I hate flying, I wonder what sort of junk has been put in my shop while I was away?

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This has been a less than fun week for me and my family. My eldest brother’s wife passed away after a lengthy fight with breast cancer. We all scrapped what we could to get to the funeral together, and hauled up and across the country. Needless to say the visit was stressful for all involved. In all honesty I think it is a bit, well… sad that this is the first time in 5 years that my parents, my brothers and I were all in the same place at the same time, and this would have likely been an unbroken streak for at least another five had this not been for a family funeral…. But that is another story all together. We are so far spread out across the country, and away from where the bulk of the extended family is, and has been…

Now mind you, my primary interests in getting home are my wife, and of course my critters. But that is of no real interest to a woodworking community, at least not worthy interest to fellow woodworkers in a blog… Oh no, you see I had to leave my wife in Texas to get to the funeral, and like all good wives that don’t quite understand the difference between shop, and junk storage room, I was a little scared…

I was a little scared to see what would be in there when I got home. Would there be mounds of who knows what on the work benches? What about the table saw?

I’m afraid to look honestly….

Oh well, It’s late, and tomorrow is a work day, at the very least, I have another 18 hours that I can worry about it…

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#1 posted 04-19-2010 06:36 AM

I feel for you.

So sorry for your loss. Its been a tough year here too, especially for the guys and gals who bury dead people. They’ve been very busy and i hate funerals.

From me to you….........I hope that those we both loved rest in peace.

“The most bitter tears are always shed over the graves of souls we loved for words left unsaid and deeds left undone”

-- "Good artists borrow, great artists steal”…..Picasso

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#2 posted 04-19-2010 10:55 AM

I’m so sorry for your loss.

-- Tim, Missouri ....Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the heck happened

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David Craig

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#3 posted 04-19-2010 03:07 PM

Sorry about your loss dbhost. I understand about the family stress. I have attended way too many funerals in which feelings were difficult to come to terms with because, while the family members would be close relatives, they were almost strangers to me. I would never know whether to grieve for the loss or the fact that the real loss is that the potential for being closer is gone forever.

Maybe having the shop to worry about is a good thing. At least a way to direct some of those mixed emotions towards something that is less murky and complicated.

Peace be to you brother,


-- There is little that is simple when it comes to making a simple box.

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#4 posted 04-19-2010 06:02 PM


My oldest brother is an interesting sort of guy to get along with. I am pretty sure his wife was an honest to goodness angel doing shore duty if you know what I mean….

This has been a rough year. We’ve had 4 funerals within the direct extension of family. 1 mother in law (my middle brother) 1 mother in law of a sister in law (my wife’s sisters MIL, whom we were close with), 1 aunt in law (my wife’s aunt) and now the sister in law….

I know these things happen as folks get older, it’s just natural. But boy what a whopper of a year it has been already…

The worst part is I think I picked up a nasty cold that got into my chest by flying in those cigar tubes with wings…

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Jim Bertelson

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#5 posted 04-19-2010 06:38 PM

dbHost David

David Craig has succinctly said what I will now expend a lot of words saying. Its what I do, I guess.

It seems you are lamenting more than your sister-in-law’s passing. Grief has no solution, but it wanes with time. Death comes with life in our world. I still dream about my father who died 30 years ago at age 79. Grief never goes away, it just ceases to dominate your life.

Family, and getting together, has become a big issue in our society. Obviously for you. And certainly for me. Now with the advent of air travel and superhighways, it is easy to disperse for economic and other reasons. On the flip side, communications is easier, and cheaper. I don’t like phone conversations much, because little real information seems to pass between people that way. Skype and other such services are better, and I hope to get my children into using it. Sherie’s family is really starting to use it, and when Sherie went to Utah this year for a hobby thing, Sherie and I talked every night on Skype.

But even my parents, my father had 4 sibs, my mother 4 sibs, dispersed a fair distance. My father’s family in particular. They only got together for the funerals of my grandparents, and my mother’s parent”s 50th wedding anniversary. And for most families, that may be the norm. Especially since the dispersal that came with the great depression, WWII, and the advent of air travel and widespread college education.

We feel sad that we don’t get together often with some of the most important people in our lives. That compounds the grief issue, funerals being a common time to finally get together. The conduct of life is more important than the passing of life.

But travel is expensive, in either money or time, mostly both. I have only one sib, my brother. We get together perhaps every three years or so. But I am up in Seward’s icebox, and he is up in the far northeast corner of Minnesota. Fortunately, weddings have brought us together fairly reliably. My brother and even his daughter Nan made it down to Peoria last summer for my son’s wedding. Nan even made it up to my youngest daughter’s wedding in Fairbanks two years ago. But then, my daughter in Fairbanks couldn’t get down to Peoria. To be honest, the only way I can reliably get my children and I together is to subsidize their travel. And most people can’t affort to do that. And I have my limits too.

Your post has increased my resolve. In two weeks I will be with 3 of my children in Chicago, one of them conincidentally there from Arizona for unrelated reasons. Think I will make a point of buying each of them a video camera for their computer. Not that it is expensive, or they can’t afford it, but they won’t get around to it. Try to set up a schedule of some sort on Skype. Might try to get my brother involved as well.

I finally have ceased to worry about Sherie invading my shop. She has carved out her area in an adjacent large storage area, the serendipitous result of an addition to the house, one story up. She realizes my activity in the shop is much more intense than it used to be, and that I will move anything she places there…..........and she is collecting her own tools…..her main issue being which size chisel should she buy to fit a phillips head screw….......(-:

But I definitely understand your concern. It seems like the shop for you is a sanctuary from the stresses of life, and I guess it is for me as well. I jealously guard that space. It is my current hobby, and I always have a hobby.

Tired today, up last night, on call over the weekend. But today is a day off….........................


-- Jim, Anchorage Alaska

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#6 posted 04-19-2010 06:43 PM

I guess I’m going to surprise myself, here, but … other than the tears filling my eyes … I don’t have a damned thing to add to the above.

Peace, David. I’m sorry for your family’s loss.

-- -- Neil

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Jim Bertelson

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#7 posted 04-19-2010 07:01 PM

........and re flying. I hate it with a passion, but there is no other way, especially from Alaska. I have developed ways of coping with it….....but I still hate it. A necessary evil.

-- Jim, Anchorage Alaska

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#8 posted 04-20-2010 02:06 AM

Well, I looked… And got a pleasant surprise… A Groz #5 that has been on my Amazon wish list for a while as I do other things, magically appeared in my shop. Okay not quite so magically, and it wasn’t the plane itself. Just a little note telling me to go get it before it went off sale… Now I need to make room for it… My goal with these is to get the full line fro m #4-#7, the low angle block, a couple of rabbeting planes etc…

On the family and visiting issue. My family dynamic is, uh…. interesting… I’m the youngest of 3, and each of us has a VERY different personality, and with our spread through the country, we have found where we each belong, but getting all of us together is a real challenge in both timing, and finances.

To further complicate matters for example, my wife has family in Mexico, so Debi and I go south a lot. My middle brothers in laws are in Kentucky, so they go that way, my oldest brother is the only one who pretty much stayed put for his in laws, but he and his late wife did tour Europe fairly extensively prior to her passing. Honestly, they had the funds, and wanted to share the experience while the could…. It’s worth it for sure!

I have a terrible taste for flying. Being cramped like sardines in an aluminum can for hours on end is not fun. And I had never gotten air sick before this last flight, but this trip sure churned up my innards something fierce… If time allowed, I would gladly do the road trip thing instead!

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Jim Bertelson

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#9 posted 04-20-2010 04:15 AM

......approaching…..within a day…...our 26th wedding anniversary. Sherie and I have just hung out in the kitchen-dining area reminiscing, as we listen to ‘70’s music on cable…......

We are making a good old classic meal…....barbecued chicken (took a whole one and cut it up), potato salad, and dolled up Bush’s beans…....should be fun…....

.........adios for tonight…......


-- Jim, Anchorage Alaska

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#10 posted 04-21-2010 02:47 AM

Pollo de Barbacoa? Yummy! Oh wait, no probably American Style Barbecued chicken…. Still yummy, but not the same….

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Jim Bertelson

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#11 posted 04-21-2010 04:33 AM

Yes the chicken was very good, and so was the homemade potato salad and the very spicy dolled up beans. In fact it seemed positively sinful. Took the easy way out, sometimes I make the barbecue sauce, but just used Stubbs. Marinated the chicken in it for a while. I was tired, and it was all I could do, to do that. It really tasted good, Sherie makes mean potato salad, and knows how to spice up the beans.

So getting home from work today I see your post. Barbacoa De Pollo.

Did a search, well, most of the links were in spanish. But I found one english one. Question, do you use avocado in this thing, I couldn’t tell from this recipe. If it contains avocado, it is poison to Kermit, and it might as well be poison as far as Sherie is concerned…...doesn’t like it at all. Whereas, I love the stuff. Oh well. Seemed like they were using the leaves or something…....

We do get adventuresome with recipes at times, so I am interested.

Tonight, it is Sherie’s pizza from scratch. She has been working on the crust recipe in particular for about a year. She seems to have found a good one by accident, left out an ingredient and it worked fine. Really elastic dough. She is going back to the old recipe with semolina tonight, just to see if it leaving it out made the difference. Lew’s rolling pin is gettin a workout.



-- Jim, Anchorage Alaska

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