1972 Craftsman project, Opinions Welcome

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Blog series by JimDaddyO updated 05-12-2011 12:05 AM 12 parts 75102 reads 46 comments total

Part 1: Some "shop" pics too!

12-31-2009 08:00 PM by JimDaddyO | 11 comments »

Let me start out by saying, that this saw belonged to my Dad, who is now 85, in reletively good health (thankfully), and still driving. The saw is sentimental, and still serves me well. I have asked on some forums about this project, there is a bow in the top and I want to flatten it. I may also be adding a home made T square fence, seeing as I have most of the parts. I will try to tell the story in pictures, as it may help in understanding. First of all, this is going out to my ...

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Part 2: Clamping and T Square Fence

01-02-2010 01:49 AM by JimDaddyO | 4 comments »

I dug my old “on hold” T square fence project today. It’s kinda rusty, but no problem. I am showing it together at the start. It is pretty heavy with the square tubing and angle iron bolted together. There should be enough strength there to hold the top in place once I get it flat. Here it is apart so you can see the seperate pieces better. I think the picture is pretty self explanitory of how it works. I have to devise a method of clamping it to the square tube...

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Part 3: Top is flat

03-23-2010 01:14 AM by JimDaddyO | 3 comments »

I tapped the holes that were meant for the original fence with a 10mm tap. I drilled and countersunk the angle irons with the center hole slightly higher than the ones near the edge. I then re clamped the top to take the bow out and attached the angle iron with Gr. 8 machine screws. After a few hours of hand filing and test fitting, I got the angle irons attached plus I put lock nuts on the inside. My smallest feeler guage is .008 and must be forced under the straight edge at the worst po...

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Part 4: Extension table

04-04-2010 10:39 PM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

Went to the Re-Store to get a piece of counter top material for the saw extension. They had a “could not refuse” deal on brand new, flat pack, maple kitchen cabinets. So the kitchen got a face, and I got the old counter top.I cut 2 pieces to size along with a piece of plywood (20 X 31) and lined them up and drilled some locating holes. Laminated the whole works together. Of course, I forgot to mark how it all went together and had to scrape all the glue off and do it...

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Part 5: Top, Bottom, Now I Need a Middle

04-11-2010 01:31 AM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

Well, Good weather, good time to get finished up on some more. I mated the extension table to the saw top today. I used 3/8×4” lag screws on the mating edge itself. Added 3” deck screws through the angle iron and into the top. Very nice and flat with a good seam. OK, time to get the fence mocked up. I took the T part of the fence and threaded in some nylon set screws, these can be used to square the fence and make sure it is perpendicular also. I can see me ne...

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Part 6: A bit more work done

04-13-2010 10:04 PM by JimDaddyO | 1 comment »

Hello all: My last entry indicated I needed a way to lock the casters in place on my TS workstation cart for rolling around. I picked up a couple of storm ties for framing at the local lumber store and put a bit bend in them to fit the cart. I made one leg shorter. I attached the storm tie to the frame, then drilled through it and the caster support at the same time, put in a shallow counter bore, and put a T nut into that. Thread a bolt into the T nut, and it should be good ...

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Part 7: UH OH

04-20-2010 07:19 PM by JimDaddyO | 6 comments »

Well, I might have been beaten. I plugged the saw in today, after all this work, and nothing. The capacitor starting system has problems. So, unless I can get it fixed or replaced somehow (bringing it into an electric motor repair place that specializes in this), the saw is dead. Too many proprietary parts to be able to cobble something up. Stand by, we are having technical difficulties. We are hoping it can be overcome somehow. Jim

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Part 8: More fence fabrication

04-24-2010 09:24 PM by JimDaddyO | 6 comments »

I got a toggle clamp from our freinds at Lee Valley. It has a 700 lb. rating. I had to attach it to the fence. It was bigger than I had thought so a small piece from the ash pile, copy the holes from the original piece of aluminum and counter sink them really far so the bolts will reach. Get the hole spacing for the clamp, drill and counter bore for some T nuts on the back. A test fit onto the fence itself. OK, I need a longer bolt to put the pressure on the square tub...

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Part 9: Success! A functioning Table Saw

04-27-2010 12:32 AM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Spent a bit of time today doing some tweaking and setting up. I made a new piece to hold the toggle clamp out of 1/2” ply. The thinner material made the stock bolt the perfect length. The new zero clearance insert is in and I put in my trusty 50 tooth Freud thin kerf blade. A couple of hours setting everything up and it works!!! A bit of cleaning and waxing was involved today. I ripped a short section af ash and the cut looks really nice. First project….the cabinet for un...

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Part 10: Now at working height.

04-30-2010 09:43 PM by JimDaddyO | 0 comments »

Just a few photos of it finally put together. I just made a temporary leg for where the router table will go. The cabinet was made of leftovers, 3/4 for the top and bottom, 5/8 for the back, and 7/8 for the verticles. Front Back, showing sawdust chute. and with the door on with the connection for the shop vac. Thanks for looking and all the encouragment

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Part 11: ZCI oops, a confession

05-30-2010 02:46 PM by JimDaddyO | 9 comments »

I was making up a ZCI for a 3/4” dado stack. Working in the sun and getting hot and lazy. Of course, I put a board over the ZCI and started to raise the blade through it, but being hot and tired, I only held it there by hand instead of taking the 10 steps that was required to grab a couple of clamps. You can see where this is going. When the blade came through the board, it caught it and it moved, my hand with it. A very close call that could have been a lot worse. I cannot call t...

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Part 12: Living with old tools

05-12-2011 12:05 AM by JimDaddyO | 2 comments »

Late last year, before I put the saw away for the winter, a piece of the casting on the tablesaw broke. It was causing some vibration and the blade to move side to side a bit when adjusting height. Not good in conjunction with zero clearance inserts. Anyway, it is getting warm again and time to get the saw ready for what I hope will be a productive summer. The “key” as I am calling it had to be fixed. There are 2 parts that mount on a shaft and are keyed together you can see ...

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