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Blog series by rhybeka updated 06-17-2016 04:39 PM 31 parts 56715 reads 137 comments total

Part 1: Moving South for the winter....

01-11-2014 02:42 AM by rhybeka | 7 comments »

Admittedly I have lived in Ohio my entire life….and there are much colder places to live. Experiencing temps in the single digits with wind chills between -30 and -40 listening to the furnace barely kick off and being extremely thankful that the windows had been replaced so the majority of the heat would stay inside instead of escaping – showed me how much of a pipe dream it was that my little heater would be able to warm half of the garage well enough for me to work even on warme...

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Part 2: slow starts

01-28-2014 10:06 PM by rhybeka | 2 comments »

After getting the space somewhat cleared and reorganized, I cobbled together my tools and a work area-kinda. The plywood I’m using had already been cut to size for another storage project in my outside shop, so I’m hoping the majority of this is usable for this project. We shall see as I am trying to lay all of my pieces out by pencil first. Started cutting out some of the smaller pieces by jigsaw but they weren’t as straight as I’d like soooo we’l...

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Part 3: Planning and slow starts

09-15-2014 12:16 AM by rhybeka | 3 comments »

I finally got back to working on this task and wanted to break it down into multiple steps that I could possibly handle getting it all cut before our first snow (and we’ll hope that isn’t until December but who knows in OH?). I’m a newbie woodworker though a few of the neighbors have seen my garage shop and think otherwise. I just smile and thank them for the compliment but tell them the learning process is far from over. So today I spent putting together circular saw ji...

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Part 4: yet another list...

09-17-2014 12:44 AM by rhybeka | 3 comments »

I’m a list maker and a planner…which appears opposite of my nature to just get frustrated and jump in to ‘just do it’ some times. I’ve been working on slowing myself down for the past few years and have had some success with it. I definitely have in the workshop. It also helps me to break things down into smaller chunks that I can handle in a short period of time (since most of the time I only get an hour or two in the shop anyway – and that time will be dw...

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Part 5: Cut Lists and Aha moments....

09-25-2014 06:34 PM by rhybeka | 4 comments »

I had about an hour and some to work in my shop last night and took full advantage. I got the first piece of plywood cut into large pieces, so I started laying out the internal pieces. I stopped after the second piece because the numbers I noticed were too hard to read on the print out. Glad I did since I got one of them wrong! I started cleaning up instead, and noticed my clamp rack (using that term loosely) was in disarray. I remembered seeing an idea somewhere recently (here maybe??) ab...

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Part 6: Wanted: Splinter extractor

10-08-2014 01:48 AM by rhybeka | 0 comments »

I made a bit of headway last Sunday and am just getting around to posting it. Used my cut list as a check list and got the majority of the pieces cut to length if not to final size. I ripped the pieces with A-D, but need to crosscut them to final length. I had to switch from my circular saw guide to my table saw because I think I have a bow in my one guide. Not sure how that happened but I’m hoping I didn’t screw up too many pieces. I still need to get my shark guard better insta...

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Part 7: small step forward, small step backward.

10-12-2014 10:28 AM by rhybeka | 0 comments »

Just a quick note – and hope that my photos will be right side up this time. While waiting on some concrete to dry before I could continue on with my laminate flooring install, I returned to the shop to cut the remaining pieces to length. I re-learned the valuable lesson as to why you mark what pieces were supposed to become as I didn’t because I thought the cutlist would serve as a reminder – and it bit me today. Luckily I have extra ply from another project that can...

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Part 8: another baby step - cutting I and the tops

10-17-2014 11:46 PM by rhybeka | 0 comments »

I suck at math. Ok – well maybe not suck, but I definitely have a weak spot when it comes to geometry. The basics and fractions I can manage but have to take my time when it comes to cutting radiuses or odd shapes. So I went and found a paper protractor online, printed, cut it out, and used it for my radii(?) on the 12 pieces of I. I think I did a pretty decent job – no I didn’t use the can in the background – it wasn’t big enough :D I also finished cutting t...

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Part 9: Mistakes...

10-22-2014 01:53 AM by rhybeka | 2 comments »

I’m one of those folks who agonize over every detail when something happens, trying to overanalyze the whys,what’s,how’s, etc to completely reverse engineer why I made the mistake, the reasoning behind it, and engrain it into my memory so (hopefully) will never repeat it – or any semblance of it. Yeah – I have the catholic guilt to go with it and I’m not even catholic! Anyway… so I got some time in the shop this weekend to see where I am at. All my pi...

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Part 10: another minor progress

10-26-2014 10:36 PM by rhybeka | 3 comments »

I had a bit to putz in the shop today – had to finish cleaning out the ‘other’ side so our sedan could be parked in since apparently by the end of the week the weatherman said the S word. I should be used to hearing it every few years in Oct. in OH but I still gave the TV the stink eye since it means my shop days are getting numbered and I’m nowhere near finishing this bench. at least it’s cut into pieces so I can assemble in the basement if we get to that point...

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Part 11: frustration and more learning...

11-02-2014 12:53 PM by rhybeka | 4 comments »

The other night I was finally able to get back out to the shop. I was excited about starting to get to some of the detail work on the pieces. Got the measurements transferred from the SU to the ply pieces, and set up my square to being my edge guide (mistake #1 but I thought it was a good idea at the moment). Even used a piece of scrap to remind me not to run the bit all the way through the L and K pieces I had screwed down. so with this setup, I continued routing my bench dog holes. I...

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Part 12: Heeeere doggie doggie doggie! Bench dogs - they just keep coming

11-11-2014 11:59 PM by rhybeka | 2 comments »

This past Saturday the weather was nice enough for me to shuck off on my schoolwork, and I did enough of the yard chores the rest will keep until after winter is over. I meandered into the shop for a few hours to see if I could get the bench dog ‘holes’ routed. Luckily with having to recut M, N, and K I could leave them ‘together’ and get the holes routed much easier. you can tell in this pic, the piece at the far back is my extra – trying to prevent the tear...

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Part 13: Next Step: Notches, Notches, Notches???

11-14-2014 08:33 PM by rhybeka | 9 comments »

Mkay. So I suited up to spend some time in my shop – trying to get the workbench pieces finished so I can carry inside for downstairs assembly – or even better – get it all assembled and move it inside :D So I completed the dog hole routing the other day, and moved onto cutting the notches. I was able to get the notches cut in J,K.L,M,N the first round - Apparently the tape measure 1 1/4 is different from the combination square’s 1 1/4 I adjusted th...

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Part 14: puting the parts together

11-23-2014 12:01 AM by rhybeka | 5 comments »

I got the rest of the slats marked out and cut this morning – resorting to the jig saw instead of the circular saw. Might’ve taken me longer but it seemed to work out better than the first go round :) So then I started the assembly process…. and found out some of my joints apparently aren’t quite deep enough – ? or somethings not quite right I started to predrill for the holes and stopped, realized I was way too tired to cotinue and needed...

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Part 15: It's square!

11-28-2014 01:56 PM by rhybeka | 1 comment »

I’ll post pics later but I was able to rework a few of the stretcher pieces yesterday morning and got things squared up! Now, to determine the best way to screw the two together so I can get the dog holes bored out! Ok, so I had a bit more time to work on this over the holiday weekend, even with my cousin visiting. I was able to get the dog holes bored out and it took me a bit but I finally figured out what Paul meant when he wrote about marking out the wagon vise. I dec...

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Part 16: Square part 2 - the legs

12-15-2014 12:32 AM by rhybeka | 6 comments »

got 1.5 hours to work in the shop tonight to enjoy the last of our 45+ temps. I think I’ll be bringing the rest of the bench in to assemble in the basement but we’ll see how this goes. So I worked on getting the leg with the vise in it put together. I had it screwed together but it wasn’t squared. Frustrated, I took all the screws out and started from square one and layer one. Since part F starts the one side, I shimmed the other pieces up level and start putting the first ...

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Part 17: Sexy Legs - Done! back to top

12-22-2014 01:08 PM by rhybeka | 4 comments »

Yes, another placeholder post from yours truly. I was able to finish glue up on the second leg over the weekend. Had to improvise on a few clamps since it was too cold for glue to set outside. Now all that’s left is to add some three inch screws to both legs, pretty them up a bit and voila!Had to go back and cut the hole in the benchtop for the wagon vise. I picked up a HF trim router yesterday and tried out a straight bit in it to clean up the edges. came out alright – but de...

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Part 18: pulling it together - pt 1

12-29-2014 06:29 AM by rhybeka | 3 comments »

Just a short one since it’s a bit after 1am and I have to be up in a few hours. Since we’re supposed to take a temp dip this week I was really pushing to get the assembly done. Well, it’s getting there. Not a lot of pics unfortunately – my phone didn’t make it out with me on Saturday. So I decided to try to speed things up by using pocket screws on the stretchers. So far, so good. I was able to get the tops fitted fairly decently but in newb style, I had to shim ...

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Part 19: Tiny update

01-13-2015 10:33 PM by rhybeka | 8 comments »

so between graduation and feeling the winter blahs, I’ve been trying to move forward with getting the bench top in and the wagon vise in as well. Hopefully I havne’t messed anything up that can’t be fixed :D Ok so, managed to get the frame inside, and now working on putting the top back together and glued/screwed together. I had the majority of the outside frame glued down before the holidays. Completed screwing this down with the #8×2in screws, and glued down the fi...

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Part 20: one of those nights I'm somewhat glad I'm stubborn.

01-16-2015 04:17 AM by rhybeka | 5 comments »

First – the good stuff.TS Fence arrived and I got some storage up near the bench now for the stupid. I was working on my bench this evening, excited because I was finally going to get to start getting it all together. Got the bottom glued to the legs and weighted down. We went to dinner and came back. I worked on getting the peg board hung up and the room tidied. Started looking at the next steps in the blog section I was on for the bench ( I have it printed out) and realized som...

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Part 21: Back in the saddle... Again

01-21-2015 10:33 PM by rhybeka | 13 comments »

Just a short one since I’ve only made slight progress. I’m happy with the re-cut of the long dog holes though – free handed those and they came out real nice. Probly due to all the practice! See the pics below in the comments. Shipwright had to fix them for me :) Looks like I’ll be cutting the dog holes once again so they match the bottom and top plywood. question is which to match them to if they are different??? ooooh boy! Addenum So after my faux pas the other...

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Part 22: Deviation

02-01-2015 08:36 PM by rhybeka | 10 comments »

Soooo yeah… I ended up deviating from the plan. The plywood torsion pieces and I weren’t getting along and I was quite frustrated and running into a brick wall. I remembered I had some 2×4 I could use for the frame to help square things up better, so I started there. Decided to see if I could work with the dog holes as well, and I ended up with this: Nothing is glued down yet, just screwed. I laid the plywood top on to see what the dog hole alignment looked like. It wasn&...

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Part 23: Legs! it's got Legs! well...kinda

03-05-2015 05:30 PM by rhybeka | 8 comments »

I had some time to work on the leg vise last night. Very little progress but at least some :) I’d already rough cut the holes, and needed to cut the sides. Here’s how I started I’ve been scratching my head on the chamfer at the top since I’ve seen different variations of it and it seems to be taking me FOREVER to get it cut with my block plane. I’m thinking that’s a user issue but I’m trying to get a feel for the plane and it is cross/end grai...

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Part 24: Pig n Lipstick? Or something along those lines....

03-15-2015 09:24 PM by rhybeka | 9 comments »

So it appears I’m in something of the home stretch. All of the leg vice log pieces are cut – just need a light sanding and staining before assembly. I believe the center needs some endgrain sanding/smoothing as well. I still need to cut the shims for that from 3/4 in ply I cut the three shims for the wagon vice (there’s an extra because it’s a hair too short). Still working on cutting all of the other pieces. I picked up some 1/2 rod at Lowes – they...

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Part 25: vices...vises....etc

04-03-2015 02:14 AM by rhybeka | 7 comments »

So I’ve finally gotten to the point of trying to get the vice pieces cut out. Here’s the two pieces I’m working on; I’m close on the first one – sorry – not many in process pics – basically I just measured the crud out of the SU piece and transferred that to the wood. The second is still in the transfer stage. not quite sure how to start cutting on this one.

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Part 26: What's left? Regroup

04-26-2015 01:40 PM by rhybeka | 3 comments »

Just trying to gather up what I have left and get a game plan together. The bench has been in quasi use as I finish the vises up but the vises are going to be necessary for a few of the projects I have on board so the quicker I can finish these up and get them in use, the better! Something tells me they’ll be the toughest parts though. 1. Lower Brace – needs cut and holes bored 2. Wagon pieces – are cut but not assembled /holes drilled. 3. base block /wedge 2 – cut...

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Part 27: More headway... in the wrong direction?

07-13-2015 05:34 PM by rhybeka | 3 comments »

Long time getting back to this I know :) It’s been a wild summer so far! I got back to working on one of the wagon vise pieces and I’m hoping I’m doing this right. I worked on it mainly with a chisel and a dovetail saw, trying to get the material all cut away. it’s not pretty but measurement wise I think it’s close. here’s the original SU item followed by my pics:

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Part 28: Lipstick...

08-06-2015 05:47 PM by rhybeka | 3 comments »

Sorry all, pics will have to come later as I didn’t have my phone in the shop with me last night and I wanted to get something posted. I’ve been plodding along and got a few more things done. I got the front face of oak on the vise leg stained/poly’d/nailed on. I also had a box of pre-finished oak flooring that was rescued from my aunts garage and going to the dumpster if I didn’t take it, that I decided to use as edging around the top of the bench. It’s just nai...

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Part 29: Leg Vise - #2

08-23-2015 02:38 PM by rhybeka | 6 comments »

I decided the other day to take another crack at the front leg vise. just too much gone wrong with it. So I went to Lowes and picked up another 2×8. I got the material on the main hole hogged out via drill press and have been working on the chiseling around the edges since then. I believe the main hole on the bench is skewed and not straight hence the rest of it is off as well…at least that’s what I’m finding. I could really use some good progress. starting t...

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Part 30: Wagon Vise...maybe?

08-29-2015 06:47 PM by rhybeka | 4 comments »

So I’ve got the big pieces of the wagon vise ‘finished’ and trying to see how they all go together before I make the hole in my bench any larger to compensate. I also realized I may be in need of making a second one as the hole I cut for my bench is not in line with the leg vise but along the other line of bench dogs. Whoops! Nothing huge though – at least I’ve had some practice :) Mine doesn’t look a ton like Shipwrights though…hm… VS ...

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Part 31: Picking it back up...

06-17-2016 04:39 PM by rhybeka | 0 comments »

I got frustrated with the vises and busy with life and other projects so I set this down. I’ve decided to pick the vices back up and get this done so I can have access to some vices! Oh! and I picked up some some Osage orange yesterday and thought about Shipwrights pins :) I already have the steel rod but the OO would be prettier. Hopefully I’ll get to this at some point this weekend and pictures will follow!

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