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Blog entry by lilredweldingrod posted 05-13-2011 09:52 PM 2031 reads 2 times favorited 41 comments Add to Favorites Watch

Last month my wife went to Home Depot for some little something for me. When she came home she handed me the receipt and asked me to take the survey listed on it.
So I did and it was about customer service etc. I told them exactly what I had experienced on my last two visits to get plywood(waiting an hour and half for a helper and leaving because they were a no show) and I complained that it appeared that they were returning to the Chinese crap. I then promptly forgot about it because no one ever pays any attention to me any way.
The next afternoon I get a call from one of the managers at the Palmdale, CA store. We had a nice chat and I was very impressed by Dana. I promised to look her up on my next visit.
Yesterday, my son in the Marines, Robert, gave me a surprise visit. Really made my day!!! As I need more clamps, (probably more want than need), I asked him to run me in. So off to Home Depot where Dana works. Heh heh heh….Yeah …let’s see what is going on at the “New Home Depot.”
We arrive and go straight to the tool section to grab the clamps I wa….need. OMG NOT IN STOCK!!! So I called a clerk over, ( she actually saw my wave and came right over)...What the hey…Home Depot employees do not act this way….major stress on the old ticker…where’s my nitro…
I ask about the clamps not being on the shelf. AND I ask to speak to Dana. Man, I barely had two deep breaths and she is standing in front of me!!!
We went back to the empty spot where the clamps should be and she scans the bar code and takes me to the customer desk, introduces me to Mira, who seems to run the customer service desk, and then Dana gets on the computer, orders the clamps for me and says, “When the clamps arrive at the store she will call and then since she lives in the same area, she will deliver my new clamps to my home.
My son’s picked me up off the florr and put me back in my wheelchair. The room is spinning…where am I? What just happened. WEOW!!! Is this really Home Depot? Yep I double checked. Robert pinch me!! No this is not a dream….
OK now let’s talk about this Chinese crap plywood, etc…..30 minutes later she is still listening and smiling.
I was so shocked I forgot to go see if the plywood is Chinese of not. Oh well, there is always next time…

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#1 posted 05-13-2011 10:05 PM

has to be your winning personality
(when you are mad)
and your unnatural good looks

sounds like dana
was trying to keep you around

glad you give credit where it is due
and there are some caring people still

whats on the wish list for your next trip
and make sure you ask for dana again
she will probably give you her schedule
so you are sure to be happy
when you shop there

-- david - only thru kindness can this world be whole . If we don't succeed we run the risk of failure. Dan Quayle

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Joe Lyddon

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#2 posted 05-13-2011 10:11 PM

Very GOOD Rand!

That way beyond the call of duty!

I have noticed that HD IS treating people right! ... for a change!

I have noticed that they have more people just walking around LOOKING or people to help… I had TWO converge onto me one time…!! Unreal!!

The other day, I couldn’t find something… I asked one of the helpers (close by) and she said “OH, that’s over here… follow me…” I followed her and she found what I was looking for, handed it to me, and asked “Is this what you were looking for?” ... I too almost fell to the floor!

They have gotten the message!

As for the Chinese plywood goes, I have no idea… I don’t think I would buy it there… even to Find Out!!

Now, if Dana would tell me that verything was GOOD, will not ever separate, or have huge voids, etc. etc., I might change my mind. LOL

Glad you had a great experience! ... with your son too!

-- Have Fun! Joe Lyddon - Alta Loma, CA USA - Home: ... My Small Gallery:"

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#3 posted 05-13-2011 10:27 PM

when the low’s had the handicap spot plug with wood carts and I would try to get to keep them ope and they did not so I parked in between the two casher at wood end inside and went shop got my point a cross

-- Robert Laddusaw and no I am not smarter then a fifth grader ( and no I canot spell so if it is a problem don't read it ))

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#4 posted 05-13-2011 10:48 PM

I’m sure also it’s because you are good looking.
Love the story.
Best thoughts,

-- MAD F, the fanatical rhykenologist and vintage architect. Democraticwoodworking.

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#5 posted 05-13-2011 10:50 PM

I always seem to do okay at Home Depot, and Lowes. But I spent a LOT of years in the business, and know the kind of dolts that the big boxes tend to hire, and have figured out more or less which ones actually know their stuff, and which ones are a waste of oxygen… But then again I know exactly what to call what I am looking for…

A coworker of mine that is the least handy person I have ever known was fetching materials from Home Depot for a project I am doing for him, complete with materials list in hand, and it took no less than 4 phone calls and handing me over to Skippy before he got what he needed…

Generally speaking, these giant retailers are not so much concerned with customer service, as they are with moving products out the door period. Unfortunately they seem to have forgotten that part of moving that product is assisting the customer so that they CAN buy said product and leave home happily with it…

-- Please like and subscribe to my YouTube Channel

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#6 posted 05-13-2011 10:56 PM

”I then promptly forgot about it because no one ever pays any attention to me any way.”

I’m sorry, Rand, but … what did you say ??


Great story. I have ALWAYS believed that … when we DON’T tell the (right people at the) store/company—professionally—of our disappointing experiences—they won’t HAVE the opportunity to make things better.

Oh, they won’t ALWAYS try to make things better … of course … but … you give the ones who WILL try … the opportunity to do so. It’s for OUR benefit, personally, and for the benefit of all the other customers who may come after us.

So … kudos to YOU for taking the time.


Sniff, sniff.


Do … do … do I smell a new table saw, coming your way ???? :-D

-- -- Neil

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Kent Shepherd

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#7 posted 05-13-2011 11:20 PM

Rand, good story. It doesn’t hurt to be reminded that good people exist in almost any store. It is certainly easy for us to lump everyone into preconcieved idea based on our own personal experiences at a particular store. We hear time after time that Lowes, Home Depot, Woodcraft, Rockler,—-( or fill in you own least favorite store) are horrible places to shop. I have had plenty of bad experiences at lots of different stores, but I have also encountered great service at some of these same places. The individual managers seem to set the tone most of the time, but they are dealing with a society that has certainly lost the work ethic we used to have. I have hired people for years, and the saying—”You can’t get good help” has proven too true on too may occasions—-yet not always.

We flock to those stores because they advertise constantly how they are cheaper than anyone. (Amazing how they are all cheaper—-Hmmmmmmmmmmmm) Seems like cheap pricing is going to require a sacrifice of something. Service oriented businesses are fading fast for a reason. When the public demands cheaper, there is always a cheaper way to make or sell most anything. Why do you think Festool does not sell through the box stores? I buy a lot from Sam’s Club. The prices are good if you can use bulk. But, I understand there will be no sevice, no one to answer questions, no bags, no carry out, etc, and that is OK with me. It’s when I go to a smaller specialty store that I may want some help. Regardless of the advertising claims, the box stores are going to give at best, a minimum of service, and so it will obviously be hit or miss. Looks like you got a hit for a change.

Thanks for sharing.


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#8 posted 05-13-2011 11:44 PM

David and Mafe, thank you for your comments about my personal beauty. It is well deserved(gag gag) and truly appreciated. BTW do you mind refreshing my wife’s memory of my exquisite beauty, and how lucky she is to have me?

Neil, please do something about that post nasal drip. The sniffing is running me up a tree. lol

Kent, on the serious side….It has been my personal experience in business that the employees reflect managements feelings toward the customer. Then too, if the upper level executives don’t care then middle level managers won’t either. The service business is definitely operated on the trickle down theory. And if the store managers spend all their time in the back office, their is no one to watch the chicken coop. Well you get the picture.
I was in Lowe’s in Lancaster about 6 months ago and could not get the tool area guy to turn on the computer to check the availability of a tool for me. He was not about to help in any way, shape or form. and made it clear. I asked for the store manager and gave up waiting for him/her to show up.

One of my ex-son-in-in-laws is always threatening his employees of having “the old man” come down and clean house for him. I have tried to teach him about how to handle employees, but he keeps running off the good ones and keeping the dead heads. I guess Ron White is right, “You can’t fix stupid”.

I’m still waiting for you to open your online store, hint hint. lol

edit….I have always felt and practiced this; you can make a great employee out of a mediorce employee if you take the time to watch them and find out what their problems is. And most of the time it is parents that never taught then a work ethic.
I have found that carrying a few $100.00 bills in your pocket is a good idea. you never know when you will catch the employee when they have done some exceptional job. Walk up, pat them on the back and put a bill in their hand and tell them how great they are. Money well spent. It never failed for me and the return on this investment is a real money maker. And it is always a boost to their self esteem.

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#9 posted 05-14-2011 12:01 AM

I´ll bett you have a bungee core snapped on to home depot so you can see Dana when you want
and Maddie has two bungee on you so she know how to get you home ….. just calling Dana and saying
snap off …..... LOL

thank´s for the story Rand great to hear you have some good experience´s that will help
growing you confidence to make more planes ….. maybee you even will condsider
a brittle-plough with brass bridge ........ LOL

take care

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#10 posted 05-14-2011 12:42 AM

I have noticed it to. Its is also getting that way at Sears. I believe the economy has people returning to customer service. The way it should be. I will still go to the locally owned hardware store because they help you at the door, walk you right to the product you need and carry it to the checkout. It costs a little more but it is well worth it. Your needs are met quickly and your money stays local.
Note to self no liquids when I am reading your posts. It is starting to get messy;) Great post Rand

-- Superdav "No matter where you go - there you are."

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#11 posted 05-14-2011 01:10 AM

Dave, just a personal request here. Go wash you mouth out with bleach. I never allow that company name mentioned in my home. After the screwing they gave me on the top of the line washer and dryer. Red vision returning. lol
I got tired of changing the $56.00 pumps on the washer, went to the Salvation Army store and bought an old Whirlpool and put that pump in and no more problem there. Brand new dryer with a rotten belt. Went out exactly 3 days after warranty ended. I do not allow my family that still lives with me to spend one dime in either there or K-Mart.

We need a new refrigerator. As soon as the saw is paid off, HD here I come to make a deal with Dana. heh heh heh.

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#12 posted 05-14-2011 02:55 AM

I’ve been at HD so much lately that I know who’s who and who can help me. There’s one guy who really knows where stuff is. My presumption going in is that nobody will really be able to help. This guy is the guy that the employees go to ask when they can’t find something. I am now cutting out the middleman and going directly to the helpful guy. Considering what I spend there, I might as well get some actual help. And yes, they seem to be better lately although I still get ones that see me coming to ask a question and walk away.

-- Doug - When all you own is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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#13 posted 05-14-2011 03:02 AM

Sorry Rand didn’t mean to strike a nerve. Just sit back and think tablesaw. We got a whole lot of flood sales down here. everything is a little Mississippi mud colored and damp;)

-- Superdav "No matter where you go - there you are."

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#14 posted 05-14-2011 03:05 AM

we have a lowes here
and through the years
it has been the same

no help

when someone comes along that is helpful
and friendly
they get better job offers from better company’s

there are two men (older) that are still there
helping and finding what you need
the women cashiers are all pretty helpful too
but can’t leave their posts

i’ve been going there so long
i know the store like the back of my hand
and help elderly customers myself
even loading their supply’s

at the regular lumber store
everyone knows me
most by name
and will do anything to help
me and everyone else

-- david - only thru kindness can this world be whole . If we don't succeed we run the risk of failure. Dan Quayle

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#15 posted 05-14-2011 03:51 AM

I’ve always like HD. Even though there is a lot they don’t carry, I’ve liked it through good and bad. I knew that if nothing else, if you returned it, you got a refund and no argument as long as it was indeed something from their store. No receipt? If it was on the HD card no problem, if it was paid by some other way, you get store credit. Can’t beat that. The pro desk is always helpful. Lowes, eh…

My opinion.

-- jack -- ...measure once, curse twice!

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