Going to local shows.

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Part 1: Using the machine at a local woodworkers day.

07-12-2009 11:23 AM by degoose | 17 comments »

We went up to Maryborough.. a few hours drive north of here .. to the Maryborough Woodturners and Woodcrafters Guild annual wood working show day…. mainly to demo the machine.. I was invited to come along and help out .. as I am the proud owner of a wee beasty. This was a small show.. only a few exhibitors apart from the group themselves but the day was fantastic.,. a good crowd found its way to the grounds and there was a steady stream of visitors viewing the demo of the machine..Sh...

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Part 2: Alternate Wood Show

10-11-2009 08:55 AM by degoose | 19 comments »

Friday last week Aaron [from Torque Workcentes] and I flew down to Melbourne Just over 1,000 miles as the plane flies… lolThis was to attend the Alternate Wood Show held at the Woodworkers Warehouse in Braeside, a suburb of Melbourne to promote the Torque Work centre. Had a lot of interest in the Wee Beastie.. and my boards… I took a small amount to show off.. Lots of comments and requests for info about how to make them… I gave out cards and told them all to go Lumberjock...

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Part 3: Melbourne at last

10-21-2009 12:32 PM by degoose | 20 comments »

Hi guys Just got back from Melbourne.. went down courtesy of the boys from Torque Work Centres..What a blast… 3 days of talking to woodies about timber, tools, techniques and just shooting the breeze with a great bunch of people..Some timber for you all to drool over… I know I did...The venue was at the Flemington Markets… just down the road from Flemington Race course.. the home of the Melbourne Cup… the Horse race that stops a Nation. Very large place… long wal...

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Part 4: Brisbane Hands On Expo...

11-13-2009 01:46 PM by degoose | 12 comments »

Guys you are missing one of the greatest shows ever…. this is the brand new never seen before inaugural Hands On Expo... premiering in down town Brisbane. Coming soon to Melbourne and Sydney…see you there… I got up early this morning to make sure that we had everything for the show.,.. I was asked to help demonstrate the Torque Work Centre as part of the Gregorys Machinery stand at the the Hands On Expo… I wasn’t even going until early this week. First o...

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Part 5: Here be the photos from the Hands On Expo... in Brisbane..

11-16-2009 11:56 AM by degoose | 27 comments »

I had today off… kinda… schlepped around in the shed getting the new Ozzie Jig assembled…and unpacking and sorting things out… posting a new …almost new that is … project… up loading all the pics for this post… and having a few coolaids… to relax after a really hectic three days…For a start…....We were part of the Gregories Machinery Stand.Aaron and Henry playing with the Torque Work Centre... I got to display a few things on t...

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Part 6: National Tradesman Expo in Brisbane.

03-30-2010 02:42 AM by degoose | 4 comments »

I dropped into the National Tradesman Expo in Brisbane on Sunday and filmed a quick look.More about this later. But for now enjoy the vid.

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Part 7: Visiting the local markets.

04-05-2010 11:11 AM by degoose | 9 comments »

Nearly every Sunday morning my wife and I vist the local markets.. to check out the plants and have a look at the trash and treasure… and of course have a bacon and egg roll for breakfast.. A visit to the markets would not be complete without dropping in on Col and Ken… Col has a hydroponic lettuce farm and makes timber items, including marvelous boxes, which he sells on his stall at the market…. Ken is the maker of Wedding Wishing Wells.. and other timber items too… he is branching out..n...

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Part 8: Where it all started..

04-13-2010 01:09 PM by degoose | 7 comments »

The Maleny Wood Expo is only a few weeks away.. Click the new logo and have a look at the new site… up and running and full of info….This time last year I was getting ready to slip up to Maleny for the wood show… and that changed my life forever.. If last year was anything to go by this year will be fantastic..What will you be missing if you don’t make the effort and get to Maleny. This will be the next show I will be attending…I look forward to seeing what...

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Part 9: Torque about New South Wales

04-14-2010 01:35 PM by degoose | 0 comments »

This information is mainly for Woodworkers living in the northern and central coastal areas of New South Wales..Aaron and Henry are taking the Torque on the road throughout central and northern NSW. While I am unable to make this trip, I will be with them in spirit.. and they are taking a few of my creations to showcase my work. So if you would like to meet up with the boys and have a gecko at the TWC and maybe see my designs… here is their tentative itinerary FRI ...

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Part 10: Maleny Wood Expo 2010

05-04-2010 01:59 AM by degoose | 6 comments »

There was a vast array of fine furniture, and wonderful timber items, at this years Maleny Wood Expo… While it was once again a very quick trip around the show at the last minute.. I think I captured the essence of the show fairly well.. There are two exhibitors that I have written about separately, so they are not included.. several others may have been missed because, as I say, once again not enough time to do everything.. Only two days… and what with the Torque and my ...

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Part 11: Your chariot awaits..

05-08-2010 10:55 AM by degoose | 16 comments »

This has been bigger than Ben Hur…I have had this on the books for a few months…..longer actually…. Get a trailer and hit the road…Take the Torque to the people… BUT…Always something to hold it up….Some little hiccup… Something to slow down the progress.. ..oh well….It took a while but the Torque Workcentre finally has a chariot to ferry it around.. and what a chariot.. Hooked behind the Workshop Ute….Sweet…I had this cus...

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Part 12: Brisbane Timber and Working with Wood Show.

05-10-2010 10:36 PM by degoose | 10 comments »

Well, this has come round quick.. the Timber and Working with Wood Show will be in Brisbane the end of next week. This has always been the highlight of my year and even more so now that I am part of it… I was fortunate enough to be involved with the Show in Melbourne late last year… but I have not been an exhibitor at the Brisbane Timber and Working with Wood Show… While these shows take a lot of organising and after it is all over you swear never again… when they ...

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Part 13: If I get lost at a Show.

05-15-2010 01:25 PM by degoose | 15 comments »

When I go to a wood show to demonstrate the Torque Workcentre, I usually wear heavy duty workwear and boots.. This is partly a safety issue and also, as a professional, I like to look like I actually know what I am doing.. As a part of this new found professionalism, I now have “Lazy Larry Woodworks” embroidered on the shirt just above the left pocket..Mainly ….this is so I can be returned to my stand if I get lost.. I have meant to do this ever since I bought the ...

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Part 14: Nice Rack....

05-16-2010 12:46 PM by degoose | 15 comments »

I was at the local flea market this morning , doing the usual, buying the good lady wife breakfast… bacon and egg roll.. What can I say… cheap date… At one of the market stalls selling cooking stuff…. I found this plate rack… made of 6 mm black metal..I had an epiphany… these wood be great for showcasing my boards at shows and market days… [pun intended]I invested $6.00 and got 3…. last of the big spenders.. I stopped at Ken’s stand ...

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Part 15: After work today.

05-17-2010 12:21 PM by degoose | 4 comments »

Just started making 30 cutting boards from some Camphor laurel.I have dressed the timber, cut the curves on each end, drilled a hole in one corner on all of them ….and have routed a chamfer on the edges and sanded several… will finish them tomorrow and have them ready for the Brisbane show..NO pics yet… will save that for the full post…

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Part 16: Making a debut.

05-18-2010 10:18 PM by degoose | 6 comments »

The Brisbane Timber and Working With Wood Show starts on Friday. I will be at the show all three days… so come over and have a chat… Making it’s debut at this show will be the new banner for Torque Workcentres…..designed by Stuart Lees of Stu’s Shed This banner is 2000 mm by 850 mm [ nearly 7 feet high by 3 feet wide… or just under actually]There will also be a large banner at the rear of the site… so you will not be able to miss us… And the fa...

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Part 17: What 30 Boards look like.

05-20-2010 08:20 AM by degoose | 14 comments »

This is a quick peek at the 30 boards that I made this week… prior to Branding and Oiling. Off up to the workshop right now to brand and oil these suckers.

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Part 18: What a day!

05-21-2010 12:51 PM by degoose | 11 comments »

Up at 5 in the AM… a quick cup of coffee and a shower…dressed in the newly embroidered and freshly ironed..thanks Honey… work gear… load the rest of the boards and gear into the back of the Ute.. Down the highway to Brisbane for the Timber and Working with Wood Show… What a day… Had plenty of time to set up and managed to rack most of my inventory on two tables.. Also was allowed to have the ute on site.. Safe, undercover, close… and saved $1...

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Part 19: A funny thing happened on the way to the show...

05-22-2010 10:21 PM by degoose | 10 comments »

Driving down the Bruce Highway … going to the Brisbane Timber and Working with Wood Show… minding my own business…. enjoying the sound of my Ute purring along….. Looked across at the Car next to me… a small Hyundai Compact… and the two blokes in the car are all smiles and thumbs up… made my day that the Ute is appreciated and they were not afraid to show their feelings… A little further down the road and looking in the rear view mirror the...

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Part 20: Timber Timber and More Timber

05-24-2010 03:28 AM by degoose | 15 comments »

This video was taken yesterday at the Brisbane Timber and Working with Wood Show…I decided that while many of my posts have previously included machinery and tools… this time it is…. Timber, timber and more timber...Timber, The whole timber, And nothing but the timber.

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Part 21: Wooden toys..

07-17-2010 02:35 AM by degoose | 10 comments »

While I was staying with Brenda and Alan Walker last weekend .. they live in Maaroom on the coast just outside Maryborough…You can see Fraser Island from their front gate… well I was there for the Wood Show… more on that coming up… as soon as I can edit the film I took…. anyway while I was there…. Alan brought out two wooden toys that I just had to share with you…The first is a car… with moving cams… the other is a pull along frog… ...

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Part 22: Adelaide, South Australia... this week...

07-18-2010 10:55 AM by degoose | 10 comments »

Hi Guys .. As I am off to Adelaide in South Aussie this week for the big Timber and Working with Wood Show…... I will not be posting anything… till my return… next Monday… Just to let you all know why I am not going to be active here on LJs I have been busy in the back yard for the last few days… getting the gardens and lawn up to date … My excuse for not posting.. although I have made quite a few new projects…Inspired by both SPalm and MaryAnne. ...

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Part 23: Adelaide has been and gone..

07-28-2010 11:54 PM by degoose | 5 comments »

Here are a few pics of the show… for all the others you will need to drop by my blog site...Just too many to up load to two sites… sorry.The Torque Workcentre StandWood turning demo by Gulio Marcolongo.A Jarrah Burl prior to surfacing with the Torque.Same burl after a quick run through the TWC..I hope you take the time to go and have a look at the other pics…

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Part 24: More pics of the TWC stand in Adelaide...

08-02-2010 01:51 AM by degoose | 9 comments »

These pics were taken when a mate who I joined the navy with, Geoff Harvey dropped by for a chat… great to catch up with him…The pics were taken from all different angles so that the stand and the meeting were well documented…

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Part 25: Caboolture one day, Canberra the next....

08-31-2010 10:52 PM by degoose | 6 comments »

Well this time tomorrow Luke and I will be heading for the Brisbane Airport to climb on board a QANTAS jetbound for Australia’s capital.. Canberra… The Canberra Timber and Working with Wood Show is scheduled to start Friday morning and go through to Sunday afternoon.. From all the other TWWS’s I have been to this promises to be a fantastic time… Of course we are traveling down to do some demos on the Torque Workcentre… and I know that there will be some ...

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Part 26: I have not been to Tasmania...

11-02-2010 07:34 AM by degoose | 19 comments »

This is going to be a first for me… off to the timber show in Launceston, Tasmania, in 2 weeks… I have never been to Tasmania and am really looking forward to dropping in on one of the world’s greatest timber growing regions… and home of some of the world’s best wood craftsmen…. I hope to meet up with some of them and swap ideas.. And speaking of timbers…Check here Tasmanian Blackwood [one of my favourites.] Myrtle, Huon Pine, King William Pine,...

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Part 27: Did not go to Melbourne... and I was missed...

11-05-2010 10:05 AM by degoose | 14 comments »

I received an E-mail from Patt Gregory this afternoon…Hey Larry,Missed your bright, cheerful  presence at the Melbourne Show. That was nice of you to send your ‘sidekick/friend’ by to say hello.It was a good show, but absolutely freezing because of a cold snap. My teeth were chattering.Have attached some pix. The red head, Victoria, is my best friend and she lives in melb. she helped me sell books.Hope its all going well for you.All the BestPattWoodwork for Women I though...

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Part 28: Off to Tassie...

11-16-2010 02:18 PM by degoose | 14 comments »

One more sleep and it is off into the wide blue yonder… off to the Apple Isle… Tasmania… land of Huon Pine, James Boag’s Beer and the Tasmanian Devil…. It does not get any better for a woodworker or a demonstrator of woodworking equipment or both… off to a place with some of the worlds greatest timber… I am so excited to be able to jet off to Tasmania and attend one of the best woodworking shows of the year… Bags packed, tickets p...

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Part 29: Tasmanian Timber for sale at Maleny Wood Expo..

04-19-2011 10:12 AM by degoose | 11 comments »

You heard correctly … I will have some Tasmanian timber for sale at the show… just over a cubic metre of Tasmanian Huon Pine… Got a call today letting me know that the Carins Brothers from Tasmania will not be attending the Maleny show… and they have some Huon Pine stored at YAS Engineering where the TWC is made…... They will however be attending the Timber and Working With Wood Show at the RNA in Brisbane 3 weeks later… So I have been asked to s...

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Part 30: New Product Launch.

04-25-2011 08:45 PM by degoose | 16 comments »

Next week, I will be at the Maleny Wood Expo…. both Saturday and Sunday… As well as the Huon Pine for sale, there will be some of the European Walnut I bought and stored last year… There will be great bargains on both… so get in early.. There will be one other item on my stand.. I will be launching a new line…new for me…. I am sure someone somewhere has done something similar…In fact I saw something very similar while on holidays in NZ a few ...

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Part 31: Hope the rain stays away...

04-29-2011 09:15 PM by degoose | 6 comments »

I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of rugged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains… Ok, enough of the flooding rains for a while or at least while the Maleny Wood Expo is on… Off to the show this morning… just packing the last minute things… Did not exactly burn the midnight oil but it was nearing 10 PM when I finished oiling the last of 55 new boards… half of which were made yesterday… I had fun sitting wai...

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Part 32: Maleny

05-03-2011 12:05 AM by degoose | 6 comments »

What a shamozzle….. Firstly the Shop Ute need the brakes fixed… had them fixed.. then they tell me I need a new battery… OK … new battery installed… All done by Friday…in time for the show…load up the trailer and the back of the ute… First up Saturday morning… jump in the beast and click click click …. Starter Motor… The Ute is the only vehicle I have with a tow hitch… Luckily the next door neighbour was ...

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Part 33: Cooroy show... where there is a will there is a way...

05-06-2011 08:21 AM by degoose | 5 comments »

Dropped by this morning and checked out the show…Here are some pics of inside the hall…panned from left to right. There seems to be a small spot out the back that would accommodate the Torque WorkCentre and possibly some of the timber and maybe a table of boards… so loading up the Ute and trailer… off to the show in the morning… Will call in at the factory to help Aaron load a TWC and be there by 8 in the AM to set up… Show goes from 8.30 to ab...

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Part 34: Featured stand at Brisbane.

05-23-2011 10:48 PM by degoose | 8 comments »

Each show I attend, I make a point of featuring one stand… this year at the Timber and Working with Wood Show the stand that caught my eye ..My good friend Brian’s company, Sitco, had a great display of Solomon Island Queen Ebony including some great carvings from the Islands… Not a great set up but the timber and the carvings really stood out.. I managed to pick up some small sticks of the Ebony for use as accents in a lazy larry or two, and also as stripes in a c...

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Part 35: Torque about Tight...

05-24-2011 11:02 PM by degoose | 10 comments »

Well, the Torque went to the Brisbane Timber and Working With Wood show last weekend.. as part of the Gregory Machinery/Jet Australia stand… It was wonderful to be in such company… although the space provided was only just bigger than the Torque itself… It is amazing how you can adapt to the space allocated… if it had been bigger we would have filled it… but as it was it was tight fit. Can you see the Torque..?How about now? There it is? Ah this is...

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Part 36: Sydney next month..

05-26-2011 11:20 AM by degoose | 9 comments »

Yup… just got the confirmation from Aaron at Torque Workcentres… they would like me to go to Sydney Timber and Working with Wood Show to help with the demonstrations.. Last year, I clocked up a lot of frequent flyer miles doing the show circuit with the TWC…Maleny, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Launceston with two trips to Melbourne the year before.. getting quite good at assembling the machines and putting together a stand at these shows.. But this will be the first time...

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Part 37: Back from Sydney

06-24-2011 12:11 AM by degoose | 3 comments »

Nearly did not make it out…. the Airport was closed on the Sunday night due to high winds and then again on Tuesday due to the ASH CLOUD…. lucky for us we were booked out on the Monday… Well what a great show… I had not been to the Sydney Timber and Working with Wood Show before and was I in for a pleasant surprise… the size of the place was overwhelming… and the variety of exhibitors and displays were fantastic… There was one whole section devo...

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Part 38: So Much Timber...

06-24-2011 12:17 AM by degoose | 9 comments »

There was just so much timber of all shapes and sizes at the Sydney Timber and Working with Wood show… and so well priced…...Some of the timber sellers had to go back home and get more…. Lots of native hardwoods at Boutique Timbers. There’s Greg and Adam and some Red Cedar slabs. Now this would make a great dining room table … don’t you think… More great looking slabs…Burl for a coffee table… More burls and a burl base for ...

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Part 39: Some shots from the Adelaide DIY show.

07-13-2011 12:10 AM by degoose | 3 comments »

These pics were taken at the start of the show before too many folks came in.. you can see just how much room we all had this time… This is also only part of the woodworkers area… not the whole show…The last 2 photos are of some sculpture made from metal and a metal chess set… I know it is not wood but it was magic just the same…... <

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Part 40: Brisbane Timber and Working With Wood Show...

05-16-2012 11:36 AM by degoose | 7 comments »

It is on again this weekend…at the RNA. Comes around so quickly these days… Tomorrow, I will be dropping some timber for sale off to Trevor’s Stand… in the outside area… European Walnut… European Wild Cherry… Remember to drop by and say Hi… and get some bargain timber… Friday, I will be attending as a member of the public to check out the show… for the first time in 3 years, I will not be an exhibitor … I a...

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