"Hobbit Holes in MyWorld" --by RusticWoodArt #22: Which came first....!

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Which came first....!

....and so there remains a question that has been posed to me….which I shall attempt in some feeble way to exploit some light upon. It has been asked:

Does art imitate nature....?


Does nature imitate art....?

WOW! What a power pack of a question or either the shadow of thinking that would tend to describe and inscribe me within a box. Can any answer this question or is the question it-self designed, to limit an answer within the fabric of two popular views? Now if I am one living within a box, then I could//should just stop and think awhile, before preceding to answer the question along the lines of box thinking….and let me just add that one will never get into trouble as long as they think within a box. but then neither will that one grow either. There is no-life in box thinking according to the rules of the scribes….but if one wants to know life, then truth which exists out of the box, can be known and the truth will set one free.

I might also add at this point; ”that I am not dis-crediting any or all in what has been asked, and there is all-ways your opinion and mine opinion….and this is only my two cents.”

”....and so I will not play by those rules”, but I will go on and ask; ”why does and, who says that either has to ‘imitate’ the other?” Maybe one should take a greater look at the word therein that seeks to ‘separate’ the two….and that word would be ‘imitate’. So to better understand the word ‘imitate’, I can look at the Latin word ‘imitari’ which being a transitive verb means; imitate, copy, mimic. Next one can then understand something of ‘imitate’ and where we get the word for ‘imitation’. Imitation comes from the Latin word ‘imitationem’, which comes from ‘imitari’, meaning ‘a reflection in a mirror’. Can I now throw out an-other way of thinking….if I am standing in front of a mirror, looking at the reflection coming back to me….could I not say; ”my image is a reflection of who I am”. My image in that mirror is but a ‘copy’ that mimics the imitation of who I am….or could I even not go on some more and add that that imitation ‘lies’ against the image of who I am. The point I am trying to get across here is that I can either believe the lie that comes back to me from that reflection in the mirror or I can sit in silence for a moment and understand that I have never in truth seen my own head. I will go on and say that if you are comfortable where you are in your thinking up until now….and if you do not want to rock your boat, then it would//might be best if one were to read no-further and I will excuse those who want to leave.

I have just finished a project here for the Summer Awards 2008 in the category of entries for One Man’s Junk, which I have so named Jubilant Junk Art. There was a time when I first saw the title for this category as some-thing that would separate my entry from the source, which was to be called junk. And so having never seen ‘junk’, I had to get my thinking along the lines of ‘junk wood’ and then taking what was//is back to my shop away from the source, which was the junk//burn pile of wood. Then I had to next answer the question of which one was the ‘junk’ and what about the ‘nature’ of the story that was out there also. Next I might be caught in the act of having to answer the question of, ”who….what, gives me the right to separate the one from the other?” Are not nature and art one and, if I were to take the one and ‘imitate’ a lie about the image of the other….would not both cease to exist in the framework of the all of one!

Let me step outside the framework of art and nature for a second and give a picture of some-thing more. We shall now proceed to the subject of cameras and pictures, not digital cameras….but 35mm cameras. When I take a photo with a 35mm camera, the image of that shot is stored in//on a roll of film within the camera. Next when I go to develop that film in my darkroom I will first be working with ‘negatives’ of the picture and then those negatives will next give me a picture which I will bring forth on ‘photo paper’. I can now store//save my negatives for future use and show my images on the photo paper as pictures, which I can then store in a scrapbook, upload to my computer or convert to digital pictures….but the truth is the pictures are never complete and are only images mimicked off those negatives. If I were to take the enlarged negatives and place them upon the mimicked images of the photos, I would have no-image that lied of separation. Can one now see that the negative only creates an imitation of other when it is separated from the whole, and the picture that is brought forth is but a lie of the negative. I guess I should go on and mention that neither the ‘negative’ nor the ‘picture’ are a correct representation of the other as long as they are separated and imitating the other. And yes, I do realize that what I have just said is a whole lot to let out, but then who am I to say any less….”my image, is an imitation of who I am....”

”....has any ever stared into the darkness of night and looked at the stars, as tiny pin pricks on some black paper….wondering, if I could only see beyond and what lies behind….”

I will mention that I am really trying to be good and abide by the laws of where I am in writing this and therefore stay within the framework of art and nature, as found within the space//place of where I am here, this being a woodworking site and remembering that I am a worker of wood….hmmm.

What I write here with, is with the use of words and of such a poor example words can be to communicate. Art is not separated from nature….just as nature can-not separate her-self from art….they are part of the whole. Now let me go further and say that nature can-not imitate art….just as art is not an imitation of nature, but both are a part of the whole. I believe that we all are artists and so I attempt to drive that point home to folks so that they may learn//see some-thing more of who they are. Having said that I also know that I am not limited//separated as an artist from also being a craftsman, worker of wood and much more and that if I can just get one to see the artist that resides within their framework….then the more will come. We all see as foggy and misty eyed, darkly looking into a mirror, but when the greater of who I am is come and seen, then the form of what I once saw falls away and I am known by my seeing for who I am. There was a time when as a worker of wood, I separated every-thing into neat little categories of wood bins and as such I manufactured after what I had been taught. The names I have called my-self, and then after calling my-self by those names, the law of naming took over and what I named….now had to be built according to those rules.

One of those rules (and there were many rules before arriving at this one), stated that nature in it’s striving to produce good and then realizing that it could not….needed to imitate by giving to the arts, since art was all-ways in conflict with the chaos of nature and therefore produced the better image. And I am not going to get into a logistics of where that one goes, but it took me many years to get my bearings after that one. I might also add that words and names have a way con-forming us into the image of what we have so stated, just as if I strive to imitate nature in my art….it can be done and also vs versus….but it still is ‘only’ an imitation. There also was the days when I said that if one wanted to imitate my work, then that would be an honor of greatness….I now can can only say; that I feel sadness for any who would seek to imitate an-other.

Now let me also answer that first question that I posed up there, ”which came first….neither”. In understanding what comes first, I have confused the question by introducing a word called ‘first’. In the understanding of ‘first’, I must now create a framework of ‘time’, since first can only work within ‘time’ and then there also needs to be an-other word introduced which I shall call ‘last’. Next because I have created ‘time’, I shall now proceed to go back ‘before time’ and try some more to work on my art and nature….LOL….hmmm, I now wonder what happened to my ‘character’ in the picture of the all.

In closing here I might add that if one has managed to read this whole story herein, then that one is ready to go on and, .....write your own story….so please, turn the page and write….

Art and nature….

Nature and art….

There all-ways is a bigger picture that defines the allness of one, which is found out-side the box….now where and when did I leave my box….

....and if any should want to add their opinions or questions….feel free!

Thank you.

” smart, work safe, and live, to work the wood....”

-- --frank, NH,

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#1 posted 08-04-2008 04:57 AM

Thanks for your answer.

First I shall ponder…and then respond.

-- My favorite piece is my last one, my best piece is my next one.

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#2 posted 08-04-2008 11:03 PM


-- check out my amazing woodburning , Pat

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#3 posted 08-06-2008 04:00 AM


Thank you for your answer. Sorry I have not responded earlier. I have been traveling a lot lately. I am in Indy now for a few days.

It was kind of a rhetorical question similar to which came first; the chicken or the egg?

I believe that it is based on the individuals perceptions and life experiences. I am always amazed when people think they have created a new technique or perspective of art. I spent last Saturday at the Art Institute in Chicago. It is wonderful seeing things created hundreds of years ago that look like it was created yesterday, or tomorrow.

One of the keys to my creativity is to keep an open mind and experience as many different things as possible. It is not always within my comfort zone, but new and unfamiliar things usually aren’t. Even when in a familiar place, I try and look with a different set of eyes. It is kinda like sending two photographers to the same meadow. One will take beautiful shots of the vast landscape and the influence of light. The other will show the abstract details of various pieces within the landscape.

Sometimes, for me, the more I experience and become familiar, my perceptions of art and nature become blurred or even fused. I guess that is art simply for art’s sake.

Nothing more…Nothing less…

I apologize for my ramblings. I hope they make some sense.

-- My favorite piece is my last one, my best piece is my next one.

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#4 posted 08-07-2008 06:10 AM

I think the real question is.. if that top chunk of wood fell and no one was around to video it, would it still be the makings of a good movie?

Think on that…

Seriously though (I know, I know, Rob being serious, ha) I think art and nature are always coexistent, hand in hand.

Thanks for stirring the brain Frank!

-- Rob (A) Waxahachie,TX

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#5 posted 08-07-2008 01:31 PM

....and thanks for the comments;

—-great Amen there Pat….

—-thanks Trifern; ramblings here that I read and yes, seems as if your making good sense….

—-now Rob has got my mind a thinkin’ again. I can not get that top piece of wood to fall off, so there probably will be no-movie forth coming….but my mind is ticking with a thought that just passed through that grey matter area of volume called mind//mindless matter.

Can art operate independently of the laws of physics, especially in the area of quantum theory….and,.....what does this do to the traditions of man according to the eye of the be-holder….

....maybe I’m just a blind man,
walking this starry-eyed universe,
collecting nuggets of ‘wood art’,
and dropping them of in my back-yard

Thank you.

-- --frank, NH,

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8135 posts in 3766 days

#6 posted 08-07-2008 09:51 PM

Art can operate independently but can the individual accept that? That is one of the many beauties of art. It is an expression and interpretation created by one person that is never understood fully by anyone else. Art is always seen through our own eyes and interpreted based on our own life experiences. I have viewed the same art in a museum on many different occasions, and though it may evoke some similar feelings, they always very based on what I experiences and emotions I bring with me on that particular day.

-- My favorite piece is my last one, my best piece is my next one.

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