Pen Turners' Swap - Round 3

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Blog series by itsme_timd updated 03-29-2009 02:34 AM 17 parts 29026 reads 252 comments total

Part 1: Getting started and verifying info.

10-14-2008 07:02 PM by itsme_timd | 10 comments »

Hi Lumberjocks, Well, it’s about that time – Round 3 will be starting very soon! I’m getting the list together and trying to verify some info. We’ve got a BIG group this time so we’ll need everyone’s help to make sure this goes well and as quickly as possible. As of right now I’ve got 19 confirmed for Round 3. Even if we hold the box 2 days and it takes 3 to ship it we’re looking at a minimum of a couple of months to get this completed. ...

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Part 2: And here we go!!!!

10-15-2008 11:53 PM by itsme_timd | 23 comments »

Here we go – Round 3 is underway! First, here’s the map. I’ve go the stops numbered but it might be hard to see on here. The trip will start in Georgia and go 1st to Karson in Delaware, drop south throw Virginia and Florida then bounce back up to Georgia as we cruise through Kentucky and Illinois. After that we jump back east for stops in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and New York. From New York we head north into Canada with a stop in Ontario. On our d...

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Part 3: 2 Down, on our way to Florida

10-24-2008 08:32 PM by itsme_timd | 9 comments »

Hi Everyone, We’ve made stops and Karson’s and SteveN’s place and got some great stuff added to the box. We’ve got a couple of challenges going on now – let’s see what we can do. The box is on it’s way to Florida now to spend some time with brewtang. Here’s the latest map… Now here’s another challenge for those that participated in Round 2… let’s see some pens! We had some great materials come around in that...

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Part 4: Is the grass REALLY blue???

11-12-2008 04:40 PM by itsme_timd | 7 comments »

Hi there fellow Lumberjocks! I’ve got the latest update on the pen box for everyone. I looked at a spreadsheet wrong and thought Woodtreker was next in line. Oops… The box made a stop at me2cyclops’s in Georgia and is NOW on it’s way to Woodtreker’s in Kentucky. We’re on track now, I promise… at least I think… no, I’m sure – we’re on track now. We’re moving along nicely on this one and getting some great stuff. ...

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Part 5: It's your 'turn', Trifern!

11-20-2008 05:52 PM by itsme_timd | 11 comments »

I’m not sure if everyone’s aware of this or not, but just wanted you all to know that I don’t get paid for coming up with these catchy titles – nor do I have a team of writers turning out these masterpieces. It’s all me and it’s all free… just so you know. :-) The map… Any-how… the box is on it’s way to visit Trifern in IL. Looks like some fantastic stuff heading his way. No doubt he’ll make good use of it! The bo...

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Part 6: Bel Aire or Bust!

11-26-2008 06:04 PM by itsme_timd | 13 comments »

Ta-Da-Ta-Da-Ta-Da-Ta-DaTa-Da-Ta-Da… (FYI, that’s a drum roll.) The map: The box is on it’s way to ShannonRogers now, packed with goodies from (most recently), Trifern! The postal clerk commented to Trifern it was the heaviest flat-rate box he’d seen! ;-) That’s the spirit of Lumberjocks for you – make the most out of what you’ve got! I’m sure that Shannon will enjoy his bounty… In the spirit of Thanksgiving I would like to say ...

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Part 7: Pens for Kenn...

12-04-2008 12:39 AM by itsme_timd | 23 comments »

Here we go again! The map: Out of the hands for Shannon it’s just a short hop to Kenn in PA with the pen box this time. I can’t wait to see what Kenn does with our treasure chest. If he hurries he can still get some Christmas gifts out of it!!!

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Part 8: Yes, ScottB, there IS a Santa Claus!

12-08-2008 11:15 PM by itsme_timd | 12 comments »

Scott made the prediciton a while ago this wouldn’t make it to him by Christmas. Looks like Santa was listening and his helpers kept this moving right along. You get an early Christmas present! A little visual aid, a/k/a ‘The Map’: Enjoy Scott, looking forward to seeing what you do with these goodies!

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Part 9: How much wood would a CanadianWoodChuck chuck???

12-21-2008 09:03 PM by itsme_timd | 15 comments »

We’re about to find out! Man, I really got discombobulated on this last trip, The box made it from Scott to Ned without me updating the blog and then I forgot to tag the last entry as part of the series so you can see Ned’s update here. Now, the box should be on it’s way to CanadianWoodChuck, in Canada, of course! I think the timing on this couldn’t have been better as I know we’ll all be busy around Christmas and the New Year so it’s a great time t...

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Part 10: Wherefore art thou, Pen Trade Box?

01-26-2009 09:33 PM by itsme_timd | 36 comments »

<sigh> Looks like I’m bearing bad news today… here’s the scoop: No pen trade box has make it to CanadianWoodChuck.35 days ago NedB said he’d ship the box out the next day.NedB hasn’t been on LJ in 27 days.I’ve emailed, PM’d and left a voicemail for NedB with no response. Last time we sent a box to Canada it took a while, over 3 weeks if I recall. However we are now over a month on this and we’ve not seen it in Canada yet. I assume th...

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Part 11: Back in business, he pen trade box is on the move!

02-06-2009 10:22 PM by itsme_timd | 27 comments »

Great news for those that didn’t see the previous entries, the box is safe and sound in Bruce’s (CanadianWoodChuck) hands and will be on the way to Rikkor in MN soon. We’re all glad to see the box back in action and even more so that things are mostly OK for Ned. Make sure to keep him in your thoughts and prayers! The map! Canada Post told Bruce he should make it over to Rikkor in about 8 days, that’s not too bad at all and gives him some time drool in an...

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Part 12: Heading west!

02-20-2009 11:59 PM by itsme_timd | 11 comments »

Rikkor’s had his way with the pen trade goodies now and he’s been nice enough to repack in a new box and get things moving to arw01 in Washington state! Looking at the pics shows us there are a lot of great pens, kits and blanks in there. PLEASE READ Since this trade is taking a while we have had some Jocks that have had to step out. We may have others that are no longer active so when you’re turn is up please send a PM to the person you are sending to before shipping t...

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Part 13: Just a hop and a skip!

03-04-2009 01:03 AM by itsme_timd | 17 comments »

We didn’t even need to use a jump to get this one to its next destination! A quick trip across Washington state and the box will be in the hands of jimp. Jim is ready and waiting… After that we drop down into wine country to visit Napaman, then to rb765 in SoCal before heading beck East to jeffthewoodwhacker and dropping back to Atlanta! We’ll get this thing completed after all. :-) Here’s the map!

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Part 14: Now we're really moving! On to Napa!

03-13-2009 09:26 PM by itsme_timd | 9 comments »

Matt got the box today! We are really trucking along now… he’ll get us some pics up soon and said he’s got some nice Redwood he’s cutting up for blanks. ~ El Mapo ~

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Part 15: Here we go to Fresno!

03-17-2009 05:21 PM by itsme_timd | 12 comments »

Wow! We had a super-quick turnaround from Matt and some really cool stuff added. He did a great write up on his takes and puts as well as some projects he did for the swap. If you missed it check that out here. I’m looking forward to getting my grubby hands on some of the wine barrel wood, I really enjoy turning wood with a story to it! ~ Le Map ~ For those counting the dots, we didn’t miss one… bigguy had to drop out due to some other commitments. We’...

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Part 16: On to Jeffthewoodwhacker, the last Jock on the tour!

03-24-2009 07:05 PM by itsme_timd | 2 comments »

Wow! Jeff’s got the box!!! Check out his blog entry here to see all the great stuff that was in the box. ~ Das Map After Jeff the box comes back to ME! Woo-hoo! ;-) I can’t wait to get this in and dig through this treasure chest. I looked back and saw the first post was 160 days ago – we’ve been ‘on tour’ for almost 6 months! Pretty cool. ~ STAY TUNED TO THE BLOG FOR MORE INFO ON UPCOMING SWAPS AND SWAP-RELATED EVENTS! ~ If you have no ide...

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03-29-2009 02:34 AM by itsme_timd | 15 comments »

We did it fellow Lumberjocks! The Pen Trade Roud 3 is complete!!! We’ve been all over the United States – DE, VA, FL, GA, KY, IL, MD, PA, NY, NH (whew!), MN, WA, CA and TN! Plus… a trip into Canada with a stop in Ontario.- We’ve been in the hands of 17 Lumberjocks.- WOW! Our goodies box has traveled over 8,600 miles!- The pen box was ‘on tour’ for 165 days in Round 3. (as of 03/28/09)- What started as 5 blanks, 5 pens and 5 kits brought us…&#...

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