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Maple Picture Frame

12-08-2007 06:45 AM by itsme_timd | 3 comments »

Just completed my Maple picture frame (posted in projects) and I sure learned a lot from it! The finishing really gave me a hard time, I think it turned out fairly well but would have liked it a little smoother. On to my next project – a Mission style couch table.

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The Tool Gathering Odessy #1: The Great Beginning

01-04-2008 06:49 PM by Tomcat1066 | 3 comments »

OK, so I just found out that I can actually do blog series on LJ, and that’s just the coolest thing ever. I thought I would document a bit about my tool gathering. It might just help out some other poor soul who’s just starting out, and discussion about it could be a good thing for myself and others as well. First, let me state for the record that my initial intent was to gather heirloom quality hand tools that could be within my family for the next 100+ years. Perhaps build...

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Ponderings #7: Boundaries

01-23-2008 04:30 AM by Tomcat1066 | 13 comments »

For some time, I have been setting boundaries for myself. What kind of furniture I would do, and what I wouldn’t do. What materials I would work with, which ones I wouldn’t. Even what kind of tools I would use (although tiny shop space sort of made me have to set this boundary). Even though there are no set rules on most of this stuff, I still seemed to want boundaries. Why? Honestly, I don’t know. However, as of tonight, I throw off all boundaries that are NOT invo...

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My Workbench #2: Questions About the Top

02-12-2008 05:20 PM by Eric | 3 comments »

I have to say, the thought of trying to flatten 16(ish) boards entirely by hand (for the bench top) is a bit daunting. But I lined up the six I have done a cursory planing on, and they look like they mostly line up. Of course, I think they all have a slight bow, but at least they’re all bowing to the same extent. It’ll be an artistic bench with the “bent” look. ;^) But I do have a couple questions for you all, and I know that at least a few of you won’t disapp...

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Stool #4: Finish the legs and strechers (video)

03-28-2008 10:48 PM by Woodshopfreak | 18 comments »

Okay, I had some difficulties so here is the video, it should work now. It was too long and therefore made youtube not accept it so here it is. Sorry for that. Also it kind of jumps around so it may be hard to understand what I doing but I was strained for time and had to cut out alot of stuff. Thank you and enjoy.

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My One Year on LJ's---THANK YOU ALL!!!

03-28-2008 04:23 AM by Napaman | 14 comments »

My One Year…Thanks LJ’s!!! Well…this morning when I logged on I thought it said 364 days which would mean I had a whole day to go and ponder my past year of projects…then after a full day of work in the yard I came in to check the new projects and it suddenly said that I was on day 365…so if you are really BORED…read on…but since I haven’t written many blogs…well I got a little wordy… First I want to say thanks to all of you in the LJ’s community…one year ago I was a new wood worker and...

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Woodworking Knowledge #4: Creating a powered, positive pressure, filtered air-mask

04-30-2008 05:54 PM by flink | 5 comments »

Like many of you, I’ve looked at the Trend and Triton powered air masks. And like many of you, I decided to make do without one because they are fairly pricey. Well, today in my travels I found a link from a steampunk site (yes, my old hp laptop is going to become wood-clad and steam driven very soon) for a DIY powered mask. This is another Jake Von Slatt project. He used a car air filter, though I think I am going to use a cabin air filter since almost all of them are HEPA rated ...

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Dovetails on the Leigh D4R jig #3: Half-blind dovetails

05-25-2008 05:42 PM by Al Navas | 2 comments »

I think many of you will enjoy this short video, too: Making the Half-blind dovetails in the D4R jig . Please note this is not my own video production – I obtained permission from Leigh to post the series at my blog. From my blog entry: This episode shows the detailed instructions to cut half-blind dovetails on the Leigh D4R jig.On half-blind dovetail joints, only one side shows. The D4R has specific scales to create these in three steps: 1. Space the fingers to suit your taste...

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Flying wood -- Not good.

08-06-2008 05:39 AM by Karson | 38 comments »

I had a small accident in the workshop today. Flying wood – Skin peeled back on the fleshy part of lower middle finger. The Dr just taped it down. Bruising on the inner right elbow and bicep. A red mark on the mid tummy. It looks to me that the piece of wood hit me in the tummy and then passed between my body and my arm. The finger could have been the first contact point. I was cutting a 2” strip of wood off a 2’ long plank and I pushed the wood past the blade. I am gu...

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RAS Cabinet #6: Testing the Assembly

09-01-2008 04:55 AM by sIKE | 9 comments »

Finished up the Torsion box early this afternoon, after the glue dried I laid out the mounting holes for the RAS Base and put in the threaded inserts (not allot of fun in MDF). I temporarily mounted the RAS base to the Torsion box and placed the assembly in the cabinet and the I place it in its home to get a look at if and how everything will go together. I am very pleased with how things are looking at this time. The cabinet is square, the Torsion box is square, and everything is fitting lik...

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