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LumberJocks.com Announces Latest Membership Statistics

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LumberJocks.com Reaches New Milestone.

November 22, 2007 – In just over a year and a half since its beginnings, LumberJocks.com has reached a new milestone – a membership of 2000 woodworkers.

LumberJocks.com, the online woodworking community, debuted in March 2006 and has quickly made a name for itself in the woodworking world. Within this year alone membership has grown from 500, achieved just this past spring, to 2000 members the milestone reached just this week.

This online community, “The LumberJocks Shop” as it is referred to by its members, provides woodworkers from around the world the opportunity to showcase their woodworking projects, to blog their experiences, challenges and successes, and to support each other in the forums by asking/answering woodworking-related questions.

Woodworkers, men and women of all ages and skill levels, have showcased over 3500 projects, posted 2400 blogs, and enhanced each other’s skills with over 1400 forum discussions.

According to the members, LumberJocks.com is more than just a site where people share the same interest. According to Bob B. (a LumberJocks’ member), LumberJocks.com “has distilled the composite knowledge of 1000’s of years of experience, presented it to me, and somehow done it while making me feel like I’m just shooting the breeze with my friends.”

Also contributing to the success of the site, along with the camaraderie and skills sharing enjoyed by its members, are the challenges and special events presented throughout the year. Currently, LumberJocks.com has partnered with the “Save The Children” organization and projects are being made to be auctioned off, with funds going to help children around the world who are in crisis due to war and natural disasters. (For more information, visit: http://lumberjocks.com/stc)

Upcoming is the semi-annual Awards Event where members may enter a project in one of two categories and then the members themselves will vote and select the Award Recipients. The categories for this event are “Not Just Any Box” and “The Multi-Purposed 2×4”. Further information will be presented in the official announcement, which will be made soon.

About LumberJocks.com
The rapidly growing community at LumberJocks.com is comprised of men, women, children, and youth (currently from four different continents) who are actively involved in woodworking. The members are a combination of professionals, skilled hobbyists, beginners and everything in between. They are furniture builders, artists, home renovators, and wood explorers.

The woodworkers join LumberJocks.com (membership is free) to share their experiences with wood, ask and answer questions, seek and post their personal tool reviews, find and share resource information, and blog their woodworking journeys.

The sister site, GardenTenders.com has just recently “broken ground”, with members beginning the journey of sharing their gardening experiences with each other in the same fashion as achieved with LumberJocks.com