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Blog series by kiwi1969 updated 10-19-2009 02:21 PM 10 parts 15554 reads 78 comments total

Part 1: Very very humble beginnings

05-03-2009 06:13 PM by kiwi1969 | 5 comments »

As my life slowly, frustratingly and boringly meanders along the path of unemployment, with the occasional swift hard kick to the nuts, just to remind me there is a greater force than me in control, I often spend my idle hours pondering things, most of which is absolute rubbish. Things like ” do the French actually eat frogs, or do they just convince tourists to eat them to secretly show their utter contempt for anyone who is not French” and ” could Stanley possibly have mad...

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Part 2: Every shop needs a bench (please don,t laugh)

05-06-2009 11:32 AM by kiwi1969 | 8 comments »

So in the first of this series I mentioned i,m starting an enterprise with no money, hardware store hand tools and a sheet of 3/4 in plywood. This is what happened to the plywood. Now like many on this site i,ve long dreamed of building my ultimate workbench and I must tell you in advance that this is not it! This is my answer to that chicken and egg argument about needing to build a bench so that you can then build a bench. Its taken directly from Shopnotes and haveing seen numerous 1 sheet ...

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Part 3: Budget workbench needs all the help it can get

05-08-2009 03:15 PM by kiwi1969 | 10 comments »

So with the basic bench built it,s time to increase its ability to do some serious work. Without a vise other ways have to be found to hold stock and as Adam Cerubini pointed out it,s the ability to securely hold stock that makes hand tool work easier,safer and all the more enjoyable and it frees you up to concentrate on holding the tool with a more effective grip which in turn makes your work more accurate. All these jigs have been written about and described in books and magazines going b...

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Part 4: First workout

05-15-2009 03:38 PM by kiwi1969 | 5 comments »

So I finally get to make some shavings and give the new budget bench a trial run. The project is a gate for the front door to stop the little guy from crawling away as he is getting a bit adventurous for his own safety at the moment. After some not too bad sales of our second hand clothes, I went and got some 3×2 from the local hardware, three 12 ft lengths of something that looks a bit like luan for 900 peso. The bench itself was always going to be a bit light weight so i,ve built a rem...

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Part 5: LOVIN' IT!!

05-18-2009 02:36 PM by kiwi1969 | 5 comments »

Sorry for the dim pic, got a late start to the next project today and just ran out of light. Thats the downside of an open air shop, but I just didn,t realise how dark it was until I couldn,t see my gauge lines! I really just got into a groove with the plane and simply didn,t want to stop. Can,t remember ever feeling that way when I was useing a jointer. Maybe I should of called this post “Pumping iron”. Tommorow, Mortise and tenons cut by hand. Lovin it!!

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Part 6: Cheap saws bad, cheap planes good

05-19-2009 01:45 PM by kiwi1969 | 9 comments »

Only did about two and half hours today which meant I got the dovetails and all the mortises for the slat done. Is this time about right for hand tool work? Love to know if it is as I felt I could have done better. ....Another thing that i,ve discovered since I started doing hand tool work is the importance we place on the handplane seems to be a little overdone. My previous postings show piles of shaving that have come from out of the box Stanleys but in these simple projects once the initia...

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Part 7: Torrential rain and broken baileys

06-09-2009 09:08 AM by kiwi1969 | 4 comments »

Being born and raised on a small island just north of Antarctica I revel in the tropical climes I now enjoy and have been known to have a bit of a dig at those in the frostier regions who are suffering as I once did. However the downside to this paradise in the tropics is the other season we have otherwise known as the wet season, and I must admit i,ve been laughing on the other side of my face recently because for the last 17 days as it has rained every single one of them. Every day dawns wi...

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Part 8: Narra, King of the forest, destroyer of cheap plane irons!

06-29-2009 03:23 PM by kiwi1969 | 5 comments »

I wasn,t planning to write about this project, but as it,s my first experience with Philippine Narra wood and I just gotta tell you it,s amazing stuff. The colour is like fresh beef, the smell is sweet and the dust, even from a hand saw, gets into every crack and orrifice the human body posseses. Hate to think what would happen if you used a belt sander! The photos don,t do it justice, even if they were better than my cheap camera can achieve. I,m recycling a chair that I bought about 4 years...

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Part 9: one door closes, another opens

08-09-2009 08:13 AM by kiwi1969 | 17 comments »

FINALLY!!! after almost 2 years of struggle in the Philippines it has actually happened. The light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train! I found a backer for my business plan and I now have a small furniture company of my own! Thats it behind the red door. The tools are your basic stuff. Planner/thicknesser combo, bandsaw, drill press etc all of it generic chinese, actually very good generic chinese I must say, but thats what the setup budget allows for and it,s not like there,...

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Part 10: happy days

10-19-2009 02:21 PM by kiwi1969 | 10 comments »

Cut myself twice today, once when my tenon saw jumped out of the kerf and again with a slip of a chisel. nothing serious, just a couple drops of the red stuff, but i felt real happiness. Why? BECAUSE IT MEANS IM WORKING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! now where did i put those bandaids.

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