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Videos by HuckD #12: Crosscut Sled

11-11-2015 11:01 PM by HuckD | 4 comments »

Here’s my version of a Table Saw Crosscut Sled. Thanks to Kiefer and Lynn for their videos/projects which provided the inspiration for my build.

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Bandsaw Sled/Jig for crosscut and long cuts, Rikon 14inch

08-07-2015 03:12 PM by Schimmel | 6 comments »

This video shows my new bandsaw and also the sled I made for crosscuts and long cuts. View on YouTube

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Ridgid R4512 Table Saw #1: My R4512 Setup

01-28-2015 12:33 PM by uMinded | 10 comments »

Totally set up R4512 cast iron table saw. Lee valley brand router table insert 05J25.01 router is a BOSCH 1619 EVS which is a beast. Outfeed table out of three door hinges and a piece of planed to thickness 2×4 and 5/8 birch MDF. Recycled front fence from old crosscut sled. Maple with a T-slot extrusion. NOTES:1) If you tighten the blade lift handle with the center nob the blade misalignment goes away! I figured mine was good as I ALWAYS tighten mine (Prevent lifting with a ...

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Becoming a Galoot #7: Prepping for the Big Cut

06-08-2014 10:26 PM by scruboak51 | 2 comments »

I’ve been on a bit of a project tear as of late. I finally got fed up with piling stuff in one corner of the garage only to move it to the other, then back again. After knocking together a couple of small coffee/lamp tables, I wanted to tackle last of the big stuff. that big stuff would be 1/3rd of a large redwood root I had purchased. Part 1 became a still in-process bench and, part 2 was sold in a semi-rough state (offsetting the entire purchase and then some). I could have t...

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Becoming a Galoot #5: Falling off the Wagon

01-28-2014 01:54 AM by scruboak51 | 2 comments »

I have to start by thanking others for the advice given in my last post. I put a new edge on my planing blade, getting it hair shaving sharp, and adjusted the depth to take a very thin slice. While not smooth as butter it was a tremendous improvement over my initial attempts. However, I also admitted defeat in my attempts to make this a hand tool only project. There were a couple reasons for this. The last foot (.3 meter) of the surface took a pretty nasty dive; a bit over a half an ...

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Becoming a Galoot #4: Planing Blues - In Need of Advice

01-25-2014 08:46 PM by scruboak51 | 4 comments »

Things have progressed nicely over the past few days. After a good 30 minutes of study, I laid out some chalk lines to square up the live edges. Then went to work ripping with a combination of the old cross-cut and a small rip-saw on the sections that were thin enough for that to be effective. It’s about time put a fresh edge on the old crosscut. Things really started bogging down during these cuts. I was able to muscle through, and am pretty pleased with how the projec...

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Becoming a Galoot #3: Finally Apart

01-24-2014 01:29 AM by scruboak51 | 3 comments »

After getting a nice deep and clean line to follow, I decided to stand this log on end to finish the cut. This was the most challenging aspect of the whole thing; as it’s got to be a good 250+ pounds (113 kilo’s) of deadweight. I resorting to using the car jack and some wood blocks to get one end as high off the ground as possible; then I use good old fashion muscle. Once upright, I walked it over to a support beam and threw some clamps on the help hold things steady. ...

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Becoming a Galoot #2: Jumping in the deep end

01-23-2014 04:49 AM by scruboak51 | 1 comment »

To the saw mill, or not to the saw mill; that was the question I left off at in the first post of this series. Saw Mill Cons Expensive $125 Hr, Plus $50 for blade breakage (Southern California Prices) Far Away – 1 hour drive in a truck that is on “hospice” A few weeks of waiting Saw Mill Pros Has done nice work for me in the past Would get all my cuts done with 0 effort on my part (just money) One thing I noticed was some of the cracks in this contain...

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Becoming a Galoot #1: Testing the waters

01-23-2014 04:04 AM by scruboak51 | 2 comments »

I was fortunate enough to stumble across a sizable piece of redwood root system at my local thrift store. The owner buys storage lockers and he got in a huge haul of redwood. After buying a gem of a slab of Buckeye Burl, I had my eye on this piece and hoped it was the right combination of big, dirty and in the way that would necessitate a price drop. As luck would have it, a month or two of waiting allowed me snag this for $50 It’s heavy; probably 250 pounds (113 kilos) and ...

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Projects #9: several cherry and one butternut/walnut cutting board Start

12-03-2012 02:33 AM by NedB | 9 comments »

Joe Lyddon asked if I had another piece of butternut, and I found that i did… so I decided to take it through from rough lumber to a cutting board, and since I had the jointer out, I took some cherry along for the ride. butternut for joe That board had some serious cupping going on cherry boards, pretty darned rough…

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