AAHH .. that was better ..not good .. but deffently better

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Blog entry by Dennisgrosen posted 10-16-2011 12:46 AM 6363 reads 0 times favorited 14 comments Add to Favorites Watch

finely after I got a little unpleasent visit of water in the basement a few month ago
I have in slowmotion (long working days) got back to where I can begin to call it a shop again :-)
this shuold have been posted two weeks ago … sorry

here is a few picture from january …. not much to call a shop back then do to nearly all the tools
has ben packed down three year ago when we put the house on the market
those who have try´d to move a shop very well knows how long that take :-(
not having sold the house just make everything worse when you use 4 hours to find a hammer
it take days before you are ready to do anything …. when finish with a little project the tools
seems to never hit the same box´s again …...........well live and learn the hard way ….. right




and here a few . from just after the water visit …. what a mess :-(




and for you who wonder …. yes Silke did manage to make the steal units grow
but she wont tell the secret not even to me :-(

and here a few from how it more or less look now in the basement

first the corridor in the basement to the left all what is nessery in the garden :-)
and to the right the yellow plastic bags and the buckets is the system to organise
what have to be recyclet on this island since our dumsterplace is nearly filled up
and have to bring it to the other side to the recycling company´s :-)
all that is organised thruogh the comunaty …... a good thing … makes people think of what
they buy and throw a way

I did steal one more room and more or less dedicated it to tools :-)
here the knew shelfs filled up one side with misc.
and the other side with all the tool and chemi box´s
still deorganised but much better looking …. right :-)
still takes a good time to find the hammer …. lol


here the other side of the room …. the bigger stuff

here a picture from the washing room ….. that is the rest of the usable wood
after the rain :-(

and here is the little big tour in the tiny shop (3×3,5 yard )less than 10 squaremeter
first a wiew from the door to the bench the box behind the vacume is gone too by now

and as you can see here not all shelfs grow with succes… just like in the kitchengarden
the box´s in the corner is gone too they were empty anyway.. infront is Silkes bench :-)

this is side is mostly dedicated to chemi and metal tools
watch out for the metal can for used oilrags …. its a live … never know where it show up

as you can see here :-) ...... the wife had desided to get new furniture to the dinning room
so I just had to sort of turn the wrong direction down to the basement with this table
when the dumstercontainer was here …. that is going to be a nice little corner for making
smaller things or just reading a woodworking book
now the radio is back in busyness …. :-)

the frugal nature hit me again when this oak unit had to go …. the part with doors
I think cuold bee a very nice toolcart in a cuopple of years …. maybee
and as every thing ells it has been placed on top of a pallet …. makes me geting some time
to save the lower placed things if they ain´t in plasticcontainers
if the water deside to come and tast my coffee again

that it foks …. hope you enjoyed just a 1/10 of how I feel
now that I´m nearly ready to make some dust again …. :-)
even though there is still a long way before its good
but setup french cleats and making order is also a part of woodworking
that is fun to do ….. using hours to deside where the hammer is going to be …. lol
thank´s for looking

a set back is just another excuse to reorganize the shop ….. wrong ….. but you have to :-)

take care

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#1 posted 10-16-2011 01:04 AM

Congrat Dennis,
Now the cave is back in order, so you can sit down and enjoy.
It has been a long travel since that water came, but you managed.
It looks good and what a fine order you have everywhere in the basement now.
Hope you will have some wonderful smell of wood soon in the workshop.
Best thoughts buddy,

-- MAD F, the fanatical rhykenologist and vintage architect. Democraticwoodworking.

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2496 posts in 3162 days

#2 posted 10-16-2011 01:21 AM

Dennis, We need to get you some sassafras wood with the roots still intact. You peel the bark off the roots and boil it to make tea and the house smells like root beer. lol Then you are free to use to use the wood for what ever strikes your fancy. Some one just recently posted a project made of sassafras.

I almost forgot, I see a lot of work in that water clean up.I hope it is the last one for a loooooooong time.

Best wishes, Rand

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18314 posts in 3731 days

#3 posted 10-16-2011 01:30 AM

Looking good ;-) Gald to see you are getting back in order.

-- Bob in WW ~ "some old things are lovely, warm still with life ... of the forgotten men who made them." - D.H. Lawrence

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3071 posts in 3557 days

#4 posted 10-16-2011 01:34 AM

That”s a lot of organizing Dennis!!
I sometimes wonder if the work of organization is ever done…
But if you can find your hammer, you’re off and running!!
Enjoy your Space my Friend…

-- Mike in Concord, NH---Unpleasant tasks are simply worthy challenges to improve skills.

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13611 posts in 3396 days

#5 posted 10-16-2011 01:37 AM

ah dennis

such a long road
but now you can begin again
and sikes workbench too

so nice to see

the two of you
your love is showing

thank you for sharing it with us

anything we can do
just say

enjoy this new time
enjoy being together
and making things

-- david - only thru kindness can this world be whole . If we don't succeed we run the risk of failure. Dan Quayle

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341 posts in 3354 days

#6 posted 10-16-2011 01:38 AM

Water is a tool killer for sure. We just had massive flooding here in South East Queensland (last christmas) and at least one professional woodshop (Richard Vaughan) went under. I was not there as it is on the other side of town from me but I have seen the photos, what a mess.

Big effort to recover so well, good job.


-- I would rather have the most memories, than the most money.

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7836 posts in 3358 days

#7 posted 10-16-2011 02:17 AM

so sorry to see the water damage dennis, im glad ytou got the shelves and hopefully the water wont get to high next time, do you have a sump pump downstairs…with the danger of water coming in like that, i would think you would have a pump…but loved all the pictures…i sure do love the tools you have aquired the last few years, you sure came upon some great finds…have you had any luck with the house selling, and why are you selling, it looks like a big house. well to many questions…great job on all the pictures…grizz

-- GRIZZMAN ...[''''']

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2065 posts in 2485 days

#8 posted 10-16-2011 02:41 AM

I wish you many long and happy hours in your redesigned shop!!

-- Sue~ Mad Jester Woodworks, "Not what I have, but what I do is my kingdom" Thomas Carlyle

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8539 posts in 3703 days

#9 posted 10-16-2011 03:56 AM

ugh, water damage in the shop is horrible and always makes you wonder. nice job on raising everything off the ground, and the shop looks better now than before – so I guess it’s all for the better right?

-- ㊍ When in doubt - There is no doubt - Go the safer route.

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3111 posts in 2989 days

#10 posted 10-16-2011 07:13 AM


I am glad your shop is alive and all dry again.

Enjoy your new setup.

-- Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

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942 posts in 3851 days

#11 posted 10-16-2011 12:09 PM

Good job getting the shop back up and running. I still need to build mine :)

-- "Give me your poor tools, your tired steel, your huddled masses of rust." Yep, I ripped off the Statue of Liberty. That's how I roll!

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31723 posts in 2921 days

#12 posted 10-16-2011 02:42 PM

Dennis, I was real sorry when I heard about all of the water damage. And I hate that you have missed a lot of shop time and have had to repair tools and other things from the water damage or worse to discard them but it all seems to be looking up and now I hope that you and Silke can get back to enjoying the shop. I love Silke’s little work bench. I know how much you love your little princess. I have two daughters myself. Thanks for the tour of your shop. It looks like it is coming along from the big rain and is looking good. God Bless.

-- helluvawreck aka Charles,

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Jim Bertelson

4187 posts in 3219 days

#13 posted 10-16-2011 06:00 PM

That must be a great feeling, but the job must have looked never ending at first. The pictures reveal a lot of perseverance. I suspect you have figured out how to keep things off the floor as well. Water has a tendency to appear out of nowhere.

Our current house had a water issue once, because the bottom floor is partly underground. We fixed a bunch of things so it wouldn’t happen again, but it wasn’t cheap. We are very careful to make sure the water from the roof runs off a distance from the foundation. I am still worried it will happen again.

So in my garage, which only subject to water if a pipe leaks or some such, I try to keep things off the floor. Just habit, I guess.

When we were remodeling the floor with the kitchen on it, my shop turned into a kitchen and general storage area. Never again. Gotta have the shop…........

Last night was quiet, but the night before was a mess….......being on call is quite unpredictable. But I am getting a few small things done in the shop, maybe some more today, if the gods will it…...........

-- Jim, Anchorage Alaska

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10880 posts in 3170 days

#14 posted 10-17-2011 01:08 AM

hallo foks sorry for letting you wait … but as usual work and the dayly honey to do list
beside there is still things to do in the kitchengarden and lawns to be cut … cept me busy
but I enjoyd the day in the sun :-)

Mads : thank´s :-) the smell of wood have arived even though spruce hardly smell at all :-(
but it can give sticky fingers …. LOL … more about that later :-)

Randy : thank´s :-) I´ll see if I can find that project the name of the wood just don´t say me nothing
even though it has a duobble perpose as a tea tree :-)
but as a coffee drinker …. do you think a coffee tree is better
yes I wish that water wuold stay out on the mull feilds instead

Topa : thank´s :-) but still along way to go

Mike : no its a never ending story you know that :-)
yaah that hammer …. I realy wich I knew where it is …. could have used it to day
fortunaly the minivan hold just outside so I borrowed the jack from it ….sssh don´t tell the boss :-)
ooh yah …. enjoying it everyday I just have to sit there with a cup of coffee ….
and wondering over how much space I surdently have :-)

Woodfix : yes the water we need but sure is a killer the wrong places … sorry to hear
about the flood you had … at least mine was a minor visit of it … cuold have been worse if I hadn´t
done what I did ten years ago … didn´t thought I shuold see it inside again …. there was an elder
women down in the village where the water stood 2 yards high in the basement … I realy
felt sorrow for her … she had all her white hardwares down there …. but she got proffessionel help
the next day … the insurrence payd all for her

Grizz: thank´s …. no sump pump …. I didn´t make it back then …. since both me and the contractor
who had to make the sewer (law) realy didn´t thought it shuold be nessery with all what I ells have done
and the house placed relative high and with an automatic sewer closedown if the water start to return that way …... hope this rain was a one out of hundred years
not sold yet … you wuoldn´t have seen these pictures if it was …. the wife want to go to the mainland
.... thats an island toooo … lol … but have alot of connection to the rest of Denmark :-)
will makes the life a little easyer …. yes the house is relative big …. 10 X 10 meters and what we call
1½ high … gives around 150 squarremeters of living room and 100 squarremeter basement more or less
and with a ground on 1200 squarremeters …. gives you alot of DIY work … LOL

David :
Thank´s :-) we both enjoy the look of the room s now … so I expect alot of visits in the basement
in the future from a princess with thirst for knowledge

Susan : thank you for looking and welcome to L J

Purplev : yes deffently better … so you can say nothing is so bad that it isn´t good for something :-)

Ian : thank´s …. me too :-)

Tomcat : Thank´s … what are you waitng for …. find the hammer and some wood with nails …. :-)
looking forward to see yours when its up and go

Helluwa : thank´s …. I think I am luckyer than most that has been flooded … beside the damage
to old cheap crappy funiture and some of my want to make …maybee future projects there wasn´t much Damage I even think I don´t have to discard any tool …. but only the spring can tell when I have had all of them thrugh my hands :-)

Jim : thank´s … yes 24 hours after the rain I stood down there just feeling empty beside
ordering the new shelfs I realy cuoldn´t put me self together .. to start …. not that I didn´t
knew what to do … just didn´t knew what corner to start in …. and I think every item down there has been moved around with over 15 times before the floor started to look normal … lol
enjoy the shoptime jim :-)

take care foks :-) and look at the bright side of life


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