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Watercolor Dye Technique #4: Toscana, My most intricate dye job to date

08-24-2013 06:28 AM by shipwright | 15 comments »

I have done a few dye projects since the last post to this blog but they have been small and not very noteworthy. I did however learn from them and have decided to try something a whole lot more intricate than I’ve attempted before. The story begins with new granite countertops for our kitchen and my wife’s request for a bit of marquetry for a feature area in the new backsplash. She tried my Chianti tray there and likes it but it’s a little too small. She liked the...

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Champion Blower and Forge 102 Post Drill Rehab #2: Removing Parts

09-09-2013 02:24 PM by CarterR | 3 comments »

I have dismantled the drill to the best of my ability. Due to cost reasons, I am going to use Evapo-Rust for the smaller parts. I will try “The Works” toilet bowl cleaner which has been mentioned by Chris Schwarz and Wood Talk Online. I am curious to see how “The Works”, works, since I have never tried it. Evapo- Rust is great and always works well, but getting enough to soak a huge part is too expensive. Maybe I should make a video to show how or how not ...

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"The Woodwright's Shop" Episode Review #9: TIMBERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

09-27-2013 09:32 PM by StumpyNubs | 4 comments »

The next installment in my episode by episode, wise cracking review of the greatest television show ever… Which came first, the chicken or the egg? It depends on whether that chicken lived in a log cabin or a post and beam house, because contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t inside an old fashioned log cabin that eggs were first scrambled in America. It was in one of the timber frame, mortise and tenon, post and beam buildings of the first colonists. What this has to do with chickens...

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portable handheld mortising jig "build blog" #7: finalizing front fence and start on clamping system

10-22-2013 05:08 PM by hobby1 | 3 comments »

A couple hours more in the last couple of evenings, Here is where I left off at after the last machining session, I was able to get some slots machined for and adjustable depth positioning fence, this allows me to adjust the depth of where to cut the mortise in the edge of a board, for example, set it 3/8” off of center to put a mortise in the edge of a 3/4” thick board ect… Now, I’m now finishing up the details on this project, so I drew up a punch list, to sta...

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Any ideas on manufacture?

12-01-2013 07:25 PM by PopsHuckster | 6 comments »

I’m in the process of inventorying all the old tools I used to display on “Ethel” for shows and this one has me stumped. I know it’s obviously a brace/handle for auger bits and it’s a right angle version but any ideas who the manufacture might be? I’m taking them to auction in a while and need to be able to sound a little knowledgeable of all of them. So far I’ve made tags and descriptions as well as who the manufacture and what the price was duri...

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Garage to Work Shop Conversion #9: Proof of Concept and LVL Beam

12-20-2013 03:05 AM by twoblacklabs | 6 comments »

Most of the floor is complete but there are areas I couldn’t address until the wall was reconstructed. Once the wall sheathing was gone I found damage to the foundation wall. There were several cracks. I was debating how to address it but have decided to simply eliminate the cracked section and thus widening the existing opening. This actually will be an improvement as the area beyond wall was a bit difficult to access. This requires installing an appropriately sized LVL Beam. In...

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Bowl Making! - Showing off some of our new toys in action!! #9: TBD - Masterpiece or Disaster?

01-07-2014 04:24 PM by Eric M. Saperstein | 3 comments »

This blank came from the walnut tree we picked up over the summer – a storm fall from I think Irene that was a standing dead tree, then laying dead for a couple years. I sliced out this triple trunk section figuring it would make a nice bowl. It’s been sitting for a while, now has some spalt in it – we’ll see how deep. I decided to spin today – IDK 40lbs maybe? I had tried it on the delta and it was too heavy and shook the machine. This PowerMatic 3520B –...

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Becoming a Galoot #3: Finally Apart

01-24-2014 01:29 AM by scruboak51 | 3 comments »

After getting a nice deep and clean line to follow, I decided to stand this log on end to finish the cut. This was the most challenging aspect of the whole thing; as it’s got to be a good 250+ pounds (113 kilo’s) of deadweight. I resorting to using the car jack and some wood blocks to get one end as high off the ground as possible; then I use good old fashion muscle. Once upright, I walked it over to a support beam and threw some clamps on the help hold things steady. ...

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Drift Redwood Bench Build #3: Sanding Purgatory

02-09-2014 02:06 AM by scruboak51 | 3 comments »

I used to really enjoy sanding. Give me a nice big flat surface, some headphones perhaps a beer or two (or three; I’m Irish) and I could sand uninterrupted for hours. With this project, I have met my match. Those irregular surfaces are just brutal… as was the wood itself. Not only did I meet my match, but so did my sander. The velcro pad is pretty well toast (2nd one) I blew a hole through the dust collection bag and the bearings are starting to go as it sounds like a combi...

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Workshop Solution - Table Saw Router Table Extension

02-24-2014 08:56 PM by Delain | 6 comments »

Here we have sweetness, all day long!Not bragging on my craftsmanship at all; just elated with the results and now having the ability to use a router table. Here is my first offering of a project to LJ. Not exactly sure how best to present this as I’ve seen others write an extensive Project posting with a brief reference on their blog . . . and vice versa. So, I think I’ll make sort of a mention here of the project for chronicling it and let the project narrative go with...

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