"Hobbit Holes in MyWorld" --by RusticWoodArt #42: What's a WoodWorking Economy To Do or Be?

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What’s a WoodWorking Economy To Do or Be?

So by now I’m sure we all have heard and have our ideas//opinions on ’the new economy’ as if this word new means that one can now forget about the ’old economy’. And then I wonder can any explain as to what happens when we have two economies as past and present? My understanding of all this has all-ways been to keep it very simple….K.I.S.S; and then one is able to better work within the word definition of ’economy’ as in this moment.

One must realize and beg my pardon here if I’m stepping on toes, which is not my intent, but I’m only trying to make the point that it’s far better if one walks on my toes….then waiting till the multitude starts climbing on my shoulders in their effort to get ahead.

What I do is ‘all’ about wood, which in turn leads to woodworking….and too that I might also add that I do in-deed enjoy (in-joy) working the wood. I cut my own trees on the land for firewood, chainsaw mill live edge slabs, timber, lumber, furniture and wood art. I am a finish carpenter and cabinet maker also, when I decide to hire myself out for woodworking commissions and the such. I enjoy working-renovating my present 1776 home, 1780 English Barn and I also am in the middle of renovating a cabin which will by the spring be rented out for high end rental property. On the cabin I originally was pushing for fall rental, but due to other wood working priorities….it will be spring before the cabin is done. I am also constantly engaging myself in opportunities of the moment, to work on pieces of wood (four at the moment, which I also am going to be taking two to a show in April) that will be sold as wood art. These pieces are subject to change since one never knows when the phone will ring, my email light up or some-one will cross my path and I will pick up a commission. Presently because of the market down-turn or up-turn for other’s, I am now looking and inquiring into home estate sales, which are selling at low end, so as to buy and start flipping some houses. And yes, I have mentioned in the past the great profit to be made in flipping houses if one is wanting to work some extra hours in exchange for the added freedom of becoming debt free, so that the economy never really touches you. To this I usually am met with remarks such as; ”sounds like a lot of hard work”.

Maybe by now I should also interject that there is a vastness of space difference between ’hard’....and….’work’. One can either let hard be the master and one will in-deed do hard work or you//I can master the hard and make ’it’ do the dance of working hard….to increase one’s profit level and attitude of attainment.

Usually when I start talking on this subject as I am now; concerning the economy, folks will have severe after-shock at the words I am using. Were it in an earlier setting of time, I might be the target of getting stoned….but then again, I’ve been stoned before and will be times over yet to come; so stones don’t bother me. I should add that just as stones are often a necessary learning experience, so can be the economy in times that defy the understanding of wise men. I learned long ago through the school of what some call ‘hard knocks 101’, that the economy can be made to work for you//I, if one wants to leave the crowded deadpan murmurings of; ”cut back and hold tight so that we can ride this one out”. More important in understanding the economy, is the understanding that who I surround myself with, is how I will cash in on the economy.

I can remember back years and ages ago when I started working in the field of construction, that after leaving and going out on my own I used to offer my services as a handyman carpenter….and so I worked hard and made a handyman’s wages. No-matter that the quality of my work was par next to none, as long as I called myself a handyman….a handyman I was. I am going to skip up now and pass through many-many years, till one day I started calling myself an artist. And here let me add that we can do all sorts of word sparring about artist and master and craftsman, but I am just showing what worked//works for me….you decide your own fate. Others will take my words to task and say; ”I noticed you say that you ‘started calling calling yourself an artist’ and how can that be?” To this I will add that; ”by the name of thought that you call//name yourself, so you will be-come!I surround myself with positive thought as to the person I am and have no-time for negative thought, since negative thought will in the end….be my end all.

When I first start talking this way by using positive thought, I found that it was not long before there was a crowd following (yes, positive thought will produce action which in turn produces a following) along with me that also had positive thought. What I also noticed was that this crowd had an understanding of economy that made it possible to use the economy in//for what-ever system swing there was going on, and that these were the ones who had the money to buy according to their wants. I probably need to mention that I do not sell-attend-associate with any shows that use the word ‘craft’ in their make-up of production. Now I should also add that I am not out to slight any here who use these words for their wood projects (but I have found out, that there is a big economy difference between craft and fine furniture, which I have carved into with by using the word phrase ’wood art’)....and so I am only talking about my way of using economy for gain.

Let me illustrate here….somewhat. This past Friday, I was talking with a lawyer on a matter of business and in the conversation I happened to mention my business of RusticWoodArt and how I make furniture, which often becomes pieces of wood art. Like just now as I am writing, I realize that I have these ’word thought pictures’-word phrases are so implanted in my mind that when-ever I get to talking, the words just roll off. I could add that what I do when this is happening in a conversation with an individual, is I am sending forth a pattern//cloud of thought with an image that connects with the person I am sending out too. So what comes next, well after our meeting is over and I stand up to leave, this lawyer goes on to inquire as to what type of furniture I make….and when I re-turn can I bring some pictures of my works of wood art. So yes, I will return and when I do, I will not be bringing pictures, but I will bring along my laptop, so that I can set up in the office a slid show production of my work. Does the selling of my wood art stop there….no-way. I will also stop by the office of an-other lawyer who works within the same building and show the slide show again and then who knows to whom-ever might also walk by. What I’m trying to say, is that I all-ways first surround my mind in good positive thought and this has been going on so long that what comes out of my mouth now is the opportunity to market my-self and my work. True economy never touches me in the illusion of having a high peak and low peak, as I am only knowing one economy. Some folks talk much about being radical or how they’re a maverick….however I have found that if one really wants to gather an abundance of the economy, then one must practice the art of dreaming and dream positively big, till that dream takes hold of you and you make your own economy!

I am not afraid to tell folks right off that what I do is high end wood art and usually my pieces will start at around fifteen hundred dollars and go to….dollars, and yes these are one of a kind. Most of what I sell never makes it into pictures on the internet, never shows itself in a gallery or show….but goes from my work-space into the living-space of buyers who have a taste for art and are willing to pay, where price does not matter. I treat these folks with the attitude that; ”the customer is all-ways right and quality of character is what one buys in my art.” These folks treat me as an artist and sell me and my work by word of mouth….so that in the end we both get just what we want.

How does this tale tie in with the economy….well there is a class of folks for whom the economy does not touch, just as some folks think no-thing of dropping one hundred thousand in a night of gambling, so also some folks think no-thing of making one hundred thousand and more….in a year. The truth ’just is’ that in the end, one can hate the economy and that economy will ride one into the ground or one can love the economy and that one will make use of the economy to bring about great benift of gain.

—-I might also add that my wood-working business is all about selling the economy….so that what one acquires is an added investment!
Thank you.

’’ smart, work safe, and live, to work the wood....’‘

-- --frank, NH,

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#1 posted 11-09-2008 09:32 PM

Amen. Maybe the ‘new economy’, Frank, is that the world is now ready to begin to hear your conversation.

-- If you can't joint it, bead it!

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#2 posted 11-11-2008 04:19 AM

preparing to go green....!

Whats a ‘bull market’ to do when the bailouts bring no-re-turn….

”....use it up, wear it out, make do….or do without....but never will I be without wood, since I invest and re-seed for the future of all the earth!”....

....and then; Someday Baby
—by Bob Dylan

Thank you.

-- --frank, NH,

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#3 posted 11-11-2008 04:42 PM

Thanks for your wisdom Frank. Theres a quote i printed out and pinned to my sunvisor a few years ago. It says…”Whatever you accomplish in life is a manifestation not so much of what you do, as of what you believe deeply within yourself that you deserve”.

The art of life in trying times seems to be keeping at bay those who want to define what we deserve for ourselves. You get an economy going south and these people come out of the woodwork (no pun intended). Makes you wonder how much of a bad economy is really just people’s bad attitude towards adversity. Apparently these people have no idea what i’m capable of and damned determined to do!

-- "The way to make a small fortune in woodworking- start with a large one"

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1492 posts in 4204 days

#4 posted 11-13-2008 03:32 AM

—yeah; I know what your talking about with that word called ‘manifestation’....and….”what you believe deeply within yourself that you deserve ”.

Matter of truth is; I deserve all that ‘I am as who I am’! It took me many years to know and understand ‘who I am’....

Now I must admit that I really like that word handle you’ve painted there….” the ART OF LIFE....”

Thank you.

-- --frank, NH,

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