but I got most of the un-project related stuff out of the garage (except the golfing and fishing stuff) and have room to move around a bit now. I still need to pack up the chop saw when I am done but everything else can stay in place while I work and after. No more “one hour to make space, one hour to pack it all back” type of project days. I can actually just walk in after work and pick up where I left off. ...

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Part 11: New Workbench/ Table Saw workcenter

01-11-2011 09:37 AM by rweitz | 0 comments »

Well with the router table and the fence installed on my Craftsman it gets kind of tippy on that end. I needed to add some legs, but that would take away the mobility from my wheeled table saw tool stand. Also I wanted to have my shopvac tucked under and roll with the saw so I’m starting on a Table Saw Workcenter I found in Woodsmith “Table Saw Secrets” specialty mag I had picked up, with some mods on almost every aspect! First off I used an old bed frame we had for th...

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Part 12: Table Saw Workcenter - 2

01-11-2011 09:42 AM by rweitz | 1 comment »

Got some cabinets in place and it is starting to look like a work center. The rolling base is high enough off the ground but with all the weight in place the legs are a bit wobbly rolling in the long direction of the base.The second pic shows the vac in place.On the plans the near cabinet under the router gets some drawers, and the far one under the other end of the saw gets a shelf. I’ll reverse that setup on mine since I also made the depth longer for my setup, and the vac takes so m...

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Part 13: Table Saw Workcenter - wobbly legs

01-11-2011 09:46 AM by rweitz | 0 comments »

I used some of the cutoff angle iron from the frame and made some braces for the legs – worked wonderfully and now the saw rolls well in all directions with no sag or bending. The legs on the frame were already braced in one direction so I just needed to add one set of braces. If you use a bed frame look at the bracing before you get the saw on top, it would have been much easier to brace these when I had more room to work. Notice the bent leg in the upper right corner of the pic...

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Part 14: Table Saw Workcenter - outfeed basis

01-11-2011 09:52 AM by rweitz | 1 comment »

I have gotten some Ridgid Flip top stands for Christmas and I love them! Would not have been able to do this project without the pair of them. One alone would not have done it. Still I planned the extra depth on this work center so I could add some outfeed area to the back of the saw. That is why the cabinets extend beyond the table top – out to about the back of the blade guard mounting post. Once I get the side supports in place I can have a short outfeed top to cover the area ...

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Part 15: Mostly finished with the center - still planning the outfeed

03-13-2011 09:05 AM by rweitz | 0 comments »

Got the base about finished. I’ll be doing a few more projects before I can get to planning the outfeed and getting that built but here it is so far. I got it stained in two colors, black and red to kind of match the colors on the Craftsman it houses. Then to seal the MDF I put on a coat of water based poly with a brush. It worked nicely but raised the surface a bit to give it a raspy feel. I was going to sand this down and recoat it but I may leave it this way, it feels nice to the ...

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