Tablesaw Workstation

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Blog series by JohninSD updated 03-07-2010 12:54 AM 16 parts 41729 reads 31 comments total

Part 1: A little more progress

10-03-2009 02:06 AM by JohninSD | 2 comments »

Today I made the 3 doors for the front of the workstation. They’re simple doors, just 3/4” MDF hung with surface mount hinges. I rounded off the front edges with the router table and installed some 3” oak pulls. Here’s a picture.

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Part 2: A little more progress

10-06-2009 02:08 AM by JohninSD | 0 comments »

No pictures today. All I got done was gluing together two pieces of fir plywood for the right hand side of the top. I plan to edgeband with 3/4” oak and then apply laminate to both sides. I’ve found that this produces a flat stable sturdy top, provided that both pieces of plywood come from the same sheet and they are glued with the convex sides together.

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Part 3: Squaring Up the Tops

10-08-2009 11:05 PM by JohninSD | 0 comments »

I glued up oversize blanks for the two halves of the new top. I did the right hand one with fir plywood as I have made tops for router tables this way in the past and I know it works. For the left hand half I used MDF – seemed it should work just as well and as the material tends to be flatter than plywood I thought it was worth a try. Each blank is a double thickness of 3/4” material – which is actually 23/32” for the plywood so the right hand side of the table will b...

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Part 4: Straightedge guide not straight????

10-09-2009 10:35 PM by JohninSD | 2 comments »

An interesting thing happened this morning in the shop. The straight cutting guide I made yesterday for my Skilsaw didn’t cut straight. I trimmed one edge of my plywood top blank and when I laid a straightedge against the cut surface it would rock about 1/32”. Investigating, I found that my edge guide had a slight bow in it, about 1/64-1/32” in a 48” span. I assumed I had erred in its construction, normally a valid assumption, and set about to make another one. I had a...

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Part 5: Some progress on the drawers and tops

10-16-2009 07:52 PM by JohninSD | 2 comments »

Made a little more progress – building the drawers, squaring up the tops. This workstation is already a pleasure to use, as the saw is much more stable and at a much more convenient height. It is also a breeze to move around on the casters. Although it was on casters before, it was so off balance that moving it was almost as difficult as moving it without casters. I squared up the top blanks using a Skilsaw and the second straightedge guide I’d made. I left out the screws on the g...

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Part 6: Drawers completed and installed

10-22-2009 01:51 AM by JohninSD | 4 comments »

A little more progress – finished assembling the drawers yesterday and installed them today. I used full extension drawer slides and came up with the process as I went along. I installed the bottom drawer first, then added the false front, which is taller than the actual drawer front. The false front is 7” and the drawer fronts, backs and sides are 5 5/16”. The bottom drawer false front was installed so it would overlap the case by 1/4” at the bottom and the drawer sli...

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Part 7: Working on the Tops

10-23-2009 11:47 PM by JohninSD | 1 comment »

Today’s progress consisted of trimming the tops to correct dimensions. I’d left them 1/16” too long front to back – don’t remember why. A few minutes with my router and a straightedge clamp fixed that. Then I proceeded to cut the 3/4” oak edge banding to rough dimension. Final trimming will be done with the router and a flush trimming bit. I decided to install the banding using “butt and pass” joinery; in other words one piece goes beyond the ed...

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Part 8: One Side of Top Almost ready for Formica

10-25-2009 02:08 AM by JohninSD | 1 comment »

Took the clamps off yesterday’s glue up and routed the edge banding flush with the MDF. The router couldn’t reach the inside corners but a few minutes with a block plane and a once over with a random orbit sander with 80 grit paper and the left top piece is nearly ready for the Formica. I need to fill the booboos (technical term) and the holes left by the brad nailer and apply a few coats of varnish to the oak. I’m also thinking I’ll use a belt sander and round over th...

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Part 9: Slow Going Lately

10-30-2009 10:45 PM by JohninSD | 2 comments »

Well no progress to speak of for the past several days. I got distracted when I found a bunch of shed wings in my dining room – drywood termites had swarmed – called the exterminators and the house will be fumigated next week. This entails some prep work on my part so the Workstation is on hold for at least another week – will post again when I get something done.

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Part 10: Back at it

11-11-2009 12:09 AM by JohninSD | 0 comments »

The house is now termite free (I hope), after the exterminating company put up a giant tent over it and flooded it with poison gas. Since I had to vacate the house during the 3 days or so this took, it seemed like a good time to use my camper, which had gone unused since January. A two month bicycle trip and various other activities had taken precedence. Of course, it couldn’t be simple. For one thing, my truck needed new tires before I felt comfortable loading the camper on it. Anyway...

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Part 11: New Toy and Rough Cutting the Laminate

11-13-2009 10:30 PM by JohninSD | 9 comments »

It’s getting close to time to apply the laminate to the top blanks. I had purchased a 4×8 sheet of white laminate a few weeks back but had yet to rough cut it to size. I have cut the stuff in the past with utility knives, a purpose made laminate scorer/cutter, saber saws, and table saws. None of these methods is completely satisfactory for various reasons. The knife or cutter is OK for a few straight cuts all the way across the piece being cut but gets problematic when cutting insi...

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Part 12: Danger - I may actually finish this thing

11-19-2009 04:51 AM by JohninSD | 0 comments »

These last two days have been eventful. Got the laminate glued onto the tops and got the aluminum angle cut to length and cut the end pieces to support the tops, installed the cleats on them, and screwed them to the workstation. The laminate was glued on with Weldwood Original Contact Cement – the smelly, flammable stuff. They do make a non-flammable, water clean up contact cement now but I think that if it worked as well as the original they wouldn’t make the original any more, ...

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Part 13: The End is in Sight (I Think)

11-22-2009 12:58 AM by JohninSD | 1 comment »

Today I’ve finished fitting the tops to the workstation – they’re not screwed down yet as I just put a coat of Danish Oil on the exposed wood – probably not necessary but I like the way it looks. One minor snag I ran into when I started to fit the tops was that there is a sag in the middle of this thing – about 1/8” or so. I noticed the sag when the top left side didn’t sit level, the outer edge was above the level of the edge against the saw. I meas...

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Part 14: Thanksgiving's over - back to work (so to speak)

12-01-2009 03:24 AM by JohninSD | 5 comments »

It’s not really “back to work” since I’m retired and doing this because I want to – anyway, the visitors have gone home so I can finish this workstation. I screwed the tops in place today, then used the old piece of steel angle that used to provide support for the back of the rip fence to reinforce the back, tying the two sides together. I used about 6 or 7 #10×1 1/4” flathead wood screws to attach it to the oak edgebanding – seems secure. The...

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Part 15: Well it's been a while

02-02-2010 02:01 AM by JohninSD | 1 comment »

Got busy with a few other things but I’ve finally got back to putting the finishing touches on the workstation. I routed the recess for my router plate, making it the right size for the existing plate I had made out of 3/8” Lexan. This is to use with a DeWalt DW625 router. It is stiff enough to hold the router securely for what I do with it. Here’s a picture of the setup for routing the recess. I used pieces of 3/4” MDF and stuck them to the table with double...

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Part 16: New casters from Woodcraft - much easier rolling.

03-07-2010 12:54 AM by JohninSD | 1 comment »

I bought the Woodriver leveling casters from Woodcraft when they were on sale for $80 a week or so ago. Put them on the workstation yesterday when they arrived and found that the workstation rolls much easier than it did with the big box cheap casters I had been using. Haven’t tried the leveling function yet – I’ll post a review after a few weeks of use. BTW, Woodcraft has by far the lowest price for similar casters – at least that’s what I’ve found after a...

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