toolgloat #2: the Crazy afternoon buying a tiny box

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« Part 1: how it started Part 2 of toolgloat series Part 3: different buy´s from the last year :-) »

Hallo dear L Js here we are again

you to look at it and me to be the part thats bragging …well I´m just happy if it can bring a little smile :-)

I have over the year always talked about how great and fantastic possibillity
it is for you to have acces to fleamarkets and other places where it is possible to buy good used beautyfull handtools
more or less rusty but with a little albowe grease and knowledge is going to bee great users again
I have envy you alot when I have seen your toolgloats witsh has cost mee many green bulbs and keybords becorse of the droooling
and sometimes I have even been say I have a little gloat underway lately people have told me not to hide them anymore
and its ain´t fair to talk about them with out showing them

all have been draged out from moving box´s and hidingplaces nearly forgotten over the last 11 years of house renovation

last time I talk about what I had enherited and had been lucky to be given as gifts
this time is a real gloat of the big one when it comes to talk about luck and comes further down so have
a little patience :-) just have to bore you with the short story behind this one
and you will discover that luck follow the fools

last year I was tired of the Danishs stores (and still is ) becourse we can´t get any deasen woodworking tools
here anylonger if you walk in from the streets with cash in hands thats sitting a little loose
when we talk about handtools that not destroy electrons
I have studyed the net to lean more about this woodworking thing and stumbled over some vidio-clip
here and there about making planes, tools, etc etc.including Clark and Williams site and they make beautyfull
side escape planes in wood they have now change the name and can be found here
they allso has made four Dvds about making planes and using them to make mouldings with
I ordred the two first they had made and that tricked a little bell ( read I was hooked heavely ) when I used a cobble off days to look thrugh them
and desided to study more about handplanes with an idea of making them my self in the future
if nessery so the book “the wooden plane its historic form and funcktion ” writen by John M. Whelan
was bought among other plane and toolbooks beside woodworkingbooks
this is all happened just a½ half year before I joined Lumber Jock , so while I study like crazy in my sparetime
a freind of mine said
take a breake man and come with me on a sightseing in the Fyns nature remember your camera yah -yah okay if you insist
I was realy not any good to no one that afternoon and wasn´t realy interessted in the trip (and didn´t remember the camera sorry foks)

remember I had just discovered how exiting historic can bee again after 30 years away from the schoolsystem, so when we had a coffee break in a small town then across the road from the café there was a
little store thats try to sell someting that looked like antic things I walked over there I have always been
curius about what they might cuold have that I could bring home to some of the fammely members
I knew collected different things , but also the type I am I always wanted to know what is hidding in
box´s , on the topshelfs , in the backrooms and breake watches down as a kid just to see whats inside and how was they working , I discovered an old box where the key was missing.

well I took another round in the building and came back to this box , and as the type I am I just had to look inside that damm box or at least get to know what there was
so I ask the owner about the box and tricky as he was he said well you can buy it and see… if you are curious enoff ….LOL
tricky old bastard :-) we talked a little further back and forth about every thing and nothing then I mention a little about
how I hated we couldn´t get deasen tools and I hated tools being neglected and not used , just collecting dust and rust
then he asked me what I thought about old tools and mashinery …........what ,why this question I thought but answered him that they shuold work and sing if possiple but maschines had to be safe to use and if not
it was better that the most beautyfull and with historic value shuold be restored and on a working museum,

suddently he said that the box (that was a toolcabinet ) was full of wooden planes and I could get it for 300 $
boy thats was a lot of money to spend not to be able to see whats inside and in what condition they where in
we talked a little more about tools and maschinery and we agreed to make the deal on 200$ but then he had to include an old matres , some blankets and alot off robe (I knew my buddy hadn´t a roof-rack on the car)

yah I know I´m crazy buy a box I didn´t knew what cept inside (the money was loose on that trip) ....but I can asure you that the Doktors has given up on me..and I´m tagged in the juornal with CAN`T BE HELPED – NO THREATMENT EXCIST…..LOL

how my Buddy did take it when I said can´t you find the car I am ready to drive 5min. after you have parked outside the store
well he know me (he thought ) but he was still surprised when I said we have to get this monstre with us home
on the roof of you little tiny car NO WAY he said (he love his little classic car) but you all know a buddy do what you want one out of four times …LOL But I also know the rewenge will come back in a highly sofisticate form :-( well that is freindship of the best I can asure you

so not to bore you anylonger here is the picture of the 5+ foot big monstre and what it had of secrets to me

this picture is of the bigger planes upside down two long jointers and a short called roughbank and halfbank in Denmark
and then there is the two on the link side of the picture that is a little different as you can see :-)
the short one has a skewed iron and two fences ,one can be adjusted and the long has an adjusteble fence and a square
moulding/notch so it can make a low rabet or bevel
and becourse of theese planes and the rest of the planes I think this box (read cabinet ) has belong to a carpenter
there allso was a door and sash maker

this picture is just an over wiew of the short planes to the link side three benchplanes out of nine I think is worth trying to rescure
then there is a bullnose in front and a carvingknife I gess has been used to make spoones with but I don´t know nothing
about that trade yet, and in the back we have the mouldingplanes , roundplanes and two shoulder/rabet planes

here is a close up on the of the moulding planes , witsh I think indicate the toolset has been a part of a carpenters set
that did make alot of work on doors and windows among all the other things carpenters did in those days

here is the close up on the roundingplanes and the two shoulder / rabetplanes no nickers in them
so nothing tooo speciel there

now you have seen what a day-trip in the nature with good freinds can bring to your shop
and don´t worry I had to pay for the coffee and pastry to my buddy and his girlfreind that hour
it did take before I was ready and on the rest of the trip ….LOL
and me I had change completly from being out of reach to be the perfect third wheel for the rest of the day
telling stories and ells being invinsible when needed :-)

maybee I´m crazy but an antic box/cabinet and nearly 30 pieces of tools, a worn out matress ,blankets full of holes and a robe that had seen better days (read useless its a wonder we got home) for 200 $ + payment for coffee and pastry
isn´t so bad after all ….is it…lol

and it is always nice to have some winther projects on the shelfs isn´t it…..........OH boy I have too much work infront of me on that restoring shelf :-)

thats it foks for this time , thanks for looking

see you in the next episode off the crazy shopper :—))

take care

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7234 posts in 3379 days

#1 posted 12-12-2010 09:20 PM

You look like you have a lot of fun ahead of you!

-- Don't drink and use power tools @

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4611 posts in 3060 days

#2 posted 12-12-2010 09:24 PM

I know these planes are in good hands. Well done rescuing them, Dennis.

-- Martyn -- Boxologist, Pattern Juggler and Candyman of the visually challenging.

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2601 posts in 3042 days

#3 posted 12-12-2010 09:26 PM

Good score there Dennis, now enjoy the makeover!

Erwin, Jacksonville, FL

-- Erwin, Jacksonville, FL

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7836 posts in 3327 days

#4 posted 12-12-2010 09:37 PM

wow dennis, how exciting…it would have driven me crazy to see that box and wonder what was in it…and you sure found out…man you really scored…i wonder who they belonged to, but your now the proud owner and i hope you have a wonderful time getting them tuned up and have a great time using them…bravo ….lets see the chips fly…grizz

-- GRIZZMAN ...[''''']

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1188 posts in 3094 days

#5 posted 12-12-2010 10:02 PM

Dennis it’s official you now own more planes than Richard Branson (Virgin Airlines) LOL

-- God created wood that we may create. Trevor East Yorkshire UK

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2777 posts in 2996 days

#6 posted 12-12-2010 10:07 PM

Good score Dennis. I am happy for you and envious at the same time. Is that cabinet going to mount on the wall?

-- Galootish log blog,

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1400 posts in 3149 days

#7 posted 12-12-2010 10:24 PM

Well Dennis – that’s a very good find. Some people look forever for even the box they came in! Keep us updated on the revamping progress!


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2496 posts in 3131 days

#8 posted 12-12-2010 11:53 PM

Fantastic find, Dennis. Great story, too.Those are some beautiful planes. I must agree with Jordan, those are a once in a lifetime find. I’m very happy for you. Rand

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10880 posts in 3139 days

#9 posted 12-13-2010 01:09 AM

Larry : yes alot of fun straight ahead ….with alot of mess not that kind of things thats I find funny :-)
its what that come out in the other end here thats count not the travel this time except for the zen-mode
you have to be in :-)

Martyn : I will try to lieve up to your confidence on me thank you

Erwin : even thow the box …aaaagh I meen cabinet of different unpredicteble reasons had been
standing in a corner for so long you can bett I will enjoy every moment of it knowing what will be
in the end even thow I think not all can be users again they will still have value as study objects and can
be used to copy things from or the hole plane

Grizzman : look at the comment above , and I promisse all the planes that can´t be users will come
in play from time to time and between will be displayed propperly with the rest of the tools i had
retired from heavely daily use

Trevor :I had never been in doubt I was close to him when it came to planes even before my little luck here
I still have around 12-13 R/c planes in the hangar in the basement ….LOL

Steve : yes the monstre of a cabinet did hang on the wall in ancient time :-) sorry
I hadn´t thought of taking a picture of the hanger , look out for a picture I will post it
later this week , but it will surdently not be hanged in my basement its tooooooo big :-)
I am not even sure I will ceep it , but then it will go to a museum instead of the fire/dumspter
in the future if others got the fingers on it

Jordan : thank´s for looking :-) and I promisse I will update with with a little blog from time to time on how
it goes I maybee even learn a trick or two underways so I can give a little back to all the wonderfull L Js
I have learned so much from sofare

Rand : thank´s for looking , well you know what they say one time you have tryed you want to try it again..LOL….so I realy don´t hope I never have a chance again to find a good deal….LOL
and you will see a few more before this little serie is over , not so big and good as this one but
every one of them has its own little storie behind them and I will tell as much as I can remember :-)

Take care

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713 posts in 2904 days

#10 posted 12-13-2010 06:46 AM

They look old and worn from use. Imagine how much work they’ve already done! The knowledge the craftsman had – not all this modern machinery we have today. He must have been a cool guy to know?!

-- “Once more unto the breach, dear friends...” Henry V - Act III, Scene I

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10880 posts in 3139 days

#11 posted 12-13-2010 11:14 AM

Ron Peters: yah I know what you meen :-) thats is one part of what I find so fasinating
about old tools this feeling of having a werd contact back in time when you take them
in your hands


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622 posts in 3227 days

#12 posted 12-13-2010 01:52 PM

Now that is a find. I’m sure you’ll enjoy every moment with them – I know I would.

-- I've never seen a tree that I wouldn't like to repurpose into a project. I love the smell of wood in the morning - it smells like victory.

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788 posts in 2833 days

#13 posted 12-13-2010 10:07 PM

What a great treasure you got there Dennis. Realy nice :)

So when and what are you gonna build with it ?

-- Boatbuilder&blacksmith

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1653 posts in 2964 days

#14 posted 12-13-2010 10:28 PM

Sliding, sliding down that slippery slope! Careful Dennis, old tools have a way of finding just the right person…

Good score Dennis! Make some shavings…

-- Div @ the bottom end of Africa. "A woodworker's sharpest tool should be his mind."

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10880 posts in 3139 days

#15 posted 12-14-2010 12:52 AM

Billy : I asure you I have fun just by sitting and look at them with the coffeemug and the pibe in my hands :-)

Thomas : I´m not at all sure yet what I will make as the first big real project but one thing I can asure you
it ain´t going to be the ark or any other vessel of the sea…..I leeve that to you….LOL

Div. : don´t worry the first little shaving has been made …..but it doesn´t count they still
have to be restored …..and I´m afraid it can take too long time becourse I proppebly will dream
too many times when I got a new plane in my hand….LOL

take care

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