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5000 Members – LumberJocks Thanks you!

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LumberJocks.com has reached a new milestone with 5000 registered woodworkers.

July 22, 2008 – LumberJocks.com, online woodworking community, launched in March 2006 and has made a name for itself in the woodworking world. LumberJocks.com is quickly becoming the #1 online social network for woodworkers. The site’s structure and growing features allow members to easily connect with other woodworkers, post projects and blogs and compete in friendly competitions for fantastic prizes.

Woodworkers, men and women of all ages and skill levels, have showcased over 8,693 projects, 5,196 blogs, 405 reviews and 3,981 forum topics thus far.

According to the members, LumberJocks.com is more than just a site where people share the same interest; it’s a place where people share the same passion. “It’s one thing to share knowledge but it’s another thing to share passion. And that’s the one thing that sets this place apart from the others, that’s the one thing that makes this place so addicting. People sharing the passion for this thing we call woodworking.” – Lip (LumberJocks’ member)

LumberJocks.com would like to thank all of its members for their great community spirit and willingness to share information, experiences and endless knowledge. It is because of this immense community spirit and the friendly nature of all our members that we have grown to be such a success. And special thank you to our voluntary welcoming committee for making new members feel at home in our growing community.

We cannot simply build a great community for our members; our members will build us a great community.

About LumberJocks.com
The rapidly growing community at LumberJocks.com is comprised of men, women, children, and youth all over the world, who are actively involved in woodworking. The members are a combination of professionals, skilled hobbyists, beginners and everything in between. They are furniture builders, artists, home renovators, and wood explorers.

LumberJocks.com offers free membership to woodworkers who share their experiences with wood, ask and answer questions, seek and post their personal tool reviews, find and share resource information, and blog their woodworking journeys.

Not only is the site visited regularly by its members but also regular and casual visits by non-members. This past February Lumberjocks.com surpassed 1 million page views per month.

Sister sites, GardenTenders and HomeRefurbers have just recently “broken ground”, with members beginning the journey of sharing their gardening and home repair experiences with each other in the same fashion as achieved with LumberJocks.com.