Salmon Gum Burl/Skeleton Clock.

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Project by BobWemm posted 07-02-2017 04:00 AM 3386 views 4 times favorited 26 comments Add to Favorites Watch

I sliced the bottom edge from the burl and glued it on the back to make it more stable.
Love the colour in this slice. Sanded to 400 and finished with Varnish.

Hope you like it and thanks for looking.
C & C welcome.


-- Bob, Western Australia, The Sun came up this morning, what a great start to the day. Now it's up to me to make it even better. I've cut this piece of wood 4 times and it's still too damn short.

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#1 posted 07-02-2017 06:09 AM

nice clock,Bob

-- bambi

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#2 posted 07-02-2017 06:28 AM

Wow yet another Gum variety hits the streets.
I can see why it called salmon Gum, very vibrant, I hope it doesnt fade!
I wonder just how many Gum variants we actually have.
Nice work Bob.

-- Regards Robert

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#3 posted 07-02-2017 07:36 AM

Eucalyptus salmonophloia, or salmon gum?
Either way the wood is beautifull.
Then you add the clock works, which are striking by themselves, and you got a winner of a project!

-- "I never met a board I didn't like!"

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Mark Wilson

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#4 posted 07-02-2017 07:57 AM

Wow, Bob. Just WoW. That’s all I’ve got.

-- Mark

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#5 posted 07-02-2017 09:13 AM

OMG I just had to look didnt I!


Eucalyptus abdita1
E. absita
E. acaciiformis
E. accedens
E. acies
E. acmenoides
E. acroleuca
E. aenea
E. aequioperta
E. agglomerata
E. aggregata
E. alba2
E. albens
E. albida
E. albopurpurea
E. alligatrix
E. ammophila
E. amplifolia
E. amygdalina
E. ancophila
E. andrewsii
E. angophoroides
E. angularis
E. angulosa
E. angustissima
E. annulata
E. annuliformis
E. apiculata
E. apodophylla
E. apothalassica
E. approximans
E. aquatica
E. aquilina3
E. arachnaea
E. arborella
E. arcana
E. archeri
E. arenacea
E. argillacea
E. argophloia
E. argutifolia
E. argyphea
E. aromaphloia
E. articulata
E. aspersa
E. aspratilis
E. astringens
E. atrata
E. atrovirens
E. aureola
E. australis
E. badjensis
E. baeuerlenii
E. baileyana
E. bakeri
E. balanites
E. balanopelex
E. balladoniensis
E. bancroftii
E. banksii
E. barberi
E. baudiniana
E. baueriana
E. baxteri
E. beaniana
E. beardiana
E. beasleyi
E. behriana
E. bensonii
E. benthamii
E. beyeriana
E. bicostata
E. bigalerita
E. biturbinata
E. blakelyi
E. blaxellii
E. blaxlandii
E. boliviana
E. bosistoana
E. botryoides
E. brachyandra
E. brachycalyx
E. brachycarpa
E. brachycorys
E. brachyphylla
E. brassiana
E. brevifolia4
E. brevipes
E. brevistylis
E. bridgesiana
E. brockwayi
E. brookeriana
E. broviniensis
E. brownii
E. buprestium5
E. burdettiana6
E. burgessiana
E. burracoppinensis
E. cadens
E. caesia
E. calcareana
E. calcicola
E. caleyi
E. caliginosa
E. calycogona
E. calyerup
E. camaldulensis
E. cambageana
E. cameronii
E. camfieldii
E. campanulata
E. campaspe
E. camphora
E. canaliculata
E. candida
E. cannonii
E. canobolensis
E. capillosa
E. capitellata
E. capricornia
E. captiosa
E. carnabyi
E. carnea
E. carnei
E. castrensis
E. celastroides
E. cephalocarpa
E. ceracea
E. cerasiformis
E. ceratocorys
E. cernua
E. chapmaniana
E. chartaboma
E. chloroclada
E. chlorophylla
E. chrysantha
E. cinerea
E. citriodora
E. cladocalyx
E. clelandii
E. clivicola
E. cloeziana
E. cneorifolia
E. coccifera
E. communalis
E. concinna
E. conferruminata
E. confertiflora
E. confluens
E. conglobata
E. conglomerata
E. conica
E. coniophloia
E. conjuncta
E. connerensis
E. consideniana
E. conspicua
E. conveniens
E. coolabah
E. cooperiana
E. copulans
E. cordata
E. cornuta
E. coronata
E. corrugata
E. corticosa
E. corynodes
E. cosmophylla
E. costuligera
E. crebra
E. crenulata
E. creta
E. cretata
E. crispata
E. croajingolensis
E. crucis
E. cullenii
E. cunninghamii
E. cuprea
E. cupularis
E. curtisii
E. cyanoclada
E. cyanophylla
E. cyclostoma
E. cylindriflora
E. cylindrocarpa
E. cypellocarpa
E. dalrympleana
E. darwinensis
E. dawsonii
E. dealbata
E. deanei
E. decipiens
E. decolor
E. decorticans
E. decurva
E. deflexa
E. deglupta
E. delegatensis
E. delicata
E. dendromorpha
E. densa
E. denticulata
E. depauperata
E. derbyensis
E. desmondensis
E. desquamata
E. deuaensis
E. dielsii
E. diminuta
E. diptera
E. discreta
E. dissimulata
E. distans
E. diversicolor
E. diversifolia
E. dives
E. dolichocera
E. dolichorhyncha
E. dolorosa
E. dongarraensis
E. doratoxylon
E. dorrigoensis
E. drummondii
E. drysdalensis
E. dumosa
E. dundasii
E. dunnii
E. dura
E. dwyeri
E. ebbanoensis
E. educta
E. effusa
E. elaeophloia
E. elata
E. ellipsoidea
E. elliptica
E. erectifolia
E. eremicola
E. eremophila
E. erythrandra
E. erythrocorys
E. erythronema
E. eudesmoides
E. eugenioides
E. ewartiana
E. exigua
E. exilipes
E. exilis
E. eximia
E. exserta
E. extensa
E. extrica
E. falcata
E. falciformis
E. famelica
E. fasciculosa
E. fastigata
E. fergusonii
E. ferriticola
E. fibrosa
E. filiformis
E. fitzgeraldii
E. flavida
E. flindersii
E. flocktoniae
E. foecunda
E. foliosa
E. fordeana
E. formanii
E. forrestiana
E. fracta
E. fraseri
E. fraxinoides
E. froggattii
E. fruticosa
E. fulgens
E. fusiformis
E. gamophylla
E. gardneri
E. georgei
E. gigantangion
E. gillenii
E. gillii
E. gittinsii
E. glaucescens
E. glaucina
E. globoidea
E. globulus
E. glomericassis
E. glomerosa
E. gomphocephala
E. gongylocarpa
E. goniantha
E. goniocalyx
E. goniocarpa
E. gracilis
E. grandis
E. granitica
E. grasbyi
E. greeniana
E. gregoriensis
E. gregsoniana
E. griffithsii
E. grisea
E. grossa
E. guilfoylei
E. gunnii
E. gypsophila
E. haemastoma
E. hallii
E. halophila
E. hamersleyana
E. hawkeri
E. hebetifolia
E. helidonica
E. herbertiana
E. histophylla
E. horistes
E. houseana
E. howittiana
E. hypochlamydea
E. hypostomatica
E. ignorabilis
E. imitans
E. imlayensis
E. impensa
E. incerata
E. incrassata
E. indurata
E. infera
E. insularis
E. interstans
E. intertexta
E. intrasilvatica
E. jacksonii
E. jensenii
E. jimberlanica
E. johnsoniana
E. johnstonii
E. jucunda
E. jutsonii
E. kabiana
E. kakadu
E. kartzoffiana
E. kenneallyi
E. kessellii
E. kingsmillii
E. kitsoniana
E. kochii
E. kondininensis
E. koolpinensis
E. kruseana
E. kumarlensis
E. kybeanensis
E. lacrimans
E. laeliae
E. laevis
E. laevopinea
E. ane-poolei
E. langleyi
E. lansdowneana
E. largeana
E. largiflorens
E. latens
E. lateritica
E. latisinensis
E. lehmannii
E. leprophloia
E. leptocalyx
E. leptophleba
E. leptophylla
E. leptopoda
E. lesouefii
E. leucophloia
E. leucophylla
E. leucoxylon
E. ligulata
E. ligustrina
E. limitaris
E. lirata
E. litoralis
E. litorea
E. livida
E. lockyeri
E. longicornis
E. longifolia
E. longirostrata
E. loxophleba
E. lucasii
E. lucens
E. luculenta
E. luehmanniana
E. luteola
E. macarthurii
E. mackintii7
E. macquoidii
E. macrandra
E. macrocarpa
E. macrorhyncha
E. magnificata
E. maidenii
E. major
E. malacoxylon
E. mannensis
E. mannifera
E. marginata
E. mckieana
E. medialis
E. mediocris
E. megacarpa
E. megacornuta
E. melanoleuca
E. melanophitra
E. melanophloia
E. melanoxylon
E. melliodora
E. mensalis
E. merrickiae
E. michaeliana
E. micranthera
E. microcarpa
E. microcorys
E. microneura
E. microschema
E. microtheca
E. mimica
E. miniata
E. misella
E. mitchelliana
E. moderata
E. moluccana
E. mooreana
E. moorei
E. morrisbyi
E. morrisii
E. muelleriana
E. multicaulis
E. myriadena
E. nandewarica
E. neglecta
E. nelsonii
E. neutra
E. newbeyi
E. nicholii
E. nigrifunda
E. nitens
E. nitida
E. nobilis
E. normantonensis
E. nortonii
E. notabilis
E. nova-anglica
E. novoguinensis
E. nutans
E. obconica
E. obesa
E. obliqua
E. obtusiflora
E. occidentalis
E. ochrophloia
E. odontocarpa
E. odorata
E. oldfieldii
E. oleosa
E. olida
E. oligantha
E. olivina
E. ollaris
E. olsenii
E. ophitica
E. optima
E. oraria
E. orbifolia
E. ordiana
E. oreades
E. orgadophila
E. orientalis
E. ornata
E. ovata
E. ovularis
E. oxymitra
E. pachycalyx
E. pachyloma
E. pachyphylla
E. paedoglauca
E. paliformis
E. paludicola
E. panda
E. paniculata
E. pantoleuca
E. paralimnetica
E. parramattensis
E. parvula
E. patellaris
E. patens
E. pauciflora
E. pauciseta
E. peeneri
E. pellita
E. pendens
E. peninsularis
E. perangusta
E. percostata
E. perriniana
E. persistens
E. petiolaris
E. petraea
E. petrensis
E. phaenophylla
E. phenax
E. phoenicea
E. phylacis
E. pilbarensis
E. pileata
E. pilligaensis
E. pilularis
E. pimpiniana
E. piperita
E. placita
E. planchoniana
E. planipes
E. platycorys
E. platyphylla
E. platypus
E. plenissima
E. pleurocarpa
E. pleurocorys
E. pluricaulis
E. polita
E. polyanthemos
E. polybractea
E. pontis
E. populnea
E. porosa
E. portuensis
E. praecox
E. praetermissa
E. prava
E. preissiana
E. prolixa
E. prominens
E. propinqua
E. protensa
E. provecta
E. pruiniramis
E. pruinosa
E. psammitica
E. pseudoglobulus
E. pterocarpa
E. pulchella
E. pulverulenta
E. pumila
E. punctata
E. pyrenea
E. pyriformis
E. pyrocarpa
E. quadrangulata
E. quadrans
E. quadricostata
E. quaerenda
E. quinniorum
E. racemosa
E. radiata
E. rameliana
E. rariflora
E. raveretiana
E. ravida
E. recta
E. recurva
E. redacta
E. redimiculifera
E. reducta
E. redunca
E. regnans
E. relicta
E. remota
E. repullulans
E. resinifera
E. retinens
E. rhodantha
E. rhombica
E. rhomboidea
E. rigens
E. rigidula
E. risdonii
E. rivularis
E. robusta
E. rodwayi
E. rosacea
E. rossii
E. roycei
E. rubida
E. rubiginosa
E. rudderi
E. rudis
E. rugosa
E. rummeryi
E. rupestris
E. salicola
E. saligna
E. salmonophloia
E. salubris
E. sargentii
E. saxatilis
E. scias
E. scoparia
E. scyphocalyx
E. seeana
E. selachiana
E. semota
E. sepulcralis
E. serraensis
E. sessilis
E. sheathiana
E. shirleyi
E. sicilifolia
E. siderophloia
E. sideroxylon
E. sieberi
E. signata
E. similis
E. singularis
E. smithii
E. socialis
E. sparsa
E. sparsicoma
E. sparsifolia
E. spathulata
E. sphaerocarpa
E. splendens
E. sporadica
E. spreta
E. squamosa
E. staeri
E. staigeriana
E. steedmanii
E. stellulata8
E. stenostoma
E. stoatei
E. stowardii
E. striaticalyx
E. stricklandii
E. stricta
E. strzeleckii
E. sturgissiana
E. subangusta
E. subcrenulata
E. suberea
E. sublucida
E. subtilis
E. suffulgens
E. suggrandis
E. surgens
E. symonii
E. synandra
E. talyuberlup
E. tardecidens
E. taurina
E. tectifica
E. tenella
E. tenera
E. tenuipes
E. tenuiramis’’
E. tenuis
E. tephroclada
E. tephrodes
E. terebra
E. tereticornis
E. terrica
E. tetragona
E. tetrapleura
E. tetraptera
E. tetrodonta
E. thamnoides
E. tholiformis
E. thozetiana
E. tindaliae
E. tinghaensis
E. tintinnans
E. todtiana
E. tokwa
E. torquata
E. tortilis
E. trachybasis
E. transcontinentalis
E. tricarpa
E. triflora
E. trivalvis
E. tumida
E. ultima
E. umbra
E. umbrawarrensis
E. uncinata
E. urna
E. urnigera
E. urnularis
E. urophylla9
E. utilis
E. uvida
E. valens
E. varia
E. vegrandis
E. vernicosa
E. verrucata
E. vesiculosa
E. vicina
E. victoriana
E. victrix
E. viminalis
E. virens
E. virginea
E. viridis
E. vokesensis
E. volcanica
E. walshii
E. wandoo
E. websteriana
E. whitei
E. wilcoxii
E. williamsiana
E. willisii
E. woodwardii
E. wubinensis
E. wyolensis
E. xanthoclada
E. xanthonema
E. xerothermica
E. yalatensis
E. yarraensis
E. yilgarnensis
E. youmanii
E. youngiana
E. yumbarrana
E. zopherophloia

-- Regards Robert

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#6 posted 07-02-2017 09:21 AM

Yes Rob, there are over 800 different species.


-- Bob, Western Australia, The Sun came up this morning, what a great start to the day. Now it's up to me to make it even better. I've cut this piece of wood 4 times and it's still too damn short.

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#7 posted 07-02-2017 10:35 AM

nice looking clock in a beautiful piece of wood.

-- A childs smile is payment enough.

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woodshaver Tony C

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#8 posted 07-02-2017 11:09 AM

I wore my finger out trying to get to “Have Your Say” .... Ok my turn! Now that’s one hot looking clock Bob! Beautiful burl and nice movement!

-- St Augustine FL, Experience is the sum of our mistakes!

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Jim Jakosh

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#9 posted 07-02-2017 11:12 AM

Beautiful clock, Bob!!
When I was in Australia, I was told by a few different people that Eucalyptus has 800 different species and Rob found most of them!! It would take more than a lifetime to make something out of every one of them!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers, Jim

-- Jim Jakosh.....Practical Wood Products...........Learn something new every day!! Variety is the Spice of Life!!

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#10 posted 07-02-2017 12:50 PM

Absolutely stunning. The colors on that are amazing. Great work with the clock Bob.

-- Dave, Downers Grove, Il. -------- When you run out of ideas, start building your dreams.

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#11 posted 07-02-2017 01:03 PM

Thank you for your comments everyone.
I’m really chuffed you like it.


-- Bob, Western Australia, The Sun came up this morning, what a great start to the day. Now it's up to me to make it even better. I've cut this piece of wood 4 times and it's still too damn short.

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Ronald G Campbell

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#12 posted 07-02-2017 01:07 PM

Love the color of that burl . Well done

-- Ron Campbell

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#13 posted 07-02-2017 01:17 PM

This is a wonderful clock and the is beautiful.

helluvawreck aka Charles

-- If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. Henry David Thoreau

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#14 posted 07-02-2017 02:13 PM

Interesting wood. always nice to learn about different types of wood that are available in different countries, the number of species was to much for me.

-- Brian - Hazelton, British Columbia

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#15 posted 07-02-2017 07:54 PM

What a beauty :)

-- Wood Yogi - Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success. - Swami Sivananda

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