Building My Work Shop

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Blog series by Crushgroovin updated 04-26-2011 08:33 PM 21 parts 65498 reads 155 comments total

Part 1: The Plan!

09-17-2010 07:52 AM by Crushgroovin | 4 comments »

The beautiful Seattle Gloom has returned early this year, so it is finally time to get my Work Shop(Garage) up and running. I am going to try and document this as I go. It will be good for me to see how far I end up from my “plan”. In my experience plans are like a guide that points me in a direction. This first Post is actually made up of some “After” shots. When I started it was a total disaster that I couldn’t safely walk across. These pictures are after sp...

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Part 2: Next up Air Filtration

10-18-2010 12:14 AM by Crushgroovin | 3 comments »

As winter comes up on the horizon I will be doing most of my work with the garage closed. That will make my dust problems even worse. I have had Asthma all of my life. It improved as I reached adulthood but probably not as much as it would have if I had not been smoking a pack a day for 15 years. Hey if you drank a fifth or two of Vodka a day you would smoke too! LOL All I can say for that is my 7 year old son got me to stop smoking last Christmas by telling me not to bother coming back in...

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Part 3: A Nice, but difficult Dilemma

10-26-2010 08:10 AM by Crushgroovin | 7 comments »

So after months of being flat ass broke we have finally resolved and outstanding issue which has resulted in a cash settlement. After meeting our savings goals and other critical items I have a little bit to spend on my workshop. So my dilemma is what to do with it. I originally had been set selling the old Incra Ultra I bought and replacing it with the LS Super System. I like the new design and the Wonder Fence is exactly what I need, oh ok exactly what I want. I don’t have a jointe...

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Part 4: So it's Decided

10-27-2010 06:02 AM by Crushgroovin | 11 comments »

Well I slept on it and talked about it with some friends. I am going to go with a Sawstop! Thanks to everyone who took a minute to add some insight. So now I get to start selling stuff on eBay and saving up for the big purchase. Only decision left is which model to go with. I have narrowed it down the the 1.75 HP Cabinet or the 3.0 HP cabinet. There is about a $600 difference between the two. Just not convinced I need a 3 HP saw. While I do bog down at times when using my Shopsmith, ...

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Part 5: The First Rule of Assembling a Project

11-01-2010 10:10 AM by Crushgroovin | 4 comments »

Caleb is only 8 but he has caught on quick to the woodworking. If you ask him what you need to build a woodshop he will say #1 Buy more Clamps #2 Buy more Clamps #3 if you think you have enough clamps you probably need to buy more clamps! So I have a few clamps, obviously no where near as many as I might need. Before I started re designing my shop I stores my clamps on and around a exterior door that isn’t used. Now they are stored where ever there is space. Obviously this isn...

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Part 6: Clamp Rack Sketch Up Design

11-02-2010 07:25 AM by Crushgroovin | 4 comments »

Got a very late start to the day so ended up taking up most of my time with the Clamp Rack Sketch Up Design. Tomorrow I will brave the rain to go out to the lumber pile outside and see how many 1×6’s I have out there. The design is basically to hold everything I might need for assembly: Clamps of all sorts, Glue, Tape, fasteners. I designed for use with Fir 1×3 & Birch Plywood, however any 1×3 and 3/4” & 5/8” sheet stock will work. I will be using M...

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Part 7: CL Wood & Tool Gloat!!

11-07-2010 11:19 PM by Crushgroovin | 6 comments »

As with all things in life plans for building a wood shop are subject to change at any moment. I have been longing for a few shop additions in the short term, a Router Table, a Clamp Rack, & some sort of Lumber Storage. The plan was to build them all until I ran into a screamer deal on CL last Thursday. The major item in the listing was a nice jet tablesaw which is liikely what most people thought was the bulk of the ad. But I read a couple line down and saw a Lumber cart for sale. Fur...

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Part 8: Belsaw Molder Planer or Another Craigslist Bargain

12-14-2010 09:51 AM by Crushgroovin | 8 comments »

As some of you may know I like to browse craigslist from time to time. Mostly in the morning during the two or three hours it takes to get my body to the point where I can walk without too much pain. Well while browsing for Planers I happened upon a 5 HP single phase Belsaw Molder Planer. The add said it was in working condition but needed some work, the guy was moving shops and didn’t want to move it so it could be had for $300. Now that got me curious about what kind of work it needed...

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Part 9: The Dangerous Side of Cheap Power Tools

12-21-2010 08:20 AM by Crushgroovin | 22 comments »

When I started building my workshop I was on the tightest of tight budgets. So where do someone on a tight budget go for tools, yep Harbor Freight. While for the most part their products are ok if not cheaply built. I mean a cheap screwdriver may break but likely won’t cause serious injury(now some moron is going to post about how they lost their right ball due to a defective screwdriver). But man did I make a mistake buying power tools from them! Eeegad man! The biggest ...

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Part 10: Slotted T Crank Handle for Powermatic Belsaw 12" Molder Planer Drum Sander

12-24-2010 10:21 PM by Crushgroovin | 3 comments »

I am almost done refurbishing my MONSTER 5 HP Powermatic Molder/Planer/Drum Sander. Of all the things to be missing I can’t find the seemingly simplest item. The slotted “T’ crank handle for adjusting the cut thickness. Basically a 5/8” socket with a 1/4” slot through the sides connected to a crank handle. Now I could just take a 5/8” socket and grind a slot in it but that is super chintzy for what is an amazing piece of American built quality product. I ha...

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Part 11: Powermatic 66 vs The Rest

01-15-2011 09:43 PM by Crushgroovin | 9 comments »

I have finally decided to make the big move to a real Table Saw. Ditching the Shopsmith and getting individual tools instead. Picked to a nice Drill Press yesterday, getting a Delta Disc/Belt Sander today, already have a Lathe, Bandsaw, and others. Browsing my favorite local Shopping Mall (Craigslist) I come across some nice looking hybrid & Cabinet saws priced all over the map. For the most part there are some amazing old Table Saws that would be very nice. The Grizzly 3HP saws are ar...

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Part 12: It was a VERY Merry Christmas! (Mega Tool Gloat!)

01-16-2011 10:54 PM by Crushgroovin | 8 comments »

Wow what a great year 2010 was! Had a fantastic year getting involved in woodworking. As the year came to a close I discovered some absolutely amazing prices on some tools I really wanted for my shop. from late November to today I have added some very useful tools that should help me get quite a bit of sawdust made in 2011. For the most part the items came from CL and folks that were in need of some extra Christmas money. It ended up being a win win for me and them. First purchase wa...

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Part 13: Powermatic PM2000

01-28-2011 11:53 PM by Crushgroovin | 12 comments »

Love to hear feedback from owners of the Powermatic PM2000 or Jet JTSA 10XL in regards to what you like and what you don’t. As it now looks like these are going to be my choices for my new TS. I really had my heart set on a Sawstop PCS 3HP but I am just can’t justify $3,000 for it when I can get a new Powermatic PM2000 with 52” fence & router lift for $1,800. The Jet is about $300 less than that. Oh & please no stupid comments about the political issues surroundin...

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Part 14: My Latest Resurection Projects

02-04-2011 09:12 AM by Crushgroovin | 4 comments »

My regular browsing of Craigslist has paid off again with a couple more diamonds in the rough. First one is a Grizzly G1023 Cabinet Saw. Saw the listing last night and called 30 minutes after it was posted. I ended up being the 2nd inquiry but the first non bozo. The saw is in fantastic shape except for a minor rust issue. It looks bad but it’s really just some superficial rust. The inside of the cabinet has absolutely no rust and neighter do the sides. So a little elbow grease and I...

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Part 15: Grizzly TS Repost & Updates

02-08-2011 04:39 AM by Crushgroovin | 6 comments »

Well one of the bitter angry little minds here at LJ’s reported me to The MAN fo posting my Grizzly resurrection story under the wrong section. So here we go again now in the proper area. It all just confirms my thoughts that the people on my banned aren’t worth my time. So sad that someone would have such a great amount of low self esteem. We can all just pray that one day that guys like Bently move out of their moms basement and maybe date a real flesh and blood woman. LOL th...

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Part 16: A Little Elbow Grease, Fin!!!!!!

02-08-2011 07:39 AM by Crushgroovin | 3 comments »

Excuse the multi posts but I am just so fracking ECSTATIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Grizzly Table Saw is Working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooo Hooo Oh yeah do a little dance shake that rump yeah!!!!! Amazing how easy things are to fix. I swear a year ago I would have looked at my Grizzly Table Saw for $275 and said “Oh my god what a piece of junk! No Way I would even take it for free!”. My goodness how things can change in a year. Beat u...

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Part 17: He He He He I am SOOOOO Giddy!!!

03-05-2011 09:38 AM by Crushgroovin | 12 comments »

Wow I got myself a BIG HUGE PRESENT Today!!!!!!! 1- PM2800 1- PWBS-14CS 1-Oliver 4230 When I am not trying to clear out space for them I am giggling to myself. Oh yeah and the best part is the prices I got on thems thar tools. The Brand Spanking new Powermatic PM2800 Drill Press cost me $500 The Brand Spanking new Powermatic PMBS-14CS Bandsaw with riser block installed cost me $680 The Brand Spanking new Oliver 4230 8” Jointer cost me $500 Geez at ...

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Part 18: At Last a Woodworking Shop to be Proud Of! (Long Version)

03-08-2011 10:18 AM by Crushgroovin | 10 comments »

It has taken me about 8 months but I finally have my Workshop setup with all the large machines I need, or wanted! The best part is I was able to pull it off while putting some extra cash in my pocket. You see this past November I thought I had everything necessary for the projects I wanted to do. It was pretty simple I wanted to make some small projects like cutting baords and some bigger projects like a Sofa Table or Greene & Greene Blanket Chest. What I quickly found out was my Shop...

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Part 19: How did I live without it?!?!

03-15-2011 08:29 AM by Crushgroovin | 8 comments »

I have spent the past week going crazy on my new Oliver 8” Jointer. I can honestly say I don’t know how I ever got by without one. Or better yet why the hell I thought it was a good idea to use wood that wasn’t square. LOL Oh well… In other news I put a deposit down to take Darrell Peart’s Blanket Chest class at Woodcraft in late April. It’s been a dream of mine to take that class and it looks like it’s going to be a reality. Gosh one day I may be ...

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Part 20: I Got IT I Got IT I Got IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

04-02-2011 01:57 AM by Crushgroovin | 4 comments »

Just got back from my most favoritist Jet Dealer in the Whole Wild World, Equipment Sales & Surplus in Auburn Washington. I picked an almost new Jet JWL-1642EVS-2 the UBEBABLE Price of One Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Dollars! Yep $1,250 for one of the best Lathes on the market! For less than half of retail. True I had to sell my Festool Domino to get it but I made a quick $300 profit on that deal. So it was very much worth it. Now I just need to sell the Craftsman Lathe I just bought an...

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Part 21: Cryo or PM Turning Tools???

04-26-2011 08:33 PM by Crushgroovin | 7 comments »

Fellow turners, I am shopping for a 1/4” bowl gouge and am trying to choose between a “cryogenic” or a “Powdered Metallurgy” gouge. They are in the same price range and both say they last “up to 3 times longer than HSS”. Do any of you have any experience using the two of them? Is one really any better than the other? Oh & I am sure there is some sort of crazy controversial issue surrounding these materials and can’t wait to read about ...

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