The Slippery Slope

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Blog series by chrisstef updated 07-18-2014 01:16 PM 20 parts 58573 reads 534 comments total

Part 1: Pop's Hand Planes

10-03-2010 01:39 AM by chrisstef | 6 comments »

So after my last post, “Am I in trouble” (of becoming a Galoot), i have decided to write my first ever blog “The Slippery Slope” chronicalling my decent into the world of hand tools .. finding them, cleaning and restoring, and using. Im not sure how far this will go but here’s to givin it a shot …. My grandfather passed away a few years ago and in the process of cleaning out the house i stumbled across all of the old tools in the basement. Mostly mec...

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Part 2: Pop's Basement Treasures

10-17-2010 11:35 PM by chrisstef | 8 comments »

With the excitment of stumbling upon those early handplanes, my interest in woodworking now reaching new heights , i dig deeper into the treasures sitting in my grandfathers basement: Among the many coffee cans, cigar boxes, drawers, and shelves were sitting a bunch of hand saws. I never thought of having a use for an old handsaw and i certainly didn’t see any value to them either, but these were Pop’s (my deceased grandfather), “i bet they would look kinda cool in my ma...

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Part 3: Pop's Toolbox

12-14-2010 02:30 AM by chrisstef | 3 comments »

I know that its been a while but ive been busy working aorund the house and working on a coffee table for my father for Christmas but here is the latest installment of “The Slippery Slope”. I started this blog with the anticipation of chronicalling my slide down the slope toward becoming a Galoot, or at least a wannabe Galoot, but it has taken kind of a funny turn. Yesterday my grandmother unfortunately passed away after 88 years on this Earth. She’s found her way upsta...

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Part 4: New addition to the family - Tool Gloat

06-11-2011 09:47 PM by chrisstef | 4 comments »

Thats right, i said it … tool gloat. This weekend was a good weekend for this guy. This week I came across a Delta Air Filtration unit on the craiger for $100 and after dragging my feet for a few days i finally picked up this unit along with a couple of books on finishing .. final price $90. Then this morning, while i was out cleaning the garage i was left a message from a gentleman i treid to buy a dust collector off of about 6 months ago. He and I had got to talking and i had...

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Part 5: A Couple of Union Thugs

08-09-2011 02:11 AM by chrisstef | 14 comments »

I bumped into these 2 union guys over the weekend. Ohh you thought there was gonna be a couple of ironworkers with spud wrenches and beaters? Instead i had a good week hunting hand planes or possibly them hunting me. The #4 was given to me by my father inlaw who had it kicking around in his garage for who knows how long. And the #3 i ran into at an antique shop. I had never seen a union brand plane before this and then 2 in one week, good clean livin i tell ya. Looking deeper at...

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Part 6: Turds, Treasures, and Transitionals

08-16-2011 01:14 AM by chrisstef | 14 comments »

Yes i said turds .. thats hows this mini adventure started. My mother called me saying she had water in the basement, ill be over first thing in the mornin i tell her. Its probably just ground water, 3 inches of rain in 2 days might do that. Poking around the basement nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary until the washing machine kicked on .. hmm that puddle looks bigger .. why is there flowing water under the sink … (pull sink an inch) ... ahhh toiler paper and turd!!! I quickl...

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Part 7: Handsaws In My Future - Looking for Info

07-28-2012 01:31 AM by chrisstef | 11 comments »

Its been about a year since i “blogged” anything but now more than ever im moving toward working on a smaller projects with mostly hand tools. Is Chris goin all galoot on me you ask? Nah but life kinda moves you in certain directions at certain times. Me, im moving into fatherhood. Yup, we got a Babystef on the way so loud screaming machines in the basement aint gonna fly. Ive been hanging on to a small pile of handsaws that mostly came from my grandfather. Ive had them sem...

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Part 8: Saw Sharpening! Preppin your weapons ...

07-01-2013 06:49 PM by chrisstef | 103 comments »

Wow, seems like I do one blog post per year, so … here’s my annual installment. My last post was a bit prophetic, “handsaws in my future”. I had a hunch that this was the direction my shop habits were heading but I wasn’t 100% convinced until now. I like quiet, I like the smell of wood being cut, ive got a 10 month old at home who isn’t the most sound of sleepers, and ive got some “old soul” in me. This leads me on a new journey into making t...

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Part 9: Itchin to get started saw sharpening!

07-05-2013 06:46 PM by chrisstef | 72 comments »

Last episode we talked about what I needed to get going sharpening my own handsaws. Todays is the latest progress over the last week or so. Im not a writer, im a poet, i dont write blogs, so ya know it. In other words im gonna bounce around a little bit making virtually no sense chronologically so bear(bare? I hate homonyms) with me. Ive got my saw vice and jointing file holder all made up. My Lee Valley order has left Hartford this mornin at 7:02 but yet to arrive and the saw file order i...

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Part 10: Saw Files, 75% delivery, and more waiting.

07-09-2013 12:31 AM by chrisstef | 57 comments »

If you like to endure pain like only shopping for tools can inflict then you can commiserate. Last post i had the vice and file holder made and i had jointed my 4.5 ppi rip saw. I Got a bunch of gear in required for my mission and i was waiting on my order of Simonds files to come in. Today i took delivery of 3 of the 4 boxes and of course the 8” regular taper file, needed for this saw, was the undelivered item. Another week. Sweet. So, not the most expert on files i figure we can...

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Part 11: Saw Sharpening - Im done waiting!

07-11-2013 12:38 PM by chrisstef | 89 comments »

Patience has never been a virtue of mine so I decided that instead of waiting for my 8” files to arrive in the mail I would change gears and sharpen a different saw. Rip saws being a bit easier to file, I went to the next rip saw in the till that I had the proper file for. This case its a Disston D6, 22” 10 ppi rip saw. Sharpened with a 6” xslim file. This saw had previously been filed like a vertical v groove and wouldn’t cut a BLT sammich. Yes I said sammich. S...

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Part 12: Saw sharpening - mission accomplished.

07-13-2013 08:49 PM by chrisstef | 34 comments »

Last time we left off i had started to reshape all the teeth on this 20” 10 ppi Disston rip saw. Well, i made it through the reshaping and after vaguely 1500 strokes of the file it was looking much better than before. I ained for zero fleam, zero slope and 8 degrees of rake. After the initial reshaping the process required setting the teeth, lightly jointing, and then the final sharpening. Being a finer toothed rip saw i gave it very little set. Id tell ya how much but i dont hav...

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Part 13: Soup to Nuts Restore - D8 Thumbhole

08-01-2013 01:25 AM by chrisstef | 16 comments »

As the title indicates this is my first true soup to nuts restore of a handsaw. In this instance a Disston D8 thumbhole rip saw. I picked it up at one of my regular stops on the slippery slope. Here’s how it looked after the ride home: Rusty but in good shape, i cleaned the plate, polished the saw nuts, scraped, sanded, and applied a coat of BLO to the handle. All in a days work. Being a full restore i still needed to sharpen it. It came to me as a 6 ppi saw and i kept it th...

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Part 14: Moses Eadon Tenon Saw Restored

02-24-2014 05:00 PM by chrisstef | 17 comments »

Ive found a real enjoyment in working on hand saws ever since Ive taken up sharpening. It’s one thing to be able to get the rust off and make it look pretty but its all together a different feeling being able to bring an old saw all the way back to cutting like its supposed to. Here’s a flea market find and the only brass backed saw that ive ever seen in the wild. With the help of others this saw is dated to somewhere around the 1860’s and of English decent. Its a 12 p...

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Part 15: W. Tyzack, Sons & Turner saw

04-17-2014 03:43 PM by chrisstef | 18 comments »

The sickness is back and its bad, real bad. To satisfy my urges for rust and vintage tools I finally turned to ebay. I cant believe I did it. I always enjoyed the hunt and was satisfied in what I could scrounge up in the wild That is until I got into back saws. They don’t come around too much in the wild nevermind ones with English heritage to them. So I loaded up a paypal account with a few bucks and went on an internet hunt. I turned up this little 10” 16 ppi dovetail saw...

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Part 16: Great. Now tools are finding me.

05-13-2014 12:32 AM by chrisstef | 15 comments »

Or well … Toolboxes. Buddy of mines step father was going to trash this toolbox but luckily ive got friends that dont let that kinda stuff happen. Its a four drawer flip top machinists style toolbox. I cant find any markings on it so im not sure as to its origin but now, its mine. Its a long wats down the rehab list so ill let the pictures do the talkin until i can spend a little more time with it.

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Part 17: Unicorn Sighting - Disston No. 99

05-30-2014 01:15 PM by chrisstef | 13 comments »

Ive reported my latest discovery over on the saw thread but I felt it deserved its own post. I was out yesterday heading to look at a job for work and decided to swing through an antique shop. Things were pretty overpriced the last time I stopped by but like any rust junky Im always hopeful. I headed into the tool room and instantly a saw grabbed my attention. It had 3 medallions and 1 spanner nut instead of your typical 1 medallion and 3 spanner nuts. Marked down from $55 to $25 I snatc...

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Part 18: 1874-1875 Disston No 7

06-23-2014 12:35 PM by chrisstef | 12 comments »

Ive had this saw all cleaned up for quite some time but had little motivation to sharpen it until recently. I wasn’t super happy with the way that my MDF saw vice was working. There was a lot of vibration coming from the pine jaws and it sat up a bit too high to be comfortable sitting down and filing so I made me another one out of soft curly maple. Sometimes a new tool can be a good motivator. This saw is a 26” Disston 7 crosscut at 10 ppi. It dates from 1874-1875. Its sha...

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Part 19: Saw Ponderings

06-30-2014 03:11 PM by chrisstef | 17 comments »

I was sitting in the shop last night after the wife and baby went to sleep trying to suppress the inevitable Sunday night blues. You all know the feeling, another pending week of work weighing on ya. With my new saw vice made up and a bit of enthusiasm for sharpening restored, I cinched up a Disston 12 that I had in the till waiting for me to amend a poor crosscut filing I had done probably a year ago. I started in on it and about 1/4 of the way through my mind began to wander. I stopped, ...

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Part 20: Moulson Brothers Dovetail Saw Rehab

07-18-2014 01:16 PM by chrisstef | 11 comments »

I picked this Moulson Brothers brass backed dovetail saw up off the bay quite a while back. It came to me like you see in the pic below. The spine had been removed and reinstalled backwards, it had a bit of pitting, was dull, and both bottom horns were shot. So I pulled it all apart, cleaned and sharpened the plate, cut off the bottom portion of the handle, scabbed on a chunk of beech from an old wood bodied jack plane, bleached, shaped and dyed it to match the best I could and added ...

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