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Toy Construction #10: Excavator day 5

12-26-2015 11:10 PM by htl | 10 comments »

Played with the tracks again today.Got the one side cut out yesterday so today I’ll get the other side done and start drilling for dowels.Here’s what needs done and the jig to get er done.More of the same but I will point out that I will be cutting grooves in the walnut and some of the mahogany nowjust for this set but will need to set it all up all over again later for another walnut set so I’m making a cutting board. With this I will be able to just set the board over t...

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Toy Construction #9: Excavator day 4

12-26-2015 01:04 AM by htl | 9 comments »

Had to fix two really dumb mistakes, I glued up the booms before I cut out the places for them to bolt up.Would have taken 10 minutes I put in a couple a hours trying to cut them out with out buggering it up.I have the technology but shore is a lot easier if you do it right the first time. Finally got to play with the tracks this after noon.Cut out the lumber to length then needed 3/8” for the treads so split some walnut and while I’m at it will be making a set of mahogany trea...

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Toy Construction #6: Excavator Toys & Joys #1

12-23-2015 02:41 AM by htl | 4 comments »

Finally got the plans for the Toys & Joys Excavator.I had the plans for the Wood Stores Excavator but just wanted to try my hand at building some tracks.Before I started this project I’ve checked out a bunch of other builds on this site and man there’s some OUT STANDING work going on around here!!! I’m going to be using walnut and sassafras.I wanted the sassafras for the root beer smell but it just stinks! LOLSassafras looks a lot like oak but with more figure. T...

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Toy Construction #5: Crane Tower day 3&4

12-17-2015 02:03 AM by htl | 7 comments »

Making wheelsI’ve never really took time to make any wheels for my toys so it’s a great time to learn what I can do with the few tool I have.I cut out the wheels with a hole saw then made a jig to sand them smooth and round.I made a jig to cut out the tread and used the router but the treads would need a ton a sanding so using the same jig I tried it on the table saw and with a skill saw thin cut blade they turned out with a much cleaner tread. Drilled out the center of the wh...

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Toy Construction #4: Tower build day two

12-14-2015 01:50 AM by htl | 5 comments »

Did a bunch a sanding.I’m big on getting things sanded but it’s o so hard stopping in the middle of building to sand the stuff that will be easier now then later.Built the counter weight sliding pulley bracket and router a bunch a holes.Then sand sand sand. I was warned “Do not use the lazy Susan hardware for the pivot. It wobbles too much.” I really didn’t want to go with the plans on that so glad for the heads up!!!So here’s what I’m going to...

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Toy Construction #3: Building a Tower Crane day 1

12-13-2015 01:24 AM by htl | 4 comments »

I got started on a tower crane today while I wait for my Toys and Joys plans to get here for the Excavator.I’ve got the plans for the Excavator but I want to try my hand at making the tracks and could probable figure them out but why reinvent the wheel when all I have to do is wait a couple a days and get it right. I know there’s a lot of info here but I figure if your looking at this blog your interested in how it was built or may be getting ready to make your ow...

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Toy building #3: The Concrete Pump

12-06-2015 03:11 PM by johnstoneb | 5 comments »

I have built all of the toys in Wood mag. construction series for my grandson. Last spring while visiting my daughter she wanted to know what toy I was going to build next. I told her none I was through. Somehow concrete pump came up in the conversation. My grandson got told to ask me to build him a pump truck. I told him he needed to talk to santa. His response (typical 4 year old) was santa build plastic toys, grandpa makes them from wood. I came home with a project and no real idea h...

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Toy Construction #1: Another toy BullDozer

12-06-2015 01:30 AM by htl | 11 comments »

Been playing with another wood toy project.Bought and down loaded the plans for the Bull Dozer from Wood Store Net.I was looking at the High Gear Dozer from Toys and Joys but you have to order the plans which is fine but I wanted to get started now not two weeks from now. Well here’s what I’ve got done so far. Now I’m going to start at the Beginning. LOLI’m building with Walnut I found while scrounging and Mahogany from a bed also found lumber.The plans show a f...

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Musing of an Old Geezer #3: How the Germ of a Little Idea Becomes an Entire Fleet of Little Boats!

08-30-2015 10:49 PM by GnarlyErik | 6 comments »

My daughter asked recently if I recalled the little ‘Note-In-A-Bottle’ ship I made for her when she was about seven. Like I could ever forget how thrilled she was when we actually heard back from it! It was a little ‘ship’ about a foot long rigged with a weighted keel underneath to keep it upright and a mast with a small sail to move it along with the wind. We mounted a plastic medicine bottle on top with her handwritten note inside. It was placed in the ocean off s...

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Current Project #24: Repairing the Gilligig

05-22-2015 10:51 PM by Dave Rutan | 1 comment »

The whirligig that I made for my daughter has proved to be a high maintenance toy. It’s my fault really, because I thought I could get away with using normal everyday plywood for the wings. Well, they delaminated and ended up not working, looking very funny and then the brass shaft broke. What you see in the photo is actually the wreckage of the third set of wings I’ve made. This time I’m going to use pressure treated solid lumber for the wings and that should fix tha...

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