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Blog series by Steve Felsheim updated 09-16-2017 07:03 PM 12 parts 12792 reads 43 comments total

Part 1: Finally, new shop, from the ground up.

08-18-2016 04:54 PM by Steve Felsheim | 7 comments »

After corners of a basement, parts of a garage and a shared space, I finally have the opportunity to build a new shop from the ground up. This series will attempt to document the process and maybe provide others with some ideas. I am always on the lookout for tips too, please feel free comment with them! I started last winter by purchasing a building in a “storage condo” area. This means, I own the building, but pay association fees for the grounds, snow removal, water etc...

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Part 2: February 2016. Shell done, Step 1, lighting

08-18-2016 10:56 PM by Steve Felsheim | 3 comments »

I had the builder sheet the ceiling with steel, install the hanging heater and insulate the ceiling. So, it was a basic shell (one plugin, one light bulb) when I got the keys. I did opt to upgrade to 200 amp electric service. First step, light. The one bulb is not going to cut it. I decided on standard T5 bulbs. A lot of them :-) One thing I can’t stand is not being able to see. My goal was to make sure anywhere I was in the shop, I did not cast a shadow on the very thin...

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Part 3: March 2016. Epoxy floor

08-18-2016 11:16 PM by Steve Felsheim | 1 comment »

As mentioned by BurlyBob in my first post, epoxy seemed like a good thing to do. I hate sweeping up concrete, finished epoxy looks nice and brightens things up a great deal. The problem is, it was early March in WI and still below zero. I needed to get the floor up to 63 F before I could apply the epoxy. So, I cranked the heat, and waited. After two days, I was getting close. It took 3 full days to get the concrete up to temp. Then comes the acid prep and rising. Bleh. He...

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Part 4: Shop furniture: I will do it right this time! -- Outfeed table

08-20-2016 02:23 PM by Steve Felsheim | 2 comments »

Given I was moving from a shared shop, I had zero shop furniture and no storage. Ugh. I have always been lazy with my shop furniture. Basically 2×4s and plywood slapped together so I could get back to furniture projects. I always paid for this wil frustration down the road. I am trying very hard to think it through and make sure I can store what I need where I use it. I figured I need the following to be fully functional. 1.) Outfeed table for the table saw.2.) Miter bench t...

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Part 5: I needed a new jointer

08-20-2016 02:45 PM by Steve Felsheim | 3 comments »

When I moved into a shared shop, I sold my 6” jointer (no love loss) because the shared shop had an 8”. Now that I am back in my own shop, I needed a new jointer. I REALLY wanted something larger than an 8”. I really, really hate ripping down a nice piece of wood just so I can make it flat (yes, I can do it by hand, and have many times). I love the idea of an old industrial jointer, but I didn’t want to screw around with 3ph power, or rebuilding a machine. I...

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Part 6: Miter saw bench and storage

08-26-2016 04:47 PM by Steve Felsheim | 3 comments »

I decided to build the miter bench featured on New Yankee Workshop (with a few changes). The design is great. Lots of storage and room to use other tools such as the hollow chisel mortiser and dovetail jig. Starts with (basically) plywood boxes. Then a sub top made from half lapped 2×4s. On top of the 2×4 sub top, I put CDX plywood (its cheap) and Melamine for the final top. I like Melamine. Its smooth and cleans up easy. Now for the drawers. Lots of dra...

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Part 7: I couldn't take it anymore

08-29-2016 02:29 PM by Steve Felsheim | 8 comments »

I was hoping I would not need AC in the shop, but, clearly I do. So, off to the big box store. Got a 14.5K BTU through the wall unit. Now to poke a hole in the wall and slide it in. I wanted it as high as possible on the wall so its never in the way. It came with a remote, so I don’t have to climb a ladder to use it. All done. Works great, just removing the humidity made a world of difference.

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Part 8: Shop Essentials

08-29-2016 03:52 PM by Steve Felsheim | 2 comments »

While working on the dust collection pipe installation fiasco, it was brought to my immediate attention that 26 ga metal is sharp. So… Figured I may as well get the fire extinguisher while I was at it. Having a fire is the wrong way to be reminded of getting a fire extinguisher :-) And, equally important, High speed internet. My shop is in the middle of nowhere, so no traditional Internet options (cable/DSL) are no good. I had two options, satellite or cellular. Sate...

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Part 9: Router Table

09-30-2016 01:33 PM by Steve Felsheim | 6 comments »

Finally getting around to building a proper router table. I have a cast iron wing on my table saw that houses a router table, but its not ideal. The biggest issue is dust collection (i.e. there is none). I decided to go with the newest rendition of the New Yankee Workshop router table. I like the features, so, why not (and I don’t have to design it myself!). Coming along good. Using pre-finished birch plywood and oak for the trip. The top will be MDF with laminate. Base is...

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Part 10: Router Table Continued

10-08-2016 01:10 PM by Steve Felsheim | 3 comments »

Just finished the construction on the router table. Pretty happy with it. My electrician friend scoffed (rightfully so) at my switch because I didn’t mount it in a box. I cut out the old switch location and installed it properly. Not many practical color choices of laminate at the home center, so black it is. I used Incra T-Track and a Woodpecker router plate that will hold a Triton 3.125 HP router. Given the Triton has a tool to adjust the height from above the table, and...

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Part 11: Out of my way air compressor

10-20-2016 11:54 AM by Steve Felsheim | 5 comments »

I have a love hate relationship with my air compressor. Yes, its useful, but its loud and very annoying to empty the water from the tank. It also takes up valuable floor space. So, I decided to solve 2 of the problems. I mounted the compressor as high on the wall as I could. (about 9 feet up). This gives me easy access to the tank drain (when its not broken) and frees up valuable floor space. Granted, getting up their was a challenge. Use a loop mounted to a stud in the ceiling ...

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Part 12: done?

09-16-2017 07:03 PM by Steve Felsheim | 0 comments »

Well, I have been falling down on my blog (insert favorite excuse here). You may notice the shop looks a bit more “worked in”, (i.e. messy) Since my last post, I got the new bandsaw (Laguna 18” LOVE IT). Got my jointer/planer area setup and all the dust collection pipes run (that sucked, large, pun intended) Got the dust collection for the router table setup (more suckage) Got some wood storage above the miter saw station. It works, but its a serious pain g...

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