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01-29-2018 07:29 AM

Say "I" if... - 8 replies

... you have done stupid things such as: - put the drill bit in with the shank out and wonder WHY the darn thing isn’t making a whole! - Put your new blade on backwards while swearing that the old blade cut better! “I”

02-19-2016 03:39 AM

Pencil or Scribe - What do you use to Mark Your Cut Lines? - 29 replies

I was in my humble workshop making more saw dust then project. I needed to make a rabbet cut that removed only 3/16 of an inch. I got my dad’s 1959 combination square and marked my line with a pencil. Grabbed my router and began. When done, I was more then a little ticked off to find the cut was much greater then 3/16. This was caus...

02-16-2016 04:41 AM

Making it FLAT - 23 replies

While I do not do much real wood working, I do enough to be frustrated. Today’s frustration is warped and cupped boards. So one goes out to the lumber yard and buys some boards and you pick out those with the least amount of warp and cupping. Somehow, by the time you get it home – shazam! It’s warped more then you thought, the cup is great...

07-03-2015 10:45 PM

Tape Ruler - What kind is this - 4 replies

Several years ago, when my Dad died, I inherited much of his stuff – Part of the collect was this 100’ tape ruler. But instead of marked off at 1/16, 1/2, 3/8… it uses numbers 1,2,3… and every 10 numbers = 1 foot. So for example it would read:3’ 1, 3’ 2, 3’ 3&...

12-31-2013 04:09 PM

Will Biscuits Work for me? - 27 replies

Per usual, happy, go luck, whistling in the shop having a great time THEN I realize I mis-measured. I’m building a flip table to hold my planer and drill press. These two items weigh about 175 pounds total, plus the weight of the table. I had planned on doing half laps to join the horizontal piece to the vertical pieces. Instead, I c...

12-06-2013 02:32 AM

The Wife Makes a Mess - 18 replies

So the little women goes out to the shop and runs an old piece of Red Wood through the planer and leaves the wood chips all over the floor. Should I spank her and then hand her the broom to clean up the mess or should I hug her for having interest in the work shop??

11-22-2013 03:10 AM

Needing Better Dust Collection at my Table Saw. - 20 replies

Any ideas how I can improve the saw dust collection when using my Grizzly 1022 table saw?I have installed a dust collection hood from Rockler – connected to my Dust Deputy But as you can see, there is a lot of saw dust that doesn’t get carried away. I had my wife stand back and watch to see what happens when I’m cutting wood. She te...

11-15-2013 02:45 AM

Biscuits or Pocket Screws - 16 replies

While I’m sure both have advantages. Tell me which you prefer – use most often and why one over the other?

09-14-2013 08:07 PM

Need help - Bosch Hand Planner Adjustment? - 0 replies

I purchases a PL1682 Bosch electric hand planner. When the dial is set to zero, it is still cutting into the surface. When I moving a straight edge from front to rear across the base, I find the front plate (at zero) is at the same plane as the blades. BUT when doing the same from the back plate (which does not appear to be adjustable) to t...

08-13-2013 07:27 PM

Any Pipe smokers at Lumber Jocks? - 13 replies

Back in the mid 70’s, around 14 -16 years old, I bought my first pipe. Was never been a big smoker. Could pick it up and put it down for months. Around the early 90’s I sold my rack of pipes and never gave much thought to it. Now 25 years later… I decided to pick up the hobby again. The plus side is (like with wood working...

06-18-2013 05:03 AM

What size lumber shoud I use for drawer fronts? - 7 replies

I’m about to make drawer fronts for the kitchen cabinets. I’ll be using MDF as the doors I just made are of that material and they will be painted. The boxes were made by a local carpenter – unlike me; a guy that knows his stuff. He took some rough measurements, went to his shop, built them came back and installed full exte...

06-13-2013 05:14 AM

Base Boards and Coping - 2 replies

I’m about to redo the molding through out my wife’s house that we rent. Never done it before, so I went to youtube to watch some videos. I saw this and thought it wa interesting – certainly never knew of this technique. So I wanted to share. Check it out.

06-05-2013 05:27 AM

Can Nail guns Shoot different Gauge nails - 14 replies

I have about 1/2 mile worth of shoe molding to put down (ok 1/2 mile maybe stretching it – but I got the wife to believe it…) Anyway, are the guns specific to the size nail it takes, would a 16 G gun shoot both 16 and 18 gauge? What’s the difference between using a finishing nail gun 16 G and a 18 G brad nail gun? Read...

03-23-2013 04:34 PM

Help the Orphans Amoung Us - 5 replies

What causes some posting to make the Top 3 or the Top 13, while others go unnoticed? I’m here to tell you that there are some incrdible gems to be found that are being over looked. It often surprises me when I check out a hot, active posting to see that it has 1000’s of views and pages of comments. In the meantime, there are man...

02-27-2013 03:58 AM

I have a router… now what? - 10 replies

I recently bought a Bosch router, together with Ryobi’s 20 piece bits set and the Bosch table insert. So my first project is to build a simple router table. Attached is a sketch of the table top. I’ve cut my 7 X 9 3/8 opening and was about to cut my one inch rabbet to which I would rest and secure the insert. Then, as always, comes my “dea...

10-28-2012 04:28 AM

Chicago Planer #95838 - 3 replies

Hi boys and girls… I looked but see no reviews on this products offered at Harbor Freight and wonder if anyone has any thoughts. I normally buy good quality tools but have been told by a few folks that a hand hald electric planer is one of this tools that stays in their case most of the time. With that I am wondering if I should save ...

07-02-2012 03:02 AM

How do I determine the correct angle - 14 replies

We are redoing a bathroom and have chosen to use a floating floor that we got at HD. All was fine till da wife said, ”... and I want it layed on an angle.” Can you believe all the info from the manufacture does not offer any info on this. Anyway, while this is not wood working, they info provided by you clever LJ’s will c...

06-29-2012 02:41 AM

How does one get a straight cut with a bandsaw? - 22 replies

Is it me or does everyone have problems cutting straight with a band saw? (Mine does not have a fence) I make my mark, draw my line and then line that line up to the blade. As I push the wood through I find myself having to move the wood left and right in order to keep the blade on (or at least NEAR) the line I’m trying to cut. What pr...

05-02-2012 04:09 AM

Flooring - 5 replies

While this isn’t exactly a woodworking question, I’m sure several of my LJ friends have done this and can therefore guide me. Da little woman wants a bathroom makeover. I’ve Painted, run wiring, added lighting, outlets, and switches. I’ve pulled out the sink and cabinet and will be pulling the toilet soon. We will be...

09-04-2011 10:54 PM

Using wood wax on outdoor pieces - 5 replies

I’m just now finishing rebuilding two garden benches for da little women. I have made the wooden slats out of Cypress and finished them with 50/50 outdoor poly and mineral spirits mix (my own wipe on poly.) I was thinking of applying wood wax on them. I’ve read on LJ of several folks applying a wax using 0000 steel wool. Having n...

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